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Comment from: samrawit [Visitor]

War!!! Both sides need to feed thier people first. The economical and political situation in both countries is very bad and they can not afford to fight. This is just a propoganda. We do not need war, what we need is two new leaders who can change their countries for the better through peace.

06/17/08 @ 16:21
Comment from: melak [Visitor]  

This is a delibrate warning to avoid the real news in the two country.FEED YOUR PEOPLE FIRST

06/17/08 @ 16:34
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Lets crush shabeya at no time what so ever.
Shebya is cancer of the horn of Africa,mainly to our loved country Ethiopia. I am 100% behind our national defense forces to this effort.Mot for EPLF shiffetoch(shiffatu)

God bless our national army indeed. Yeha

06/17/08 @ 16:38
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

Insha Alha Watala ! 40 years of Eritrean (shibiyan)arrogans,extrem recim and bligrans come to an end very soon.

Djibutiy is absolutly not alone.all East African people is with her.

If Ethiopia is really wise nation God can give her victory over her historical enamy sheibiya.But if Ethiopians keep backsteping each ather the worrest surpraise will haben,so that is fucking sad to deeply divaded Ethiopia.

We dont want this crises to end with tragedy but over walming victory.


06/17/08 @ 16:41
Comment from: Jegna Gondere [Visitor]
Jegna Gondere

ISAYAS enjoy your last year in power while you have time. The END of Eritrea is near.


06/17/08 @ 16:57
Comment from: keri [Visitor]

I am Ethiopian i dont care what happens between TPLF & SHABYA Family feud. Hey actually thats a good news for me


06/17/08 @ 17:05
Comment from: Kalkidan [Visitor]

Stop this dictator’s war rhetoric that is disigned to divert attention from grim “Green Drought” starvation news.

Ethiopians need peace and food urgently.

Meles should focus his attention on feeding 6 millions of people first that he is starving.

06/17/08 @ 17:12
Comment from: Wedi Tigray [Visitor]
Wedi Tigray

Ethiopia is in its worst stage at this time. If Wayane could not defeat Somali, do you think can defeat Eritreans! I think it is a laghable. Wayane has to feed 1st the six million starving Ethiopians and come to its sens!
Ethiopian army tried in fighting for over a year in Somalia and it does not need another destructive war on Eritrea. All it needs is a change of its leaders who can bring peace!

06/17/08 @ 17:22
Comment from: Sura [Visitor]

:no: I don’t think we need to see another 70, 000 ppl for sake of war. STOP IT AND SAVE BOTH NATION FORM Stupid Leadership System! God Bless All Nation Who need peaceful Air!!!

06/17/08 @ 17:35
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

Yes in deed Ethiopia must feed her people in need of food at the same time can defet her hazardes and deadly enamy.

06/17/08 @ 17:46
Comment from: amare [Visitor]

what is it with eritrea and war. i mean am completely against war and ethiopia should do every thing possible to avoid war for a foreseeable future if it wants to stand up on its feet, but there is a limit to how much a country takes. eritrea doesnt seem to sleep until it crushed ethiopia pigy backing its buchloch ONLF and OLF same way it did with TPLF, but this time to finish what it started 30 years ago. there is no good war but timing is important and if ethiopia can take out this disease of the horn with minimum loss it should go for it now when eritrea is isolated and confused.

06/17/08 @ 17:47
Comment from: english teacher [Visitor]  
english teacher

Shewa anbesa it is very simple to tell that you are ignorant by your comment not to mention that you don’t even know how to spell a simple word.I bet u you are some low life loser. You pretended like a patriotic Ethiopian,but you have a hidden agenda with full of hate towards certain ethnic group on both sides of the border.work part time at a gas station or something because thats all pretty much You are able to do.the rest of your time get some basic education at the nearest adult school to the gas station.

A b c d start right here.
Good luck trust me you need it.

06/17/08 @ 17:49
Comment from: ted [Visitor]

Who in the right mind think war will break out between these two. Facts.
1, TPLF cant survive this famine not alone, a War.
2.if Eritrea wants war, it was always there in Badme after the demarcation of the border.
3, International Crisis Group (ICG).
is a tool of US to get Eritrea close TPLF opposition offices(See the recomendation,C)so they give Meles time to rule as he wants.
4, The rumour Ginbot 7 may attend meeting along with Ethiopian oppositions planed in Asmara as Eritrean oppositions did in Addis.
All these and the crisis the US is facing in Somalia, they resort to another rout of beating a drum of fabricated War. All Ethiopians should know, Except Yeha and the like…, we need to act fast againest TPLF, there is no war, just another western lie.

06/17/08 @ 17:57
Comment from: Amiche Warsay [Visitor]
Amiche Warsay

Shewa Anbessa, you are like your name. Just in Shewa!! This is the problem you have.Go and fight if you have the courage and guts. You think Ethiopia has a right to stab any country when ever there is chance?!! It is not possible with Eritrea. “Ezam Bet Esat Ale” You are dead wrong. Eritrea is not Somalia and will never be.(Somalia’s case too will be paid in tripples soon)
Go and fight; don’t push others sitting in Showa. Do your share and homewirk; taste the bitter bile taste of war. Then you will learn what you call “MY COUNTRY” is a country only when you pay her your share. Who do you want to go and fight for you? You guys are always like that. But you don’t know what SHAIBIA means. It means People; and people of Eritrea are always winners not losers. Every Eritrean household has a fighter so they know what war is and try to avoid it, but not afraid of it at the same time. They don’t know war through radios and movies. Go and try. Ware has never ever shown fruit, it rather showed loss, bitterness and sadness. Even if you win you loos precious sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. War shold be a last option not a first choice. I wish you knew this. Has it croseed your mind how many are starving in Ethipia? You wish war on top of that? Oh boy… calm your self.
AND ……Do not mix God with war. God has never allowed war.
Wisha Bebetu Yichohal.

06/17/08 @ 18:06
Comment from: Koko [Visitor]

The so called ICG senior Africa analyist is non other than the Eritrean traitor who used to be the Eritrean representative at EU.

The sore loser was forced to from his position as president of the University of Asmara because of his corrupt practices.

He was later assigned as president of the commercial bank of Eritrea.He was again forced to leave his post in disgrace.

The government decided to sent him abroad to satisfy his insesable appetite for money and hookers. He was assigned as Eritrean EU representative.

During the border war he returned to Asmara and was demoted to work as commissioner or lasion between the Eritrean govenment and UNMEE which was a frustrating expereience.

Finally the government sent him to Europe to work as Eritrean EU representative knowing full well that he is going to join his friend the former Eritrean UN representative in exile.

The word in the street is that Haile Menkerios and Andeab Giorgis are CIA hired guns. They are X-Shabeia disgruntled diplomats for hire. The joke is Haile is the top African policy adviser to the Secretary General of the UN and Andeab is the senior Africa analyist in the ICG. The tragedy is that they sold their life of struggle for some dollars. This is sad indeed.

06/17/08 @ 18:09

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