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Comment from: nabiu h [Visitor]
nabiu h

I told you weyane is runing to hide
not Eritrea & you will see weyane will
finish with Bush Adm.
Killl to all Weyane

12/28/07 @ 10:16
Comment from: Hiran [Visitor]  

Ethiopia’s invasion is unlikely to bring peace and order to Somalia, or to assist the transitional government to establish an effective administration. Any external force that abandons an inclusive approach and sides with one group against another, is bound to exacerbate insecurity.
It is clear that the Somali Islamists are enemies to the US but arming and supporting a dictatorial regime with the notion of supporting the enemy’s enemy will not bring positive outcome to the US as well as Ethiopians… It is lunatic to think that the Ethiopian army will crush the Islamists. Instead it will raise the patriotic spirit of Somalis and even those who have had negative attitude towards Islamists will prefer to join them.

Any Somali who hates the Islamists will not necessarily like the presence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia but be compelled to join the jihadists

The Islamic Courts forces are made up of a group of clean and pure believers who wanted to bring an end to bloody chaos sustained by warlords and militia leaders. It managed to expel highway robbers and the Mafia gang. However, the US, which tore apart the unity of Somalia, overthrew its government, blew up its stability and starved its people, was not pleased with this achievement and moved in to overthrow the courts.

Ethiopia will pay high price for its interference in Somali affairs.
Disorder will prevail in Somalia, which will become a safe heaven for Islamist groups from inside and outside Somalia, with the help of the Somali people this time round.

12/28/07 @ 10:41
Comment from: Fox [Visitor]

The dedebit badits have no choice but leave Somalia. They will soon leave Ethiopia as well. They do not belong to civilized socities.

Death to Woayne!!

12/28/07 @ 10:49
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]

Death to Woyane ….a la x-demeke,

Actually I never wanted reply to your comment as ur irrelevant to us. Quick question though…

Do u realize the reason for urn hate towards Tigris is, because u are so scared the hell out of them?
We Ethiopians or Tigrian’s do not hate Eritrean blindly. We just want kick only Issy-ass and his Shabia dogs that btw includes your type.
U are so cheap and full of hate it is not worthy to reply on ur comments next time.

12/28/07 @ 10:56
Comment from: Borko [Visitor]

let me say something for weyane cadres since they are fabricatic there story…” here is what they r gonna say ” no the move is a stratagic plan” we will concore those area again..
please lets make peace for the horn africa

12/28/07 @ 11:00
Comment from: Amsterdamer [Visitor]

U are completely right if we want it we can re-capture it in NO TIME.

12/28/07 @ 11:07
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


Comments such as menzew who is specifically attempting to build hatred to an Ethiopia ETHNIC should not be allowed in such form. We agree to disagree however when HATRED is promoted we must NOT allow such towards to our OWN citizens.

[Z-Mike, thank you, in the future please report abusive comments by including the link to the comment. Message was deleted]

12/28/07 @ 11:43
Comment from: werabesaw [Visitor]

Hi Somalis,…..do not be fooled with this tactic.The Ethiopian army is known with this kind of system.You think they are leaving and you will be back to the town a week after they will come behind you and you do not have any choice exept dying.So be careful.Do not say hahahaha….This tactic called KORETA.Which roughly means “Cuting your throat from behind."This is my own translation.

12/28/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: Tamrat gashaw [Visitor]
Tamrat gashaw


12/28/07 @ 11:59
Comment from: nadiazeki [Visitor]

Woyane/TPLF, the Mad dog of the Horn, are suffering terribly from rabies!!

A few years back, they used to say that ‘we know what war is and how it can burn you to death’. That is now long forgotten! Their brain is washed with blue label Whiskey. They don’t have any memories and don’t know where they came from. But one fact remains true though - Woyane’s demise is inevitable.


12/28/07 @ 12:17
Comment from: tser [Visitor]  

Do you think Ethiopian troops leave Guriel, to terrorist who officialy threaten us, that is dream of enemy of ethiopia people like OLF,ONLF and Eritea and mere hatred politician.If you want to see leave somali town wait in patient will transfer to somali gov. or peacekeeping force

12/28/07 @ 12:17
Comment from: hailu [Visitor]

Tigraian has servived through their false preaching inorder to to blind the world….

12/28/07 @ 12:27
Comment from: Independent [Visitor]

:D:D, am wondering,

do Ethiopians living in Ethiopia also hate each other(of other race) so much like scholars here in the forum?

Peace to All!

12/28/07 @ 12:27
Comment from: OK [Visitor]

OK, OK, Ok, Ok OK, Don’t be so naive and exciting for nothing, unless you are desparate Eritrean praying day and night for bad news about Ethiopia (not woyane), It is very, very unlikely to see Ethiopia lost the war in Somalia while all out developments are going on Somalia.

STOP these non-sense wish about Ethiopia and support Ethiopian army without if everywhere it goes as long as it caries Green, yellow and Red flag!!! Don’t be naive excited for Nothing!!!

12/28/07 @ 12:34
Comment from: Hope [Visitor]

What I don’t understand is those foolish Ethiopians like Fox and Menzew, who is cheering along with Eritrean spies, nabiu and death to woyane. The only explanation is that they must be Eritrean spies themselves. Ethiopia does not own such bonehead people.

Hi Z-Mike,

You ignored my little flirtation in the other room:(

12/28/07 @ 12:46

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