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Comment from: Myman [Visitor]

Ethiopian girls PLEASE do not go to any country who treat you as trash.
You’d rather die hungry than raped, abused and/or killed.


12/29/07 @ 02:05
Comment from: hammere [Visitor]

Ethiopian faces are Ugly????

12/29/07 @ 02:15
Comment from: Nebil [Visitor]

There isn’t a part of the world where Ethiopians can not be found. From North America to Austerlia to China to Fiji to Egypt anywhere there is a land, Ethiopians re there. That is a good thing though. Ofcourse, there is some unfortunate incidents like this here and there but for the most part, These people re transforming their families life back home as well as their home countries for that i think it is good. aselamualikm.

12/29/07 @ 02:47
Comment from: Mahlet [Visitor]

“We have Ethiopian girls available but clients don’t want them. They say their faces are ugly — the black skin is unfamiliar”
ohh shit stupid word

12/29/07 @ 02:52
Comment from: Demelash [Visitor]

WOW, this is modern slavery in Mid east country. This is the most disgusting and humiliating news I ever heard in my entire life. Why they want to go through this kind of extreme situation. I don’t get it. I am sure by now all Ethiopian youngsters are informed well enough whats going on the Arab world. Those people are cruel and criminals, even if for their own people. This is a sad Day for all of us.

God bless.

12/29/07 @ 02:56
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

It breaks my heart to read such stories about our people. It is very sad when the poor who does not know anything about the nation or nations that they’re taking to work but really to become slaves of the morons in the Middle East? Where is ET diplomacy? Why aren’t we speaking up for our people around the world and do something about it? Those agents who are working inside ET and lying to the people should be rounded up and face justice… Hello Ethiopia, please wake up and help our women. They are beautiful and they don’t deserve to be working as slaves of the Arabs. “But nearly all foreign workers interviewed over a two-week period here said they had been deceived by unscrupulous agents who arrange the journeys. Unable to communicate, some arrive not knowing what country they are in. Once here, their passports are seized by their employment agencies, and they are unable to go home.
Some are satisfied with their decision to come here, but agents’ fees are high, often as much as two years’ wages. To come up with the money, many borrow at high interest rates and find that their wages are equal only to the interest. In essence, they say, they end up working for free”. One the example the report gave is that recruiters tell clients that they’ll be working at a restaurant making $300 and borrow $3,000 in hope to pay it back while they work and make good money… however the catch 22 is that the agents are charging their clients nearly their entire monthly income. 1st they lied to them about how much they can make than there interest rate is set at the amount the client makes each month… how can one make poor people work 7 days per a week and pay $155 each month yet the agents are collecting $150 and living them with $5 in profit each month? They are taking away their passports because they pay for their plane tickets or shall we say they lend them money to fly in and work for free. Now, where are the human rights campaigners in these issues? Shouldn’t be a crime to withhold someone’s passport? I guess it won’t matter since those Iraqies don’t know anything about human rights… Look at there streets, all the do is kill each other each day in suicide bombs etc…:
our women deserve better from our gov’t and nation. no more of selling our beautiful young ladies to the ARAB World…no::no::no:


12/29/07 @ 03:22
Comment from: lion-maned-maverick [Visitor]

There you go a huge slap on the face for the proud ethiopians.

We are quarreling by saying i’m from this and i’m that,but for an outsider we are just one black person from Africa.

God willing one day Ethiopia will rule the world and show the whole world the true meaning of compassion,hospitality,and humanity.

For now we should unite and get rid of this huge obstacle,i.e the TPLF regime.

It is ridiculous to say “Their [ethiopian] face is ugly".

Why then Arab men vie for our women,is it because they are ugly? nah it is because they are beautiful and we don’t do honor killings.
seriously,dont you think we should do that? (Two cents form Mr. controversy)
Arabs in general are back-ward and barbaric society. For you extremist Mofos’ from Ethiopia stop emulating them.I’m already tired of seeing your women wearing a masked gown like someone forced them to wear it.

12/29/07 @ 03:30
Comment from: Eskew [Visitor]

We must all contribute to creating opportunities, so our SISTERS don’t have to go through this… Especially those of us in the diaspora that are well off!!!

