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Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Kikikikikikiki. Are there 100,000 people living in Adwa? From begining to end lies.
I know, he was “revered", that’s why noone wanted to marry him there, that he had to cross the river into Wuziristan/Adiquala to find a bride. And his father was a Dejazmatch by the Italians no Ras, no King, no governor or Emperor in Ethiopia ever gave him that title. All a pile of lies and rubbish. Plus let alone a governor of Adwa, he was not even “ye shay bet shum". The governor was a true son of Adwa, Dejazmatch Gerbre Hiywot, who fried the Italian ass, not cooperated with them. Lies lies lies lies and more lies. A banda dead, a banda will follow. In the end the Ethiopian people will be free, the occupation by haters will cease, the Provinces will be restored, power will be for the rightful owners the Ethiopian people.

06/29/08 @ 00:22
Comment from: tolla [Visitor]

Is that why the Italians returned the Axum oblisk to their bandas as a thank you gift for the father’s service? They refused Haile-Sellassie and the Dergue, but they gave it to their bandas. This guy has a fourth grade education and served the Italians at almost the end of their occupation just for one year. As soon as the Italians were kicked out, he was also kicked out. Thank you Shewarega for you explanations on some of the details of this banda’s past.

06/29/08 @ 00:42
Comment from: sym [Visitor]

they want to make sure that the father who gave birth to a mad man “melese” is beneath the earth so that he may not be able to give us “melese II”

06/29/08 @ 00:45
Comment from: umi [Visitor]

wo cares if one anbetakortami succums? locust is every where so what we miss more bakela instead thnk you for being a loyal banda any ways

06/29/08 @ 00:48
Comment from: umi [Visitor]

please more commnts for this banda

06/29/08 @ 00:49
Comment from: Mitimita [Visitor]


Meches Min LeBel, enKuan bicha Yegna Tifozo Honk

Woyne Gize, It pains me to see that a paper once under a nationalist government has become a mouthpiece of the Bandas and Kehadis. Endew AyeAfrum, when they claim that 100,000 people showed up for the funeral of this banda?

Shewarega was right on the spot when he explained that Ato Zenawi could not get a bride from Tigray because he was a Banda (Sell Out to Italians) during the occupation. So he had no choice but to get another Ginbaram Tigre Woman from the province of Eritrea and that is the real story.
Zenawi was a banda and Ethiopians should celebrate this day, this is a man who saved his ass by being a sell-out to Fascist Italy. As they say, like father like son, his midget son is also a modern day Banda who sold our access to the sea and recently our land to Sudan.

06/29/08 @ 00:51
Comment from: tolla [Visitor]

Did the 95,000 came from Italy to thank the father and son, for their service in the past and currently by Meles for finishing what the fascists started early to dismantle Ethiopia?

06/29/08 @ 01:11
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

Aboy zenawi was a true patriot who fought along the hundred thousands tigry people that gave thier lives fighting facist italy..

Unlike king selasie who’s cabinet was full of bandas from shewa and askaris from ertera the many brave tigray poeople were left out..

Fabricating story about this man by anti tigrays to justify thier hatred will only burn you inside.The man had more gut then the rest of you that fled the country when aboy weyane took over ethiopia..

Aste menelik was the father of banda that sold all ethiopian sea port to his master italy and france after helping to kill the GREAT ASTE YOHANES.

Save your breath a bunch of ex dergs and feudal bandas that escaped ethiopia through sudan when aboy tigray chased you out of your country

Rest in peace Mr zenawi that lived his life like any ordinary ethiopians among the beautiful tigray people.

06/29/08 @ 01:15
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]

Tolla, Shewarega who the hell your name is, the more you write your comments the more you are exposing who you really are. I don’t care whether 100,000 or 50 people present in his funeral but what is the point that you guys are connecting the Axum obelisk to some individuals. this has nothing to do with the return of the obelisk.If you are real Ethiopians, you should have proud of the return of our obelisk no matter who made the effort to return it. However, your mind is full off ethnic garbage that seems a chronic disease from top to bottom. Obviously your problem is “history was made by tigrian leaders by returning the obelisk” . first of all tigrians are Ethiopians the other thing that you few individuals forgot is who made the obelisk the answer is ETHIOPIANS(AXUMAWIAN) in general TIGRIANS. When are you going to stop your hate against the TIGRAY PEOPLE?

06/29/08 @ 01:21
Comment from: Zacharias [Visitor]

I am afraid that Meles is gong to order the entire people in the country to shave their hair and dress in black.

