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The US Ambassador was right on Eritrea



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The US Ambassador was right on Eritrea

The US Ambassador was right on Eritrea

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

Last week, a number of Internet websites carried a call from Al-Qaeda's leader, Osama bin Laden, for Somalis to stage an “Islamic” uprising to topple Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. His statement seems to have been an attempt to encourage greater support for the extremist Al-Shabaab opposition group in Somalia following a number of defeats inflicted on Al-Shabaab by other Islamic groups and supporters of the Somali government, notably Ahlu-Sunna wal-Jama'aa, and some demonstrations against Al-Shabaab in towns which it currently controls, like Baidoa. It also underlined Al-Qaeda 's continuing interest in Somalia even though it is clear that, politically, there is far more general support for President Sheikh Sharif's policies of peace and reconciliation than for Al-Shabaab's continued insistence on war and conflict. Bin Laden's statement followed an interview given by Al-Shabaab's spokesman in Somalia, Sheikh Muktar Robow 'Abu Mansur', to Al Jazeera last week in which he reiterated that Al-Shabaab had foreigners in its ranks and had connections with Al-Qaeda as well as a common goal to establish Islamic law in Muslim societies. He took the opportunity to welcome Al-Qaeda's support and denounced President Sheikh Sharif as the leader of a “non-Muslim” government. Sheikh Muktar denied Al-Shabaab had links to the pirates, although there have been reports that some pirate groups pay a percentage to Al-Shabaab. He also denied Al-Shabaab assassinated opponents. Last week, according to Ahlu-Sunna wal-Jama'aa, two of its own religious leaders were captured by Al-Shabaab en route to hospital, and immediately beheaded.

Al-Qaeda's call for the overthrow of President Sheikh Sharif has been echoed by the Government of Eritrea. In a statement last weekend (“Mere Dreams and Obstructionists”), the Eritrean Foreign Ministry spoke of the “externally master-minded puppet government that changes colours now and again in a bid to prevent the Somali people from reconstituting the nation”. As in a series of other statements, including its “Focus on Somalia” last month, the Eritrean ministry claimed putting an end to external interference is a pre-condition for Somali restructuring. It presumably does not include its own admitted Eritrean interference which includes support for both Al-Shabaab, sent through Kismayo, and for the Asmara-based opposition fragment led by Sheikh Hassan Dahir 'Aweys'. Like Al-Shabaab, and indeed Al-Qaeda, Eritrea also argues that any other external forces deployed in Somalia “under the pretext of a peace-keeping mission” should be gotten rid of. AMISOM is, of course, the only such force currently deployed in Somalia. Equally, again like Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda, Eritrea is dismissive of President Sheikh Sharif’s talking about “futile attempts or conspiracies resorted to under the guise of reconciliation”. These are classified as no more than “political balloons” apparently put in place for the benefit of “foreign agendas”, by which Eritrea, of course, means Ethiopia. Eritrea's desperate efforts to denigrate Ethiopia would scarcely be worth bothering about, but it is regrettable that Eritrea is prepared to link up with known terrorist organizations in its attempt to smear Ethiopia, and tragic that it is prepared to try and destroy the possibilities of peace in Somalia for the same end. Eritrea has no genuine national or security concerns in Somalia and all its spoiling efforts, and its connections with organizations like Al-Shabaab and others, can do no more than damage the chance of peace and reconciliation in Somalia.

In this regard, the US Representative at the Security Council meeting on the 20th of March, 2009, Ambassador Rosemary Dicarlo was absolutely right when she made the remark, even if long overdue, that “…Eritrea continues to provide financial, logistical, and political backing to Al Shabab and other extremists and has issued a formal statement rejecting the new Somali government. We condemn these actions by Al Shabab and Eritrea: they serve only to prolong the conflict in Somalia, and they can no longer be tolerated.”


Comment from: Nati [Visitor]

Since when has Nazret become echochamber for the weyane government. ?

03/31/09 @ 18:15
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]

WoW! Propaganda in its finest form.


So we are supposed to believe the country (Ethiopia) currently involved in a war with Somalia about how to solve Somali’s problems…..

03/31/09 @ 21:24
Comment from: DG [Visitor]
DG u saying meles is solving somalian probs, and esaias is a right hand to benladin …one word “whaeva” next article pls

04/01/09 @ 07:51


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