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Comment from: Tekk [Visitor]

Kids for sale. Its big business. Is this what they mean when they say Ethiopia’s economy is growing by laps and bounds?:crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:

12/28/07 @ 11:31
Comment from: realitycheck [Visitor]

tekk you stupid moron, where does it say in the article that she’s buying a child?…you worthless peace of sh!t. your adding your own words to the article. ignorance must be a bliss. so no one should adopt from ethiopia???. your a wast of life no wonder why you are the way you are. wast of life!

12/28/07 @ 14:10
Comment from: Finchu Manchuku [Visitor]
Finchu Manchuku


It’s leaps and bounds, not laps and bounds.

Why dont you adopt a child or do something to help all the poor orphans of Ethiopia?

12/28/07 @ 14:12
Comment from: barry [Visitor]

More power to any one who adopt poor children from poor countries such as Ethiopia and other parts of 3rd world countries. Tekk, I don’t know who you are where you are from but you need to change your attitude about adopting children and rush to judgements and you need to stop also reading Enquirer and other gosip magazines. The truth behind adopting children is they just want to help not that they want to buy kids they too reach for that. please do not discourage any one from doing a good gesture

12/28/07 @ 14:49
Comment from: [Member]
Samuel Gebru

Its nice that Ethiopia is being known in a better light. I am amazed that now many prominent US celebrities have laid their eyes on Ethiopia.

Tekk, kids aren’t for sale. This is a legal process known as adoption. Have you ever heard of it?

12/28/07 @ 17:43

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