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Comment from: KOKEB [Visitor]

GOD JOB WEYANE aka ALAMUDIN! with “THE HUT TRICK MONKEY” melataw-zombie! loot more, steal everything, cheat everybody, dig all our resources, but none of you LEBAS take a single coin out of this world and none of you human monkies will leave 60 years old. I am not a NOSTERDAMUS but we know your poor conditions and fearfull life on second basis.

06/25/08 @ 08:21
Comment from: [Member]

This is a serious issue which needs to be brought to the forefront. Population of Ethiopia is growing rapidly and causing so many social problems.The country’s economy cannot sustain this populatiion explosion. There must be a need to adress the negative aspect of rapid puplation growth in the country.

06/25/08 @ 10:33
Comment from: DON [Visitor]

Meles the ape with arab fantics like alamoudi are robbing our land now in the hopes of retiring in a secluded and comfortable land in the future and the woyane supporters don’t know it, I am really disgusted that Ethiopian have woyane supporters

06/25/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: omar [Visitor]

Simply put ETHIOPIA IS A FAILED STATE. Well, what else can a country fare when it is led by ethnocrats whose role model is Albania?

06/25/08 @ 12:18
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

I can only laugh at this precarious report of the jealous, deceptive and racist white Europeans and or I should I say, so called western countries.
Now Africa is moving towards self sufficiency, self reliance and most importantly the industrialization of the black African continent, mainly because of China’s involvement in developing it in every aspects of industrialization and infrastructure of Africa, and the very clear policies that China has taken, which is by not involving it self in the internal politics and affair of any African county that they are involved with, by strictly business like professional approach and on equally bases between the people of China and the Africans, governments of both sides included, which is very unlike of the. Manipulative, discriminatory, degrading and monotonous bests approach of western countries. The Sharks of the west and the former colonials of the black African continent are rattling as if they are in a situation of an 8.5 scale of earth quake. It is beyond my believe and beyond my comprehension that, these agents of deceptions and manipulations of the western countries had the audacity to tell the African countries and Ethiopia are degrading the natural resources and will have no bio-capacity for a sustainable life in African countries they listed including Ethiopia. Sure! And of course, they have built and industrialized their countries to the maximum capacity and they are at the higher level of technology and therefore, they are lecturing us that, we are the cause of the degradation of the environment, we are loosing our bio-capacity, we are over using our natural resources, we are undermining our owen population, bla, bla, bla. and so forth. More can be said but I will stop here and say to the geniuses of the western monotonous morons, kiss my African rear end.

06/25/08 @ 16:52
Comment from: d [Visitor]

Ethiopia should really implement the same law as China: Only one child per couple allowed!

06/26/08 @ 10:30
Comment from: Abel [Visitor]

Fellow Ethiopians

Do you know this kind of news brings lots of Joy for the enemy of Ethiopians?

Do you know the reasons how we reached in such position?

Do you think there will be more shame to come for Ethiopia?

Is there any bad trauma left for Ethiopia to happen?

There couldn’t be any other bad condition for Ethiopia than already happened and is happening at this moment of time. We lost our friends, sons’ daughters’ father, and mother. Name it, all our belongings. Ethiopia has been looted by so called weyane government. Now we are losing our country natural resources. Because of bad polices and management set out years and years ago.
When is the time mama Ethiopia, when,when… :no::’(:’(:no:

06/26/08 @ 11:53
Comment from: Kalkidan [Visitor]

That is the whole reason Woyane is glued to power. To loot. Woyane is looting beyond the contnry’s capacity. That is why.

TPLF changed its separation strategy after they found out that there is nothing to live on in Tigray.

Instead they saw abundant wealth in Ethiopia. Now gold is stolen from Banks, natural resources are sold to so-called foreigner thieves in the name of investors and money is stashed away in foreign banks.

The list of disaster will continue as long as we let Woyane leeches to suck our blood.

06/27/08 @ 16:32

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