Wait & see

06/29/08 @ 01:34
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Go to Monogabay.com and check it out. Only eleven cities in Ethiopia with population over 100,000. They are.. Addis Abeba, Awasa, Bahir Dar, Debre Zeit, Dese, Dire Dawa, Gondar, Jima, Kombolcha, Mekele and Nazret. Where did this 100,000 town residenst in Adwa come from? Shimmetttteeee yale wushet. In Ethiopia’s history only twice over 100,000 people showed up for a funeral. That of Prince Mekonen in the early fifties (1949) and when Professor Asrat died. This people lie to their teeth.Ager astedadariw, arebegnawum Zenawi Aseresu honena eref..

I repeat the governor was quoftanaw Gebre Hiywot, ya gerae sew yezefenelet. “Semu Gebre Hiywot feresu fenkel, be medfe be metreyes ttelat yeminekel.” kikikiki men yedereg ganoche alekuna, menchettoche gan honu yetebalew teret dereseben.

Mitmita, I agree on all things you said but one. Let us focus, and leave the average Tigre out of this. Meselachew tesasatu, but trust me most know in their heart how their support for this ekekam bandas has brought them so much hatred among their fellow Ethiopians. We must also remember tsadekan semaetat ene Atse Yohannes, Ras Alula, even during the Italian occupation people like Abay Kahsay many distinguished persons from Tigray, even from eritrea served Ethiopia. While there were many other,for example, Ras Hailu king of Gojjam, were working hand in glove with the Italians. For me, its simple, one is for Ethiopia, or against. We shoul all be wise in this struggle to rid our country of this haters

06/29/08 @ 01:35
Comment from: Mitimita [Visitor]

Enen Yemiandegn neger binor, Zenawi eko ende George Bush Abat Hone. 82 Amet Menor Keza Alfo degmo ligun Meri Hone Mayet, meches gizew Le Tigrewoch honal min yedereg.

Ahun kehul Enen Yasegagn, Meles Zenawi 82 Amet endainor bicha new, Medhanyalem Adera Adera, ye Meles edime lik ende Kumetu achir adergew.

I am pretty sure many Ethiopians are freaking out that Meles also might live to be 82, that is scary. His mother passed not long ago and his dad lived to be 82, so there may be a pretty good chance that this midget could keep going and going like the energizer bunny. Let’s hope not

06/29/08 @ 01:43
Comment from: Choice [Visitor]

Zecharias wrote….

“I am afraid that Meles is gong to order the entire people in the country to shave their hair and dress in black.”

Wait & see

Man, that was hillarious comment.

But Meles has already shaved the inner-most part of our soul, leaving us starving in millions, killing us systematically, robbing us in broad day, darkened our spirits and blacken our future, then he is telling us and the world that he has achieved economic growth by such and such percent.

We are clothed in grief. So is our nation.


06/29/08 @ 01:59
Comment from: Goorsha [Visitor]

“Zenawi had attended primary education grade 1 to 4 at Endamission School in the town…

Zenawi also worked as chief of Bizet Woreda, and head of a charity organization …”

“He left government post and engaged in private business for the same cause".

Oh My God! …

A 4th grade grad serving as what???

This shows how uneducated we were and still are; when a 4th grade graduate served as a chief!

Government Post? No hell, WTF …
A 4th grader is not able to do a simple Math of division!

Question: Calculate the cube root of 9. Answer: Yet Hede Ya Felfela Lije, Anta, Anta, Goitom, Ahhh Meles, Mindin Nuw Yih Tinish 3 Ena Tiliq 9, Be Temama Wonz Tekebew”

Abaye: Ah “Cube Root of 9″. Ethiopian Zetegn Bota Enkeflatalen, Keza Behuala, 3 Ejoon Le Tigray Enaderdatalen. Ayi Yene Lij, Berta, Tirru Dagna Tihonaleh!!!

Go figure!

06/29/08 @ 02:41
Comment from: Amche yemerkato [Visitor]  
Amche yemerkato

you seem to be fairly educated person,but your comments are very immature.just because things in ethiopia are not the way you want them.you are fighting with dead old man.let this man rest in peace.to me you sound like,if this man hadn’t had meles, he wouldn’t be a president. that is why you are mad at this man.you father didn’t know you turn out to be a loser .if he knew, trust me he wouldn’t had you.

Meles is alive,if you have balls fight him.
ahyawen Ferto dawlawen

06/29/08 @ 03:15

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