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Ethiopian ex-PM Tamerat Layne freed from prison



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Ethiopian ex-PM Tamerat Layne freed from prison

Tamrat Layne

Ethiopian ex-PM freed from prison

BBC News

Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Tamerat Layne has been released after spending 12 years in prison for corruption and abuse of power.

He was dismissed from government in 1996 and convicted by the Ethiopian Supreme Court four years later.

He was sentenced to 18 years in prison but state media said he was freed early after showing good behaviour.

He was a key ally of current Prime Minister Meles Zenawi; their coalition ousted the military regime in 1991.

The BBC's Elizabeth Blunt in the capital, Addis Ababa, says they were among three men at the top of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front coalition.

The third was Seye Abreha, who went on to become defence minister but was also jailed for corruption not long after Tamerat.

Last year, Seye was also given early release from prison.

Our reporter says that while people do not dispute the corruption allegations against the two men - they also feel the it was to do with a power struggle within the ruling coalition.

Mr Meles assumed the post of prime minister in 1995.

The military regime - known as the Derge - was headed by Mengistu Haile Mariam, whose 17-year rule was known as the Red Terror because of the thousands of people killed in that period.


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Comment from: da-king [Visitor]

good news for his family and i hop the rest of officials learn some thing from tamerat and stay out from sukar :D

12/19/08 @ 10:37
Comment from: Togona Dachassa [Visitor]
Togona Dachassa

Let Meles Zenawi also go to jail
and hanged like Saddam. That is
what 94% of the Ethiopians want and
counting down for that to happen.
Peace for all.

12/19/08 @ 10:40
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

Tamerat Layne is another ethiopian who is the victim of meles aka hitler. 12 for corruption but meles gets zero for killing 209 innocent civilians, ogaden massacre, somalia, eritrea so on so on so on.

fake democracy at work,

12/19/08 @ 10:40
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

so Shek Mohammed AL Mudin TO Kality or Sendafa prison ??

12/19/08 @ 10:49
Comment from: observer2 [Visitor]


please don’t pretend to be looking out for Ethiopian interest, don’t you have things to do like smuglling your starving brother to ethiopia from Sawa so he can ask for refugee status in the U.S. concentrate on that philly cheese stake ass N****. let realy ethiopians handle biz like we do. Economy is good in ethiopia believe me i am the truth got a good biz going on. if you don’t mess with politics in ethiopia there is a good biz opportunity. you have to be a hustler and a fox. Sorry eritreans are not born with that. it is in our ethiopian blood. pretend you support TPLF and your good son. get your money politics is for the fool. get it.

12/19/08 @ 11:01
Comment from: EthioGoogler [Visitor]

He looks better than Meles to serve as a next Prime Minster of Ethiopia.

12/19/08 @ 11:03
Comment from: Chombe [Visitor]

Another burglar is set free. We expact this leba to form new party and run for another power to creat another mess. What Siye abrha, gebru asrat…. all these crapy idiots did was the same. For now one big leaba(meles) is enough for ethiopian until we get rid of him.

12/19/08 @ 11:04
Comment from: Shewa [Visitor]

Shame on him.who cares about rats. No wonder even if he serves life because he diserves it as he betrayed the ethiopian people and the land it self. He and meles are equally criminals before the ethiopian people. No one forgets his confession as corrupt and rot. Had it not been for his support and womanish subservancy, meles and the woyane wouldn’t be this pain and humilation to ethiopia. Call me what , this is the bigning of the worest to this traitor.

12/19/08 @ 11:08
Comment from: wadani [Visitor]

I feel sorry for Tamerat layne,he shouldn’t be jailed for those many years.Melez should be compensates Tamerat.because,for corruption and power missuses is common in Africans and isn’t crime in Ethiopia at all.
The many sky rise towers,that in Addis were built by corruptions and a looted money from the publics.I guess,the man was jailed for policy and not for the reasons that charged.

12/19/08 @ 11:10
Comment from: [Member]

Mr Togona Dechassa
Even your name sound dump and stupid. Where did you get your fact 94% of Ethiopian. Please be civil learn how to arrgue. I am sick and tierd of people like you.

12/19/08 @ 11:12
Comment from: one ethiopia [Visitor]
one ethiopia

As an amhara I am real sad when I see people like tamirat layne who comet mass genocide against amhara walks out free. Trust me 12 years is not enough. It’s ok when we have the right government he will go back including his friend fascist meles zanawe.

12/19/08 @ 11:14
Comment from: garaf hin boyu [Visitor]
garaf hin boyu

stupid people keep doing stupid thing like males zenawii……he should go to jail for his life cus he killing innocent with out any reason ……tamret was in prison 4 12 years….but million of oromo in prison for lifeeeee…do u think they dont have life like this guy……

12/19/08 @ 11:36
Comment from: Truth B Told [Visitor]
Truth B Told

One can only hope he changed

12/19/08 @ 11:38
Comment from: Cubaya [Visitor]

Are you telling Ethiopians Meless and his wife Azeb never steal any money or abuse the power ?
Buuulshiiiiiittttttt. Two of you Need to Leave Ethiopia before worst happen. Go and stay in your five million dollar mansion in Australia.

12/19/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: negat [Visitor]

yante aynet shintam cannot be counted as a man to list the names you mentioned in your comment. they are men with balls. unlike you, who is confused. I don’t think that you even know which gender you belong. stop crying wolf from far. be man enough to fight. shintam

12/19/08 @ 11:47

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