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Ethiopia - Adama University to launch postgraduate programs



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Ethiopia - Adama University to launch postgraduate programs

Adama University, Nazareth Ethiopia

Ethiopia - Adama University to launch postgraduate programs

Adma University of Ethiopia is to launch postgraduate programs shortly, according to a report by ENA. Workshop discussing on ways of launching the program was held in Adama (Nazareth) city of the Oromia State on Saturday.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, university academic and research deputy president, Dr. Zewdu Abdi Debele said the university has finalized preparations to launch the postgraduate program in the near future.

Construction, automotive, manufacturing, agricultural technology and educational administration, among others are some of the fields included in the postgraduate program, he said.

The university will begin the programs for which initially 80 instructors would be deployed.

During the past 15 years, Dr. Zewedu said, the university generated several first degree graduates who are now serving at various institutions and vocational and technical colleges

Scholars from various higher learning institutions and invited guests attended the workshop.

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Comment from: Wondata [Visitor]

Wondata adama university. But i have comments my dears in Adama University.

The place has the following shortcomings.

1. Acute office space shortages. Hundreds of teachers simply don`t have working places.

2. The whole big university has only a tiny lounge which was designed for a handful of instructors during the earliest stages of the then Nazareth technical college.

3. Abscence of funds for technical research.

4. Dismal internet connectivity in staff offices

However, I am proud of Adama University, as it untiringly shouldered the production of thousands of technical graduates who proved to suit well to the demands of the industries in the country.

01/21/08 @ 03:48


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