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Comment from: Yonas Bekele [Visitor]
Yonas Bekele

Congrats to Team Ethiopia. Good results overall. We have two absolute superstars in Terunesh and Kenenisa. I hope we will now get more depth and also diversify from the 5k and 10k races, to pose a real challenge to the Kenyans.

08/24/08 @ 02:24
Comment from: Ayele Bekerie [Visitor]
Ayele Bekerie

Dear Nazret,

The Ethiopia athletes’ performance at the Bejing Olympics was impressive. Given the hot and humid weather of the City, our athletes have demonstrated not only their remarkable capacity to endure, but also their consistent skills and efforts to aim and achieve victory for our beloved motherland, Ethiopia.

I stayed up in the wee hours of the night day after day to be with our great athletes, to share repeated moments of joy and togetherness. I am deeply touched by the selfless sacrifice Haile Gebre Selassie made so that Kenenisa and Seleshi became medal winners. I am also touched when the Ethiopian athletes shared their bottles of water with the Eritrean and Kenyan athletes. They showed us the extent of possibilities and remarkable achievements we can make as peaceful competitors and neighbors. My optimism has been strengthened by the remarkable and historic achivements of the great Tirunesh Dibaba and Meseret Defar. Let us enjoy this historic and great moment of unity and pledge to uphold it at all times. Let us build stadiums and training facilities so that our youth will be able to repaet the achivements of Kenenisa and Tirunesh. I congratulate all, athletes and coaches, fans and leaders, who contributed to the victories.

08/24/08 @ 02:57
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Great Analysis!

08/24/08 @ 04:58
Comment from: Hassen Kemal [Visitor]
Hassen Kemal

Nazret.com did a very good assessment. Well done Team Ethiopia, congratulations to everybody. Our victories in 5k and 10k were historic. The progress we made in both categories of steeplechase is encouraging. We saw a very good fight from our men marathoners.
I was very sad that athlete Deriba Merga missed out of the medals; he did all the leading almost for the entire race and was courageous in his fight until the end. We look forward to see great successes from in near future. We could have won the gold if our hero Haile Gebresellasie had not made somewhat a very faulty decision. We had highly experienced and renowned athletes in the women’s marathon but the outcome was very dismal. We were expecting gold from athlete Gelete Burka but hers was a disappointing underachievement given her recent world lead position in 1500m. Overall our participation in Beijing was successful.
Our recent success in Olympics shows we are getting results only from limited events. We got four Golds only from 5k and 10k, and that is extraordinary result when seen from individual achievement. But getting 4 Golds only from 5k and 10k shows our base is very thin. We need to expand our sphere of participation. The Ethiopian athletics federation needs to do a lot of work in bringing up talented young athletes especially of for shorter distances. It had promised to do that after Sydney but this has not been seen at Beijing.

08/24/08 @ 08:34
Comment from: why spot [Visitor]
why spot

HOW are we gonna let the four legged K-9s take the gold out of our hands in the Bejing marathon?

08/24/08 @ 08:51

7 medals from 37 Athletes:lalala::lalala::lalala:

Sheik Alamiudi has told me he will hand out US$1,000,000 to each of them and a house and all the free food they can eat for one year at Sheraton :crazy::crazy:LOL

And what about the 200 extra hangers on who will try to dissapear in China? LOL


How about do something Real to be proud of them

08/24/08 @ 09:01
Comment from: habeshawu [Visitor]


your kind of comment can only come from trench diggers in sawa.

08/24/08 @ 10:10
Comment from: Death to Weyane [Visitor]
Death to Weyane

We haven’t heard any word about this significant victory in beijing from waltaifo.com, radio fana, radio weyane, Yeha, Agam, fed-up, Hammere,Yirgacheffee…… and other loser weyanes. What’s up with them?

