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Comment from: Sol! [Visitor]

That is not the failure student but the EPRDF training policy. The same will be true for University graduates. EPRDF should examine its policies and make a discussion with stake holders: community, firms, students, teachers’, policy makers…that what should be done and their opnion should be included in policy making. Education is a base for dev’t. However, EPRDF did it alone. Now, what would be the solution. Examine your failed policy and plan for future!

05/18/09 @ 12:12
Comment from: Tekulaw [Visitor]

To whoever knows the answer,

I have heard long time ago that there is not such thing as grade 10+2 curriuclum in Tigray. I mean Region 2(Tigray) still follows the old curriculm of Ethiopia. Is that true or am I misled?

Shame on the results anyway? But I think that was the case back then when I graduated from highschool. Less that 5% passed the ESCLE to make their way to the Universties/college(of course, I was one of them :) )? So, after all talks and propoganda by TPLF, there is little, if not none, change(at least aparently) to the education system in improving students understanding of subject.

Peace y’all!

05/18/09 @ 17:12
Comment from: Theodros M. [Visitor]
Theodros M.


I have heard the same thing as well. I try not to belive it, but, with this fact of 9 out 10 students failing this exam, I belive it. To me it is really sad but there is nothing we can do about it. The policy of dumming down the other population seem to be working. May God help us all.


05/19/09 @ 02:33
Comment from: Eshetu [Visitor]

The article is meaningless as it does not give comparison with past exam results. Pass rates have been historically poor and will continue to remain poor with growing student class size, and teachers struggling academically and financially.

05/19/09 @ 04:57
Comment from: james [Visitor]

I read this news two years ago and did not believe then. Here is it. It was Oromo community who raised it. It is sad we all are in the same boat.

“{They’re} moving beyond political repression into a much more subtle way to disenfranchise the entire community,” says Garnet Mackenzie. “{They’re} limiting people’s ability to go to school, not allowing Oromo people to go into secondary school – to cut the knees off the intellectual class of Oromo living in Ethiopia.”

… there are two separate education systems in Ethiopia. People of ethnicities favored by the government go to better schools and onto college, leading to good jobs and leadership positions. If you’re Oromo, he says, it’s difficult to get beyond the 10th grade and the government regularly expels Oromo students from universities.

05/19/09 @ 05:55
Comment from: ABCD Dumb Boy [Visitor]
ABCD Dumb Boy

Why is this a surprise, even Our University Graduates are not the brightest Apples in the Bunch!!

The Ethiopian educational system is crap and just helps keep the Woyane in power as they just produce Dumb Graduates ever year.

Imagine University Graduates who can’t speak a world of English then they all run to Middle east to become Maids ???

05/19/09 @ 22:28
Comment from: Beniamin [Visitor]

I believe that the Ethiopian government could do something about it. The exam has two parts the practical and the theoretical and most failed both.
The government should evaluate the private and its own colleges. This is a shame for all of us!!

05/21/09 @ 02:37
Comment from: bekkele [Visitor]

this is shame but they can not do anyth thing with the current president .he knows w
hat he is doing please
don’t blame all tigray people or be smart instead of blaming woyane.

05/21/09 @ 06:07
Comment from: debebe yesuf [Visitor]
debebe yesuf

hi people don’t blame woyene try to work hard and don’t keep plame tigrayi they work hard for it.

05/21/09 @ 06:12
Comment from: Tulu [Visitor]

Why wonder!!
This is the result of a deliberate policy of implementing educational apartheid on Ethiopians by the wretched, terrorist, and murderous TPLF. This is only one of their diabolic plans. More will follow until they are dealt with for good by Ethiopians from East to west and from North to South. The critical question is how long should this crime continue? When are we going to say enough?

05/21/09 @ 18:03
Comment from: ben [Visitor]

dear dumb boy
even ur name show how dumb ur . what do u mean by calling the students r dumb…when do u learn to speak english after u ran to where ever it is to become a valet boy….dont open ur mouth to diss the student…

05/23/09 @ 15:30

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