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Comment from: somali freedom fighter [Visitor]
somali freedom fighter

i hope they use the talks to attack baidoa & mugadisho

09/27/08 @ 12:48
Comment from: dawit [Visitor]

Rice, is useless. Ethiopia needs to encourage the united nations and others to step in with peace keepers,So Ethiopian troops can go home. This situation is getting worse. Somalia was out of control before Ethiopian forces arrived.It is not the fault of your brave soliders trying to help a neighbor. Bring in the UN. Long live The PM, And the Ethiopian People.

09/27/08 @ 13:08
Comment from: Samson [Visitor]

Zenawi made a disasterous decision to invade Somalia. Two years ago Zenawi and his cohorts were all over the media claiming hollow victory and castigating anybody against thier foolish adventure. Now Zenawi’s adventure turned out to be a total fiasco. Zenawi’s troops control only a small section of Mogadishu and Baidowa. The Somalis are getting strong by the day. Now they captured tones of amunitions including 33 T-72 tanks. It is a matter of time before Zenawi’s invading army retreats in humilating defeat.

09/27/08 @ 13:19
Comment from: Gemechu [Visitor]

somali freedom fighter

it is only 30 tanks and they need to know how to use it in order to attack Ethiopian soldiers. Otherwise, soon it will be Ethiopian tank and will be returned to our brothers in Kenya. You think nomad like you knows how to operate this thanks and other military hardware that they sized.

I’m glad those pirates are getting all these attention. Soon the solution will come from all over the world. France started few days ago by storming on the pirates. Somalia and its coast have been without control and now it is out of control where it needs the whole world intervention.

You know what will happen when u intervenes on somebody else business……..

Good luck you moron Somali freedom fighter.
If u think freedom is killing each other for 17 years, then so be it.
Hope Melese will take out our soldiers soon enough for you to start killing each other.

09/27/08 @ 13:37
Comment from: SPINX [Visitor]

Yeah right,I don’t know how Meles can say that with a straight face,Everybody knows that the Woyanne troops (Agazi) are the real pirates of the coast of Somalia.They are doing this to support themselves,because the Ethiopian Government can not support it’s troops financially.Wake up World Meles is the Real (Pirate)in the Coast of Somalia.

09/27/08 @ 13:38
Comment from: Hezkiel [Visitor]

Neither Ethiopians nor Americans, nor Ugandas could not defeat the somalian fighters. I wonder how brave they are.
One of the joker cards of Meles and his associates to stay in power was to intervene in the Somali affairs.
It has helped him to stay in Aratkilo for two years plus.
I think, he will get some assignment from the outgoing Bush administration for a second-time to go ahead on Somalia with financial injections and military hardware.
The situation is favourable for Meles. He knows well how to make use out of it.

09/27/08 @ 14:11
Comment from: somaliland [Visitor]

hay the ship was taken from somaliland in the ely area. We don’t belong to Somalia, we are our own country that will soon be recognized. We are business man, not stupid religion fanatics. The tanks will soon be sold to the highest bidder. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan even Kenya can buy it if they are willing to pay the Right amount $$$. We are only friendly to a country who wants to do business with us and nothing else. So you idoits before speaking on something you don’t know, Somaliland is not Somalia. two different country, so don’t mistake us with the lawless, stupid Somalians. They die for religion, we live for Money with the blessing of Allayh

09/27/08 @ 14:13
Comment from: Zerruu [Visitor]

you gave up Assab years ago and desolved a potent naval army. Now you talk about pirates on the sea? What in the world can you do other than begging for your western masters mercy to get you out of the mess you are in. You jumped in-to the Soamli mess not for Ethiopian’s sake but just to impress your western masters. What control do you have in Somalia? Now, nomad pirates are seizing tanks and artilary right under you and your western masters military nose???
What a mess, Meles!!!

09/27/08 @ 14:15
Comment from: Eshetu Daba [Visitor]
Eshetu Daba

You can’t expect a nomad to be engaged in farm or industry, when he lives for generations as a parasite dependent on goat and camel milk for sustain-ant, sharing with with their young. It is a natural progression to easy grab of others labor product. The only reason they like anarchy and fight stability is the ease they swim idling in life. Such a man is an easy bet for a terrorist plot, he will do anything for a quick cash for Chat.

09/27/08 @ 14:35
Comment from: Somawade [Visitor]

I tkink its time to say the truth, Atto Malez has to realise his mistakes and learn lessones, saying truth is part of leadership quality. ICU has cleared Somali cost when they were only 4 weeks in power, so 80,000 troops cann’t do nothing is laughebal. My conssern is Ethiopians are behind this Pirates.

09/27/08 @ 14:39
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa


09/27/08 @ 16:11
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

meles adgi wedi kedamit leave somalia alone and worry about your dusty, rocky, tigray and the cursed land of ethiopia. dont’ try to pass your misery to somalia. worry about your own problem with in ethiopia. i.e aids, poverty, misery, etc etc etc.

meles aka houseslave, africa’s moder day slave. tigray chickens will come home to rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost. leave somalia ulgy baboon. let them solve their own problem.

09/27/08 @ 16:28
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Meles Chenawi said it would take two weeks to defeat Islamic courts. Now we know the whole inchilada.

May be Ethiopian soldiers should monitor the Red Sea corridor, using Assab or Djibouti as staging ground, huh!

Dedebu Gemechu:

Learn from history. Shaebia’s fighters that marched to Addis were not naturally born experts in using tanks. They learned from the enemy, the terrorist “White Army” of Ethiopia. It is the mirKognas that taught Shaebia. In fact it was Ethiopian tanks captured which were turned around to be used against the owners, within the same battles, as the going got tougher for the nefTegna invadors. Never undermine enemy, fool!

Here, I’m not acknowledging that the pirates were freedom fighters. They might as well be financing robbers of Somalia’s President Yusuf who finance the TFG when the coffers of UN is drying. They could also be criminals who smelled opportunities in the Red Sea who import and sell weapons in Somalia.

They could well be desperate fishermen who, in their own eyes, are seeing their fish stolen from their livelyhood, and their water being a dump site for the Westerners, because of the instability and corrupt leaders and thanks to the mercinary Woyane agents.

No matter who, he danger of further instability is getting worst, by the day, thank to mercinary Woyane, who is creating war, between Somalia and Ethiopia, that was not there, to begin with.

aye, igziO, Baidoa ayawilegn when they start using these weapons.

Anyway, the best thing to do at this time is, to get rid of Ethiopian mercinary looters, the main obstacle of peace in Horn of Africa, out of Somalia so the people of Somalia will solve its own problems.

aye “mama Ethiopia", saiTerut yemeTa, sayTegib yiweTal!

09/27/08 @ 16:53
Comment from: Tazabiw [Visitor]

what a great leader!

09/27/08 @ 17:04
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Who established the Ethiopian navy? Emperor Haile Sellasie.

Who abolished the Ethiopian Navy? Ato Legese Zenawi.
Who is complaining about pirates in the region where the Ethiopian Navy was patrolling? Ato Legese Zenawi.

That is why this current regim’s leader is alleged to be short sited and bold ignorant warlord.
Had the Ethiopian navy was active now would any pirate exist around the Red Sea? Absolutely not.

09/27/08 @ 17:15

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