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Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

The word abysinia was created by arab merchants and fueld by colonialists to destroy ethiopia.

The country name ethiopia was used since the axumite time.


03/01/09 @ 22:43
Comment from: Wedi alula [Visitor]
Wedi alula

When the Amhara ppl lead the country for last 100 yrs they never mention the great African general Ras alula, they never even have his picture on Capitol city addis abebe like other Amhara hero. That how can tell how the recist are.

03/01/09 @ 22:58
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

wedi alula,i don’t know where you’re geting your sources but,alula aba nega is one of the most respected ethiopian heros and highly regarded by any ethiopian,be it amhara tigree oromo and all true ethiopians!!and just because straight thinking ethiopians hate tplf and weyane don’t start twisting ethiopian history saying ras alula was not highly respected.peace

03/01/09 @ 23:25
Comment from: kitcho [Visitor]

Just maybe he never attended school in Ethiopia. Other wise, he would have read it in the history books. But then, what can one expect who always some one for his inadequacy

03/01/09 @ 23:38
Comment from: ye shewa lig [Visitor]
ye shewa lig

the story starts in a good way but seems to criticize the real ethiopian hero in the end??wedi alula please go read a history book,before you go around spreading alubalta!if weyane had little bitty amount of ethiopyawinet,they wouldn’t go around giving our land to sudan and eritrea as if the country was a pissa.Even if all you weyanes add up,you wouldn’t amount to ras aba nega in a thousand year. Alula aba nega is actually crying for ethiopia in his grave seeing all the mafia staff you guys are doing day in day out.thanks to meles and his pest weyane supporters,i’m loosing way too much of my respect for any one tigree.History will show you guys for who you really are in the future

03/01/09 @ 23:41
Comment from: [Member]

He was very pious, but his piety took on the form of great superstition, and his avarice and rapacity were almost beyond the comprehension of Westerners. It is said that, whenever he visited any village with his servants, he took all that he could lay his hand upon, and left hardly anything behind for his hosts.

Hahaha, racist pigs! The only thing they could do about him was throwing cheap words at him, at his dead body of course, b!tches, because on the battle field he proved unmatchable, untouchable and defied what was the order of the time, at least as far as their little hearts concerned, by defeating one of their kind decisively and humiliatingly. When Ethiopia, Minilek, and Alula came out victorious, the whole of Africa and the black race have won, they lost and they couldn’t swallow the bitter reality. And therefore, a journalist from the land of looters, slave owners, colonizers, barbarian supremacists who were determined to buy and sell black colored human beings for eternity has accused one of the greatest Ethiopian and African military strategist, Ras Alula, of avarice and rapacity, based on hearsay. Who would be the source, the Italians who were eating dust in Adwa, who were buried in the dirt or the pow who were begging for mercy??? Besides, did the writer know why the Italians were trying to invade Ethiopia, why Europeans or Westerners in general, the journalist’s ancestors, were scrambling Africa? Wasn’t it to loot, to take what was not theirs, to enslave the people? Then how in the world an act of avarice and rapacity could be incomprehensible for westerners, the mother of all greed and pillaging!? Now i know NYtimes was just like Ethiopian Reporter back in the days, rubbish that is!

03/02/09 @ 00:14
Comment from: straight s. [Visitor]
straight s.

Piousness is the hallmark of genuine Tigres in general. Great quality.

03/02/09 @ 00:31
Comment from: Wedi alula [Visitor]
Wedi alula

Our heros never kill them self, they fight til die like alula, atse yohanes….,,that what call it die like man……

03/02/09 @ 00:39
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

Wedi Alula,
What type of ethnic bias is that? why do u single out Alula and Yohannes, as the only heroes of
Ethiopia. For that matter we don’t even know if they are, because the Ethiopian “history” is for most of it’s part some kind of children’s tales. Few people (specially the royal family) doing so many miracles. That’s not true, our country Ethiopia was defended by our people, who prefered sacrifice for the next generation. Think straight, the kings only political/symbolic role, in fact some of them came from hiding (eg. Haile selassie in Britain) and declared victory. Just forget thinking only the northen leaders were this and that, have respect for the entire population.

03/02/09 @ 01:40
Comment from: [Member]

Halafi and Agam,
This is the most appropriate place for you tribal sickos to start talking and for us to listen. don’t you think so? Tell us how and why Ras Alula was dead? Who killed him, and for what reasons, and hopefully you may able to answer why Minilek was “hurried” to call it over before reaching the Red Sea. Minilek……eh, such a wise politician he was!

03/02/09 @ 01:52
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

In Eritrean history books, Alula is the most cunning (conman)lier, thief, woro bella, bac stubbing Aigame chief ever.
Does any Ethiopian know the history of Alula how he betrayed Ras Weldemichael? He lured him to Tigray by inviting him as a friend and got him killed. But the fault was Ras Weldemichael’s. He refused to listen to his advisers that he should not trust Alula but weldemichael ignored the advise and went to visit alula and he got screwed. Well the same $h!t was about to happen during our generation but hey we out smarted the cunning tigrians this time and we still got our dignity and soverignity. >:XX

03/02/09 @ 03:11
Comment from: [Member]

Wedi alula [Visitor]

You are wrong, Ras Alula was the most praised Ethiopian hero in Addis Ababa.

03/02/09 @ 03:32
Comment from: facts [Visitor]

hey hey guys, don’t be tricked by outdated eritrean scam posting as Widi Alula. NO Tigray-ethiopian has that kind of opinion. we all know that Alula aba nega has always been celebrated in all parts of ethiopia.

ignore the desperate Id*ot.

03/02/09 @ 03:57
Comment from: cool [Visitor]

Well, this guy might not attend school so we pardon him if this is true but if he said knowing that we learnt a lot about Alula, he is stupid, hatreous.

He might not know Ababa Tesfay also.

Simply ignorance

03/02/09 @ 04:22
Comment from: choma [Visitor]

look. there is a reference for Ethiopian history. Ethiopia has only 100 years age. 3000 thing is a lie. in 1888, during Alula era, it used to called Absinia. Absinia, habesha comes from the word sem or sematic.
any way, We will didvided ethiopia in to different elements.

03/02/09 @ 04:46

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