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Comment from: Aba Kurat [Visitor]
Aba Kurat

He deserves this kind of respect as he is the father of Ethiopian music.

04/23/09 @ 11:10
Comment from: ZD [Visitor]

Why death cannot be dead, at least for your sake?
“Mot Enkuan Chekene”

04/23/09 @ 11:16
Comment from: Cubaya [Visitor]

Bible say, “ If you lose someone you love, you have to pray for his soul forgiveness Every night “.
Tilahun shall will stay in heaven

04/23/09 @ 11:16
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

God Bless Tilahun!

I am humbled to see Ethiopian multitude came out to say ‘good bye’ to their beloved singer and citizen.

I am humbled to see the state to organize a state funeral, to one of Ethiopia’s most respected sons!

Thanks to all Ethiopian for mourning together!

United we win!

Oh God, Give strength to Tilahun’s family!
The memory of Tilahun will live on!


04/23/09 @ 11:23
Comment from: Aschillegn [Visitor]

Farewell my BELOVED!

It is in deed a sad day. Rest in Peace Tilie!!!

Your voice will live forever in our hearts.

May God Put Your Soul next to all the Tsadkanas!!

04/23/09 @ 11:28
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
Shewa Anbessa

Of all his songs..these are the best in the life of millions Ethiopians and me.

1 Hulumbe hager new
2 ye 13 wer tsega
3 ye hiwpte hiwot
Arbi hinchesu hin dabatamale shole yenach tela (2x)

Ani sindesu nabadame shole…..
mekot as shagee yaa Walaladama.
6 Web abeba
7 Monaliza
8 Mewdeden lingerish
9 Salamaka
10 Japanawan wedije
11 Felige Asfeliga and much more

May God rest your soul in peace ! Dear Honuorabil Dr .Tilahun Gessesse
and we will thank God about you !

My condolence to his family and people of Ethiopia.


04/23/09 @ 11:29
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi

When you do the right thing for your people and country, the country is always behind you regardless of religion and ethnic groups. I hope our PM learns from this outpouring love and respect to Tilahun Gessesse.

Tilahun Gessess became default hero of Ethiopia due to the lack of true Ethiopian hero leaders to navigate from the problems Ethiopia is in.

04/23/09 @ 11:30
Comment from: tiyobst [Visitor]

he was such a wonderful man
i feel deeply sad. May his soul rest in peace what can we do more there is turn for all of us .
My heart goes on to his friend and his family at this very sad time

04/23/09 @ 11:31
Comment from: Abeba Teshale [Visitor]
Abeba Teshale

I wish I was there attending the funeral of the legendary Tilahun Gessese with my people! I respectfully bow down to the car that carries his body even if I am far away from that place…

04/23/09 @ 11:32
Comment from: HANN [Visitor]

ENA should not have referred to The Washington Post. The reporter who wrote in The Washington Post is amazingly ignorant of what Tilahune means to us and the abilities of Tilahune. The ENA reporter should have seen the comments made by the Ethiopians there.

04/23/09 @ 11:42
Comment from: Jegna [Visitor]

RIP Ethiopia’s Frank Sinatra!

04/23/09 @ 11:44
Comment from: Jam [Visitor]

leave your condolence message

04/23/09 @ 12:03
Comment from: a.t. [Visitor]

Rest in PEACE!

04/23/09 @ 12:04
Comment from: wondu gizaw [Visitor]
wondu gizaw

my hero the people hero your the real ethiopian ever live feed the poor stand for ur people in evrey front any person can say ethiopia meant you my hero RIP

04/23/09 @ 12:06
Comment from: AGB [Visitor]

Tilahun cannot be forgotten by us.
He has served his nation for five decades in three different regimes facing diffuclt situations.
In fact, it wont be an exagerration to call him a hero of Ethiopia !

04/23/09 @ 12:06

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