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Ethiopia - NEBE approves election symbols of 36 political parties



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Ethiopia - NEBE approves election symbols of 36 political parties

NEBE Chairman Dr. Merga Beqana Photo WIC

Ethiopia - NEBE approves election symbols of 36 political parties

Addis Ababa, December 31, 2007 (WIC)
– The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) said 36 national and regional political parties have submitted election symbols to participate in the upcoming local and by-election.

NEBE Chairman Dr. Merga Beqana told WIC today that in line with the revised electoral law, which requires political parties to submit their symbols to the board,36 parties have so far submitted their symbols while notification letter has been sent to those who have not yet done so.
Dr. Merga Beqana

The Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party (EDUP-Medhin), Union of Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) and the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) are among the parties that have submitted their symbols to contend at national level ,he said.

Along with submitting symbols of election, the parties have also identified the category of election they will participate in and the state where they would rally in, the Chairman said, adding that the board has approved the 36 parties to participate in the elections.

The board has also proved that the symbols submitted by the parties are dissimilar and comply with the requirements of the electoral law and the board will publicize them to the public through the media soon, Dr. Merga said.

He however noted that since the two factions of Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUD) led by Temesgen Zewde and Ayele Chamiso have submitted similar symbols, the board will look into the matter and pass decision soon.

Registration of candidates will be undertaken from January 10 to February 8, 2008, Dr. Merga said and added that 91 national and regional political parties have been allowed by the board and are operating throughout the country.


Comment from: unanimus [Visitor]

lemin tadenequrunalachihu? arfachihu beselam ageritun lekachihu siltanun leEtiopia hizb asrekibu.

12/31/07 @ 16:02
Comment from: yonas [Visitor]

all this 36 parties are meles and woyane puppet they don’t know what they stand for, they are shamme for our people worthless piece of shit.this is your symbol SHAMME AND DISGRACE!:-).

12/31/07 @ 17:07


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