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Ethiopia - Pension law enacted without significant amendment



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Ethiopia - Pension law enacted without significant amendment

Ethiopia - Pension law enacted without significant amendment

By Bruck Shewareged

Opposition MPs were dismayed on Tuesday when the draft Public Servants' Pensions Proclamation was tabled for endorsement.

The cause of their dismay, according to them, was the fact the draft law, which was referred to Parliament's Social Affairs Standing Committee several months ago, came back to the floor for voting with no significant change.

First Lady Azeb Mesfin, Chair of the Social Affairs Standing Committee, while presenting the motion to adopt the law said that the enactment of the law was essential to deal with those deemed to be "excessive labour force" in light of the ongoing restructuring that government institutions were going through.

The law stipulates that any public servant with 25 years of service and who has attained the age of 50 years is entitled to a pension benefit for life.

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