08/24/08 @ 10:18
Comment from: Agazi [Visitor]

kkkk tegnethik tekusse death for…
losser ertrian

08/24/08 @ 11:18
Comment from: berta [Visitor]


I agree with you. It is quite succesful and I see much sucess in the future olympics. This years winners are sitll young, but already talented. Those who didn’t make it to grab a medal are encourging young atleths. I disagree with those people who thinks that Haile did the wrong decision. Why dont they try to run themselves. I am sure Kenenisa appreciated Hile’s participation in the 10, 000m.

08/24/08 @ 11:57
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

Death to Weyane

Are you crazy! They are on vacation. Those people like Yeha, FedUp, Agam, Hammer, Yirgacheffe will be here tomorrow when this olympic is over, to do their only job. They will be here unshamfully to put a shamefull comment, when somthing bad about their lord Meles is exposed.

08/24/08 @ 12:07
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:D:DAfterall the ETHIOPIAN ATHLETS have scored a honorable results which are
really apreciatables all over the world .Thanks a lot to all of them .
SILE ,TSEGE and to all the participants of
the team for all their contributions
on such great victories .:D:D:D

08/24/08 @ 13:03
Comment from: Kachisaw [Visitor]  

Dear Ayele good point! i wish every one Posts possetive coment like yours. once again congra to our athletics team! we all proud of you.

08/24/08 @ 13:26
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Agazi, the lonely and betrayed Woyane from Abay Tigrai:

After the Abay Tigrawot: Yeha, Agam, Lekim, Yirgacheffee, Abune PeTros, Hammere, and other jealous looters betrayed you, you’re feeling loneliness. I don’t blame you.

You see, when Ethiopians started running for Gold, in 1960, Eritreans started running for the show of independence. They earned their gold in 1991, not through the silver platter of the so called, “UN” or the West brokered “Olympic committee,” but through iron fist that no superpower could resist.

By the same token, you, as a Tigrian copycat, in sheer loss, began running for Tigray independence, burning Ethiopian flag as, biTash Cherk, and boasting to make Tigrai, Amhara’s graveyard. After snatching power in Ethiopia, with the help of Shaebia, in good faith, you dropped the Abay Tigray ticket hence choosing to loot Ethiopia underground, for later Abay Tigrai State, hoping you would defeat Eritreans’ psych and snatch its port Assab, using Ethiopian cannonfolders of Oromia, where most Olypmic winners came from, and exploiting Ethiopia’s diplomatic support of the West.

Unfortunately, you became neither Abay Tigrawai nor Ethiopiawi, neither Eritreans’ friend nor Ethiopians’ lifetime partner. Now, you’re trying to spell your hatred using Olympic. Olympic, in all its intentions and outcomes is all about peaceful competition and good neighborliness and friendship, not a means of display of hatred and jealousy.

As far as Eritrea is considered, don’t worry about us. We are working at a level of the bottom two of Maslow’s hierarchy, the basic physiological needs of food, water and shelter and the next up, the safety and security of our nation and its people. We will get to the other three in the appropriate time, without rush for empty glory or pride. Probably, if our freedom for independence were not sabotaged, even if our federation in 1952 were not sabotaged by Haileselassie’s regime, before Ethiopians began ruuning for gold, probably we could have been in equal footage with Kenyans and Ethiopians. Now it is about time to take our steps, one thing at a time. No need to rush, because, sebat amet yetawerech ager beand Ken mebrat kalberalat, indet hono! indatil.

We will see what would happen next Olympic, one step at a time, after we corrected our shortcomings and all the weaknesses we observed, and further, after we recruited more competitors that are not yet discovered, in this new nation of defiance.

We’ve shown the World though, that we are part of the game of Sports, be it in Olympics or in other regional and international sports competition. And we are not restricted to running only.

May this Olympic season brings peace and reason to think for good neighborliness and respect to others!

08/24/08 @ 13:27
Comment from: Monitor [Visitor]

Of course, it is a great success! Teru and Kenny are the best.

The Chinese too have orgainzed wonderful and memorable Games. The public was most of the time neutral, unbiased and warm. Thank God that all went smooth without a single sabottage or terrorist act. See you, London!

08/24/08 @ 13:42

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