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Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Deha behilmu Kibe bayTeTa min yiwiTew neber?

Who will pay for this wishful dream of the beggar powers of Dedebit, bordering, Armachiho, WolKait and Eritrea?

Aye “Mama Ethiopia"Ethiopia, besimish sintu tesera?

04/08/08 @ 00:04
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

Its good that the project is in trouble, tigrays dont deserve light anyway. Finally Almight GOD has delivered a righteous justice.

As a society, tigrays in general are dumb people. They are the only society in the world with a single digit IQ average and cant even do simple logical analysis u can think of. So why do they need electric power afterall??????

This is the best news i have heard of nazret.com in years now.

I cant wait to see the whole dam crashing down into pieces!!

04/08/08 @ 02:50
Comment from: beles [Visitor]

Of all dam projects considered in Ethiopia experts for many years have known Tekeze would be the most wasteful project in Africa. But the woyane regime is forcing the Ethiopian people to bear the burden of their ambition.
Tekeze will be the symbol of the burden Ethiopians has to pay to satisfy the hunger for power and luxury of those from Tigray. This preferential treatment and robing generations to enrich those from tigray has been repeated in every sector educational, military, economy, political…etc. Robing and starving of Ethiopians of every thing and giving it to tigray and tigreans has been going on since woyane has taken power and will continue until it is removed from power.

But this tigrean dream of living expansively at the expense of Ethiopians is just that. a dream. As it’s TPLFs secret memo indicates they are preparing themselves for the day when they have to loose power in addis. Then they have every thing in tigray and live happily ever after. The Tekeze dam is another example of wishful thinking by the TPLF.
Tekeze is not only the most expensive and wasteful dam to build not only in Ethiopia but in entire Africa but it is also the most expansive dam to maintain in it,s life time. The geological and soil characteristic of the area makes it impossible for tekeze to continue without expensive maintenance and service in short intervals. Even if tigray is separated from the rest of Ethiopia with Tekeze dam the price of production of electricity would be so high in Tekeze it would be cheaper for Tigray to close Tekeze and import electricity from south Africa. And every other sector of tigrean luxury that is being built today at the expense of starving Ethiopian children will collapse once that subsidy is removed. (except of course the millions stashed in foreign accounts for the top officials)

04/08/08 @ 04:58
Comment from: tamene [Visitor]

we will win by all aspects bravo EPRDF

04/08/08 @ 06:07
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

We don’t need no complaints. We just need the Tekeze hydro electric power to be transformed in to business as soon as possible selling our power to the neighboring countries, like Sudan,Kenya and D’Jebouti. Yeha

04/08/08 @ 06:11
Comment from: Denboch [Visitor]

Dear ZXAmiche,
What are u talking about!! shut up!!!DEDEB Hula!!!

04/08/08 @ 06:55
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

its funny to see the scum bag shabias burning from jealousy and taking out their anger at the poor people of tigray as if it is tigray fault they became a citizen of the barren, god foresaken and cursed land called eritrea. one of these yetalian gereds even had the audacity to preach us about the high cost of the dam, i wonder if he was suggesting that we are better of spending the money on nuking ertra :)):))

now to the topic
just about 8years ago the entire power capacity of ethiopia was 370mw 88|88|, but now just the power generate by tekeze river is 300mw and total capacity at present is 1170mw. what a monumental step. go ethiopia go!

“When completed, Tekeze is expected to add 300MW power to the national grid, putting generating capacity to a total of 1,170MW.”

04/08/08 @ 11:30
Comment from: engeda [Visitor]


Think this way, developing our water resource had never been and will be politics. I agree that there is a bit ambition in prioritizing which basin to be developed first, but this is not politics. My field of work is related to water resource development and I know that Tekeze River Basin has a huge resource in both hydropower and irrigation potential. Usually the first cascades in water resource is relatively expensive but remember the new hydropower expansion project in Ethiopia covers most part of Ethiopia the coming projects are mainly in Abay, Baro, Wabeshebella, Geba and tana basin. I am confused when people say the water resource projects are only in tigrai, I know that a serious of projects are under way in tana beles, Geba cascade, abay and baro basins which are so far away from tigrai. Therefore please stop complaining about politics here in the water resource development, it is very crucial and important sector to overcome the economical crisis we are facing of. I also know that there a lot to complain about woyane so focus on that. This is the only good thing happening in Ethiopia; therefore let’s praise this dictator for his only good work.

04/08/08 @ 12:57
Comment from: des [Visitor]

Politics aside, I think the plan is a life saver, if it works of course. Ethiopia has lost all its forests, making it exposed to drought and soil erosion. Every wooded area is cleared for fuel and farm land scourging.

The nay sayers here will have to back their arguments with facts, proven, verifiable facts. If not all your argument will be a waste of bits.

04/08/08 @ 14:07
Comment from: Koko [Visitor]

How can smomone biuld such a huge project withot geological survey and feasibility study is astonishing. The Dedebit economists are biulding prestige structures with no economic significance.

These structures are a manifestation of their tormented inferiority complex chhallenged state of mind.

It wont be long before they swim in it like the Egyptian soldiers in pursuit of Moses and the Isrelites. That would be a day of celebration in the Horn.

04/08/08 @ 21:56
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

so long as the money spent for good cause doesn’t matter which part of Ethiopia. what i don’t like is money wasted on corruption, unnecessary war, etc.

04/08/08 @ 22:55
Comment from: Samuel Gebru [Visitor]
Samuel Gebru

Truth be Told:

Learn to write properly in English before trying to attack Tigrayans.

The Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam has the potential to generate much needed electricity for the nation, thus, there isn’t any “wastefulness,” as some might suggest, in this project.

Illiterates must be sent to ESL. Others shouldn’t even be on the internet.

SM Gebru

04/10/08 @ 16:14
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

In my opinion, it is just a challenge out of many that any construction process encounters. Like many other challenges it will all be sorted out sooner or later.

Keep up the good work to all those who are involved with the project. I like the view and can’t wait to come for a holiday there when it is completed.

To the EMPTY cans, WE do not need your noise in our forum.

04/12/08 @ 02:23

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