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Ethiopia - US Embassy Hosts Media Roundtable on DV-2010 Program



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Ethiopia - US Embassy Hosts Media Roundtable on DV-2010 Program

Ethiopia - US Embassy Hosts Media Roundtable on DV-2010 Program

In an effort to help the Ethiopian public understand the rules and procedures of the new Diversity Visa 2010 program, the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section hosted a media roundtable with representatives of Ethiopia’s leading daily and weekly newspapers, as well as television and radio, on October 1, the first day of the new DV-2010 program.

Acting Consul Heather Guimond, and Vice-Consul Brian Adkins, explained in detail the new education rules that go into effect this year, as well as the need to complete all application forms accurately and completely. Many past applicants have been turned down, she said, because of simple mistakes that could easily have been avoided. While it is certainly not necessary for Ethiopian applicants to avail themselves of “visa services” or other private individuals or companies, there is certainly a need for some people to get help in translating the forms and supplying the information in English. However, she warned, no one can guarantee the issuance of a visa or otherwise promise consular services for a fee.

Vice-Consul Adkins went into detail about the deadlines and procedures for applications, noting that all of the information is available on the U.S. Embassy’s website ( and all forms are available free of charge.

In response to questions from the reporters, of whom more than a dozen attended, Mrs. Guimond noted that Ethiopia has the highest acceptance rate for Diversity Visas in the world. Last year, almost 3500 such visas were issued to Ethiopians from the Embassy here in Addis Ababa and she expects the number this year to be just as high. 3500 is currently the limit for Ethiopia.

Public Affairs Counselor Michael McClellan thanked the media for their attention to this issue as it is clearly of great importance to the general public. By publishing the website addresses and providing readers and listeners with accurate information about the DV-2010 program, the media will ensure that deserving Ethiopians will have a fair chance at receiving a Diversity Visa, while preventing those who would commit fraud to succeed and take a place from an honest and deserving person.

For more information, see DV-2010 Diversity Visa Lottery instructions, as well as a warning note on fake DV program Web sites.


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Comment from: Arsobela Biesobla [Visitor]
Arsobela Biesobla


10/06/08 @ 12:06
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]

You can only immigrate to Canada if you are a skilled worker, sponsered by a Canadian family member or if you are fleeing Human Rights situatiions. And with all three methods it takes a long time. But the US FV system (from what I know) is just a lottery and there are no requirments just luck!

10/06/08 @ 15:02
Comment from: Miller [Visitor]

I am waiting for DV lottery to Ethiopia.
I am still hoping this will happen soon Ethiopia DV lottery 2020.
who knows.

10/06/08 @ 19:16
Comment from: Hailu Williams [Visitor]
Hailu Williams

My name is Hailu. I am looking for a sponsor to immigrate to Ethiopia. If you know anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

10/07/08 @ 00:09
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]

Interesting ha! I can’t imagine how many people are filing an application to migrate to US some one told me 5 per person. I appreciate for the us government to offer visa to poor nations like ours. But when I look at the educational requirements it is very shocking that they are targeting people who are young, brilliant and the future hope for our nation.
I can see two things here “choice” or “greediness”. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad choice to fill out the online DV application and dream about the average American life. What concerns me is that the purpose of the Diversity Visa is being fade up. I thought the purpose of Diversity Visa is to diversify the US society by injecting people from different cultural and ethnic background and to make the US a better place for democracy and equity. But what I am getting these days is they are modifying the purpose of the visa which of course picking people like my brother who is in high school that I work hard to send him there to be a better citizen. This is where my other word “greediness” kicked in.
It is obvious that the US government use the same formula for greediness in places like Iraqi. The purpose of the war as it was preached by the US media was I think “weapons of mass distraction” or “to spread democracy in the Middle East”…I remember one little girl was on a certain media that she protested the war by saying they are her for the Oil. I asked my brother what he was thinking about the US position on war. It wasn’t hard for him to agree with that little Iraqi girl. Well I Just simply told my brother that we are unlucky that we can’t defend our country and made a choice of surrender by filling the online form…he answered back and said it is the government’s fault…I replied lol and wasn’t sure which government.

10/07/08 @ 11:13
Comment from: light on the hill [Visitor]
light on the hill

don’t anybody care about the truth stupid can we be not to see what they doing to developing countries by providing this visas.they are stealing the only resource and future that this countries have: their man card blue card it’s 21TH CENTURY SLAVERY but this time even worse; it’s voluntary.

10/07/08 @ 12:04


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