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Comment from: Hiran [Visitor]

Who cares they are not white Americans/Europeans been killed carrying their babies.
No No No Sir….these are dark-skinned peoples not real human….they just come down from the tree and cut their tails off less than 100 years ago…

If it was an American/European white guy who gets killed in Somalia, They will have said to us as they have done “he lost his life” The emphasis been it was cruelly taken from him as he fought to keep it.
But for all dark skinned peoples it’s the famous “He died” as if it was natural disaster.
For god sake, where is the humanity that even in death, the death are not respected with the truth!

The TPLF led Ethiopian refugee soldiers have been sent to their death by Bush at the expense of the calculated inevitable civilian deaths above. These TPLF led Ethiopians soldier are just cannon-fodder for the west. Somalis know very well. Somalis are not new to killing their enemies. They are skilled at interrupting America’s best plans.

Watch the flames raise in 2008….

12/31/07 @ 11:40
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Of course!, any thing , every thing that goes wrong or went wrong in a lawless Somalia for the past 18 years, will always be the fault of Ethiopia/ns!. Hung it up Somalis! and get a grip of your savage nation, before it gets worst and loose it. We Ethiopians are not going to be there for you, forever. Either you can make your country, or brake you country, you are owners (Somalis) of it!!

12/31/07 @ 12:29
Comment from: Hosaena [Visitor]

“Sudan Ali Ahmed, blamed Ethiopian forces”

If I ask this Sudanese so called human right about Darfur (more than 200,000 deaths and 4 million refuges for 5 years long, what would be his answer?

The Sudanese so called Arabs are the only slaves who dislike themselves and refuse to be free from their slave mentality but want to be called the same as their masters “Arabs” These slave mentality so called Sudanese Arabs are the only slaves serving the Arabs to affect the region. Who forgets their slave service sheltering shabia and also since 1962 after Egypt created an Islamic group called ELF in Cairo? Why? Because to affect Ethiopia. Why? Because they want to use our fresh water which is 86%-95% (based on the season) the Nile water in Egypt comes from Ethiopia. Egypt gets only 3% of her total water consumption inside the country. The rest comes from us for thousands years. They are living because we allow them to live while they are working day and night for years to kill us.

But soon things will get the right pad. They will beg us and listen our heartbeat every moment in order we allow them to use our water in order them to live. The day any major conflict breaks in the Middle East with Israel, it will be the day Ethiopia will do what ever she likes with her water, including diverting the route the way king Lalibela was thinking about 900 years a go because Egypt refused the Ethiopian pilgrims pass through Egypt to Jerusalem. That was the reason why King lalibela started to Build new Jerusalem (lalibela) because of Ethiopians were unable to reach Egypt despite they were willing to pay the Tax to pass through as they did for years. Because of the Nile Egypt kneeling to Israel and will do forever. The very long relationship between Ethiopia and Israel back the time King Solomon and queen saba and the new relationship that more than 125,000 Ethiopians(Bete israels) are considering Ethiopia their country and they like her more than ever knowing how Ethiopia is good for them comparing the life they live in Israel, Egypt will continue kneeling for Israel. The Smart Israels also will use this opportunity pretending they will guarantee the flow of the Nile from Ethiopia peacefully or by force which is a political game.

Instead of begging USA, EU, world Bank, IMF and each and every org/group in order they don’t give major financial assistances to Ethiopia, because she would develop and become able to use her fresh water resources for development activities, Egypt need to be good and trusted friend to Ethiopia. Rather than assisting any group including Shabia and the rest that are in Eritrea to attack Ethiopia, Egypt needs to come her sense. Or else, ultimately, she will pay the price with interest about what they did/doing against Ethiopia.

12/31/07 @ 12:53
Comment from: Bile [Visitor]

Who is Elman Peace and Human Rights Organisation? We need to ask ourselves who is doing this report before we take a word of it. Not only this group, but all these groups talking such this tone are the ones put together by former warlords and now out-dated courts. They use to get payments from their deminished creators, whom they are crying for their return. Ask yourself; why didn’t we hear from them when warlords were killing and looting other Somalis left and right? We don’t have to believe one word of their claims. Our governement will continue to support president Abdullahi Yusuf and his government to bring law and order in Somalia while deterring any future threats to our soil. Mugadishu is getting calm, people are feeling sense stability for first time in many years.

12/31/07 @ 12:58
Comment from: Hiran [Visitor]

Bile, Hosaena
Don’t try the pathetic TPLF tactic of “shoot the messenger if you don’t like the message”.

You TPLF American boot-lickers are coming to an end…Bush has less than 11 month in office mate…. Bush is already angry with TPLF thug melez for saying to them give us money we will do the UIC….but what happen…. Americans found lots of the money given to be missing and transferred to Swiss accounts by TPLF officials. UIC is still killing 500 TPLF soldiers a month….Master Bush has called unfaithful servant Melez the scar-face over to Washington to explain himself. (We now know why Melez has different skin color on his face – He had been too busy licking American boots that they rubbed off on his face –and they cannot come off his shameful face)

