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Comment from: Tekk [Visitor]

:crazy::crazy: Ethiopia needs food, not bombs.

I bet this is the only money government officals do not dare to steal. Now we all now why Meles’s government is still breathing.:lalala:

What can I say. You live by the gun, you die by the gun. :no:XX(XX(

12/27/07 @ 05:07
Comment from: tarzan [Visitor]

The history ethiopia it reapt it self.It doesnt surprise me´what going on this time.I am tierd to see all poltical leaders doing what ever in the name of people of poor ethiopia.

12/27/07 @ 06:06
Comment from: Nadew [Visitor]

it is really good news to see the strongest Ethiopian army in east Africa.Mr Zenawi is the only smart Ethiopian leadr trying to pull out his nations from poverity.in order to do this job he need well armed defence forces.

12/27/07 @ 07:38
Comment from: Finchu Manchuku [Visitor]
Finchu Manchuku


what kind of world do you live in? We all would love peace on earth and happy times. But you are naive to think that Ethiopia shouldnt have a military budget. You dont understand history apparently. Its time for you to mature and to not see every bit of news as a way to attack the government.

12/27/07 @ 09:45
Comment from: Geremew [Visitor]

yes Ethiopia needs arms. some of you guys tries to exaggrate things. Ethiopia has lots of enemies in and arround. every country does the same thing but when it comes to ethiopia it lookslike some thing our country did new. hey guys those against of ethiopia, please think twice before posting. hating woyane and meles is one thing and Ethiopian sovernity is another.

12/27/07 @ 10:05
Comment from: Nebil [Visitor]

we re a country surrounded by hungery haynes from all over and this is exactely what we. need…………….arm Ethiopia, make our defense forces the strongest not to mess with and secure our nation borders. God bless

12/27/07 @ 10:18
Comment from: tamene [Visitor]

yasdestal enji ayanadidim ketilubet

12/27/07 @ 10:22
Comment from: yahye [Visitor]

The midget in Addis cheerleaders are trying to hard to master the scare tactics. It did not work Bush the Nazi and it will not work your midget leader.

12/27/07 @ 10:25
Comment from: patriotic [Visitor]

hhey guys stop wazking to hate, let us talk about the addressed issue instade of itching all over, Ethiopia need strong defense so what do you expect to be done by a government? is the probleb because of it is an American arms? or because the leaders didn’t come and ask your advises about what to do in terms of keeping Ethiopia stable?…..a dumb politic and your hatefull ideas have nothing to do with the right stratagic action taken by a government do not try to use any topic you found as a topic for your hatefull propogandas…if you are good enough try to show that you are olne but your rootless way of dealing with a subject raither than an object will take you no where!!!! get a brain and think!!! people are not always right or wrong!!! credit them for the right things they do and discuss for whatever you think they are doing wrong.

12/27/07 @ 10:34
Comment from: Tizbit [Visitor]

Yes, $9,000,000 go kill poor people and spread democracy by injecting bullet in their vein. if this doesn’t work by more intelligent guns. YASAZNAL TEMELSO EZAW.

12/27/07 @ 10:46
Comment from: alu [Visitor]

If this is to be used for teh real enemies of the ethiopian people, it is a great purchase. That includes TPLF

12/27/07 @ 10:48
Comment from: Der(Web) [Visitor]

yahya is one of a very piteous soul.
Someone like you do not have self respect and in return do not respect others.
Please show positiveness in what you
say and do. You are like Mr. Grinch,
found out who this person is. I know you will still try to attack me but that is
fine, no hard-feeling against you.

12/27/07 @ 10:49
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

you always crying on the wrong path. If you don’t have a country who will you cry for? for Sudan or Eritrea?

What is wrong with this deal if Ethiopia have or purchasing a massive guns? nothing wrong with that infact it helps to protect from the many enemies facing today. Ethiopia have had short and permanent enemies for quite some times now. Therefore, the deal is healy for Ethiopia.

I wish Ethiopia would obtain a neclur bomb so,Egypt and other Ethiopian enmey will faced down their face forever. Yeha

12/27/07 @ 11:25
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

People the so called 9 million dollar purchase is a joke. Especially when countries such as Egypt who receives nearly 2 billion dollar worth of aid most in military aids… This should not be seen as news. Why not talk about the F-15, F-16 and F-18 Egypt is also acquiring to purchase from the U.S. all read Israeli news and check what Israel is doing to stop the deal between U.S and Egypt. Let us not be naïve over this spear of change that is making the news…

12/27/07 @ 11:26
Comment from: Kiros [Visitor]

Ethiopia needs a defense, but I don’t expect MELES to protect Ethiopian territorial integrity. He is the one who handed Eritrea at stroke of a pen. Meles still tells all Ethiopians that Assab is Eritrean. He is an ambassador of Eritrea in Ethiopia. Besides he just sign and gave Ethiopian territory to SUDAN. The defense can be used by Meles to protect his regime that is all nothing is expected from Meles. Ethiopians gave Meles 16 years to prove himself his Ethiopinaness, but he miserably failed.


12/27/07 @ 11:29

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