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Comment from: TARIK [Visitor]

This is welcomed news. India is an exemplary power, because since the late 1800s India has been involved in decolonization movements and anti economic imperialistic participation. Including being one of the first countries to claim itself unaligned. The nexus of economic power and political power is slowly but surely shifting from the traditional European countries to non European countries. The main difference is that European countries have always been on top and do not know or do not care about poor countries like Ethiopia. Non European countries are a little different, as you can see from this article. This is great news for Ethiopia, because we have an array of non European countries to borrow and cooperate from.

01/14/08 @ 14:43
Comment from: At last [Visitor]
At last

At last starting the journey of breaking free from the whites……………

01/15/08 @ 05:44

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