I am so proud to be a Somali…as always we teach our enemies real lesson.
Long live the MUJAAHIDEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/31/07 @ 13:42
Comment from: 141 [Visitor]


while you have the right to be proud of who you are, your preaching has turned to tongue pointing which seems misplaced Ethiopian based web sites. While I don’t support the continued stay in Somalia, some might recharacterize what you have called “teaching your enemies a lesson” as biting the hand that feeds you. If you want Somalia to drift back into anarchy and isolation so that you can remain “proud,” more power to you. Pride is the enemy of progress in Africa


12/31/07 @ 14:01
Comment from: Hiran [Visitor]

141 (whover you are),

It has been one year since the TPLF regime launched an invasion against Somalia. According to rough estimates given by hospitals in Mogadishu, more that 7,000 people, including women, children and the elderly, have been killed by TPLF troops. Countless others, not included in this figure, have also either died or sustained heavy injuries as a result of the bombardment of civilian areas. As a recent UN report indicates, the number of Somalis displaced from their homes has now reached to over one million. More than 70% of Mogadishu residents have been left without shelter and more than 3 million Somalis have been forced to flee their country and take refuge in other countries.

Such brutality is not only unprecedented but also a blatant act of war crime. In keeping with their double standards, the international community and the world media has given less than due attention to the crisis. Recently, a well-known Somali cartoonist had aptly depicted the situation in Somalia and the international community’s attitude towards it. The cartoon shows a group of journalists aiming their cameras at an apparently starving child who was sitting among the debris of dead bodies of women and children; the child, in turn, tells the journalists: “Do not waste your attention on me but if you can, tell the world about those who have been brutally slaughtered.” Indeed, journalists visiting Somalia from the western world seem only intent on taking shots of Somalis waiting for much delayed aid and entreating aid agencies to respond quickly, while ignoring the crimes that were committed and are still being committed by the TPLF regime. The international community has also refrained from taking a firm stance against the atrocities being committed in Somalia.

The United Nations and other international bodies have chosen to ignore the situation in Somalia while the TPLF regime thwarts optimistic development towards peace and stability in that country and has viciously burnt the country and its people for a whole year. These international bodies are now crying over spilt milk and shedding crocodile tears while calling for an immediate solution to “a humanitarian crisis worse than that of Darfur.”

However, making feeble statements at this late hour will not be sufficient; the UN and other international bodies should admit their mistakes in disregarding their own basic principles and in remaining passive while a sovereign nation was being invaded. In supporting the TPLF regime’s invasion of Somalia, the US Administration is primarily responsible for the present humanitarian crisis in that country. Nonetheless, all the international organizations claiming to be advocates of international law and human rights will equally be held accountable.

The prevailing situation in Somalia is nothing more than a direct outcome of the TPLF regime’s illegal invasion. Hence, the basic solution could only be found in the immediate withdrawal of the invading troops. The people of Somalia, just as other sovereign nationals of the world, are capable of tackling their affairs on their own. And if the international community truly has the interest of the Somali people at heart, its role should not be limited to addressing the resulting problems but should rather be to create the ground for the immediate withdrawal of the invading forces.

12/31/07 @ 14:44
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

I don’t believe they are civilians. Known those UIC, they have been in the mix with the civilians and when they {UIC} are killed they’re listed as civilians. I think the Ethiopian military is now dealing with 6,501 less jihadst in Mogadishu than before. We’re not going to be fooled be the so called human rights group. They have to claim anything possible to stay on the spotlights. Their pure propaganda has no value. Somalis are better off today than the past 17yrs and the majorities are begging Ethiopian military to stay longer until their nation is fully stabilized.

May the New Year be filled with happiness and 2008 be full of joy for you {Ghion}… peace be with you!

12/31/07 @ 14:54
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

Thank you so very much! My brother Z-Mike, happy new year to you and your family, and my all your wishes come true for the up coming year 2008. GOD bless Ethiopia, our people & the World.
Keep up the good work, Z-Mike!
Take care!

12/31/07 @ 16:04
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

Bile, z-mike and other tplf rants roaming

happy new year to you all but in the next year could you people please stop being the enemey of ISLAM. you attack anything with Islam in it. Islam is not the enemy of ethopia but ethipians have become the enemy of ISLAM. Bush doesn’t know what he is talking about and you live all around Muslims. future ethiopians dont’ need the enemies you’re creating.


12/31/07 @ 16:43
Comment from: Abyssinia [Visitor]

Ethiopia did not invade Somalia.We were asked to help the transitional government.The Somalis should thank us for our noble deeds.

12/31/07 @ 16:52
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

The article writers are supporters of the defeated icu,since the islamists cant face ethiopia they are making noise on a news paper.Somalians were killing each other by 5000 a week for the past decades.Where was all the medias then?

12/31/07 @ 16:57
Comment from: Sakita [Visitor]

WELL I HAPPEND TO READ COMENTS THAN COMMINTING. Intersting. Good to see that there are some well informed people like Hosaena. Lets use our brain and stand for the truth. There are too many people who refuse to see the truth. It is there we should not deny it. Victory to the truth.

12/31/07 @ 16:58
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Stop twisting the truth shabia boy,ethiopia is not fighting the religion muslim but extrem terror islamists.These terror groups are using thier religion to murder innocents life,and they are fully supported by your father shabia isayass.

12/31/07 @ 17:03
Comment from: african [Visitor]

atleast it is an african blood, who cares. the only people to blame is the one called TFG. they are a handcurchief of american factory.

lets cry for ourself for being africans

12/31/07 @ 17:51

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