12/29/07 @ 03:35
Comment from: simon mekonnen [Visitor]
simon mekonnen

Why everybody seems surprised is strange. The root cause is the siyuation in Ethiopia. It is such that almost all urban youngsters leave that place, not mjust women. The misfortunes that await all are too many. Many end up dead. This will continue until the sitaution at home improves.

Are Ethiopian women ugly? Some are but t the majority are not.

12/29/07 @ 04:27
Comment from: alena [Visitor]

Yobdar Abu story is what the average Ethiopian is faced with, no matter what goverment lies and whatever the people abroad belive/wish.
Only god and his will can guard and protect such helpless Ethiopians. The goverment is in denial and so are the followers.

12/29/07 @ 04:54
Comment from: bezu [Visitor]

I really am sorry to hear about this especially for her and generally for habesha and black: we are called ‘the ugly face’.

Any who it doesn’t matter what they say I blame those of us living in Diaspora; it’s us who ‘tricked’ our precious ladies in to this unprecedented flow of migration. I don’t know why but we want to show some thing even if we have nothing in our backyard.

Nothing except telling the truth by the Diaspora will curb this migration!

Finding ourselves will safeguard the lost Diaspora generation!


12/29/07 @ 04:58
Comment from: ron [Visitor]

to simon mekonnen:ante balege. How do you feel if someone say that to your mother or sister ? Grow up man!

12/29/07 @ 04:59
Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
ethiopian man

No wonder why people treat poor ethiopians in such maner, we have long lost our pride, now people even the kurdish who themselves have been treated inhumanely by arabs and turks are seing on our sisters down. These is what happens to us when we try to mingle with enslaved people. they want to treat us in a manner their rulers treated them. Thats why I suggested that sister of ours who is still waiting to go to yemen to return back to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a much better place comparing to Iraq. No money shouldnt be compromised with our dignity,people pay sacrifices to protect their dignity. Now we are having individuals prepared to sell their dignity and live life of hell in arab countries. Please sisters, this is what I say, you don deserve to be victims of rascists. Living a poor and dignified life at home is much more better than being wealthy and living in diaspora with rascists and serving their purpose. Rascism is another killer worse than HIV/Aids, malaria, famine, and Tsunami.Look what the german Fascists and Nazis did to Jews, they killed 6 million of them in a short period of time. before jews were exterminated, they were subjected to humiliation and long suffering. Whats happening to palestiniains now, how are the jews treating the palestinian arabs? I don want to say bad things about the kurds, I know few of them working and living with me in Europe. They are exposed to the outside world and treat people equally, but those who havent had exposure to other cultures may want to exploit immigrants of african origin. I tell you this my ethiopian brothers and sisters, last week a friend of mine who is kurdish was telling me this, It was during sadam Husseins time, he went to apply for a job in Iraq and the employers wanted to hire 20 individuals to work in an oil field. There were 40 applicants of whom 18 were suni arabs the rest Kurds, so the company hired 18 of the Sunni arabs and sent the rest 22 kurds. They didnt even want to hire any kurds to fill the remaining two vacancies, they choose to be understaffed rather than hiring kurds. These is how the kurds were treated in their own country Iraq. Look people who were being treated in such manner are expected to treat others in a better way, but once some one humanity is robed and destroyed thats it, they start treating other whom they thing are low in the same manner they were treated. The best way to beat rascist tendencies and challenges is rising up economically, We need to have peace and stability at home so as we can lay a strong foundation for development. Ethiopians need to do research and find good information about the country they are aiming to go. There are certain countries in the west where life for immigrants is some how better, Wish all Ethiopians who are in the middle east all the best and success.

Rascist quote of the day from un ugly mind ” “their faces are ugly — the black skin is unfamiliar.” this is the world we are living in, surounded by rascist morons. some of them don even read and write.

12/29/07 @ 05:22
Comment from: musbeena [Visitor]

ethiopian faces are ugly ? i tought we are beutifull.

12/29/07 @ 05:33
Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
ethiopian man

Simon is another moron trying to behave like his masters. This is a good example of an enslaved mind. This is how enslaved idividuals behave, no respect to people, they disrespect anyone who is a bit different from them. The cause of all these is ignorance coupled with bad upbringing, poverty and narow mondedness. people deserve to be treated humanely irrespective of their race and religion. Simon , you are living in 21st century, and there is no much place to entertain your type of thiking.

12/29/07 @ 05:41

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