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Ethiopia - Authority poised to award Maskel Square-Bole road project to int’l contractors



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Ethiopia - Authority poised to award Maskel Square-Bole road project to int’l contractors

Ethiopia - Authority poised to award Maskel Square-Bole road project to int’l contractors

By Hayal Alemayehu

The Reporter

The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is contemplating to award the sophisticated Maskel Square-Bole road project comprising three bridges and two road junctions, it was learnt.
The authority is posed to take the move after the first local contractor, Eniy Construction, failed to carry out the job for capacity reasons although it clinched the original contract award.

The authority will in two weeks re-tender the 4.1 km long and 40m wide road project for the second time while twelve international contractors including those active in the Ethiopian Road Authority’s highway projects had shown interest to undertake the project, Fekade Haile, general manager of ACCRA, told The Reporter.

The authority had invited twenty-one international contractors to express their interest in the project and twelve of them had consequently responded. Some of these contractors opted to be paid in foreign currency should they win the contract while others accepted the local currency for payments, according to the general manager. The authority will prefer the latter, according to Fikade.

“The Maskel Square-Bole road project is already behind time and we want a strong, capable contractor to undertake the project and complete it in a period of one year because the task is demanding as it will be a modern, sophisticated road involving bridges and road junctions,” the manager said.

ACCRA will also for the third time re-tender the 8.2km Megenagna-Ayat road project which MIDROC Construction failed to undertake according to the schedule although it won the original contract award. The authority had later passed over the contract to CRBC, the Chinese state-owned contractor which built the Addis Ababa ring road. Nonetheless, the authority once again canceled the contract given to CRBC because the Chinese company refused to undertake the contract for the amount of payment the former contractor agreed to execute the project.

MIDROC Construction and Eniy Construction will be barred from participating in the tender expected to be issued in the coming two weeks.

The authority will no more allow local contractors to participate in new road projects if they are engaged in two or more on-going contracts at hand, according to the manager.


Comment from: Yirgache-Shaft-in-Africa [Visitor]

I saw the Gotera Junction last month and itis progressing well. The sar-bet junction is another success story! Addis sure is undersoging a major facelift!

01/20/09 @ 02:16
Comment from: adefris [Visitor]

The point of government investment on infrastructure is to create job for local people. Otherwise it is not investment.

Look what Obama proposed, as lifting the US economy once again, invest on infrastructure and create job.

The government should facilitate building the capacity of local contractors, so that they could hire more local people and the revenue in any way will circulate within the country.

But we all know that the government doesn’t have that kind of good motive.

01/20/09 @ 05:00


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