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Comment from: Sol! [Visitor]

Good job!
The name given to monument would erect at the square also an indication of a close tie between nation and natinalities existing under the umberella of Ethiopia….I wish a strong solidarity for our mother land strong than ever!

06/01/09 @ 01:11
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

I had used this road for many years, and whenever I found myself at this crossroad, I always had a shiver down my spine, because one did not know what to avoid; the cars that come from all directions, the train or the overloaded poor old donkeys.
It is commendable that such a big developmental project has been accomplished and it remains for citizens to learn to use it properly.
Acquisition of driving licenses should be strict, as too many car accidents take place in Ethiopia, compared to the number of cars in our roads. Of course, the condition of roads in Ethiopia is important, but the training and the respect car drivers give to the rules and regulations is vital.

06/01/09 @ 01:33
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Amazing Gotera Bridge. I have nothing to say but I would like to mention a simple facts here. Those who day light parking lot thief robbery can talk they way they want about the government at their near by starbuck coffee shops. Nevertheless Those kind of people either they are hurting our country nor they are uneducated stupid who unable to see the bright future of Ethiopia.

Since Gotera Bridge started constructions, I went to Addis and saw it twice. I know the reality on the ground was but never mind. Simply God bless those whom pay their priouse life to bring this kind bright future to the Ethiopian people for the first time in history.

I am so glad to see my capital city with this kind of massive huge bridge constructed in my city. I was watching and amazed when I saw a huge bridge in north America, but never dream would happen something like that in my own country.

Indeed God bless EPRDF and those who pay their unrecovery life.Yeha

06/01/09 @ 01:36
Comment from: mestawut [Visitor]

i love the report.

06/01/09 @ 01:46
Comment from: abera [Visitor]

wer ke 15 qen linchachu

06/01/09 @ 02:09
Comment from: hailu [Visitor]

tha only word i have is… wooooooow:

06/01/09 @ 02:37
Comment from: mekelle [Visitor]

To all those parking lot attendants and taxi drivers of DC, eat your heart out!! Ethiopia is embarking on a point of NO return journey. EPRDF has exhibited time and again the descipline and the ethics of hard work with a proven result. EPRDF brought up so many socio-economic change to the country in less than two decades in power, think about how many centuries Ethiopia wested with small minded leaders ? Ethiopia was burried so deep in backwardness it was an upheavel task for all ethiopians to bring her out.

God indeed loves Ethiopia! EPRDF was the right antidote that Ethiopia was looking for to bring her out of her misery, and EPRDF is doing exactly that. PM has said it best: Poverty is our main enemy!

Those parking lot attendants and taxi drivers obviously has nothing to contribute to Ethiopia’s future success. They wested their time and now they want to rewind the time back to old days in ethiopia, but little did they know that Ethiopians are looking for tangible result not empty rhetorical zeraf talking.

06/01/09 @ 02:46
Comment from: Tigist [Visitor]

Well, well one very important fact all weyannes need to know is that when God created human beings, he created them with freedom of thinking and expression of themselves. Now, in Ethiopia the stupid weyannes try to limit these very basic human rights of the Ethiopian people. What Meles and his fellow weyannes trying to do is against a natural law. It is not going to work for them for long. Just because the Gotera exchange being built, we won’t forget the struggle for our rights. The sooner we come to the truth the better, otherwise we all west a lot of life, money, energy and time to come to the common ground. If we Ethiopians were free people, we could have done way better than just building a road. Unfortunately, there are primitives among us, who don’t even understand the basic right of every human being.

06/01/09 @ 02:46
Comment from: Qorqoro [Visitor]

Also Masqel Square is re-named to Nation and Nationalities and Peoples Square

06/01/09 @ 02:50
Comment from: kokeb [Visitor]

Thank you for the hard working ethiopian engineers, labourers, brick layers, deep diggers,mud restlers,concret mixers,planners & further more,under paid people who built all these and still working day and night to built lovely ethiopia regardeless is the burden and mis-function of WEYANE-RETARDS with the demonic, backward, un-civilaized,foggy,primative,mixed up race to the point couldn’t figure out the source of their roots and belonging, double faced eritrean/so-called ethiopian, by mouth, but eritrean by heart are working hard and uses all means to destroy ethiopia.


THE 2-BASTARD eritreans should be shoot ASAP before causing more trouble!!

PEOPLE walk up!!

CHEATED TEGREANS WALK UP & stop being the decoy of these ERITREAN faggots!

06/01/09 @ 02:53
Comment from: Ethiopiaye, yi,yi,yi,yeeeeeee [Visitor]
Ethiopiaye, yi,yi,yi,yeeeeeee

abera [Visitor]

I agree with you;) Ethiopians are making Some noise about SOME achievement instead of dreaming about Singapore, Aygermim:?: just ignore them and Keep basking in Maswa sun. who knows the next cargo ship you hijack might be full of Singaporeans instead of diseased Australian sheep. keep trying your luck! Gimatam shabia!

God bless ethiopia and thank you nazret for making my day.
this is just a fraction of what ethiopai can do.

06/01/09 @ 03:06
Comment from: [Member]

The road looks good and useful therefore, i blame Meles.

Blaming Meles or the governmant is my political coulture, it also makes me feel strong, intelligent and nationalist.

06/01/09 @ 04:04
Comment from: Eebbaa [Visitor]

A free Ethiopia can build hundreds of these kind over a year, NOT 18. By the way, there’s nothing Woyane did here. Woyane ruins millions of lives (HUMAN BEINGS) while trying to show up like building roads. That sacks! Woyane cannot think more than that. The wise will rather build the human capita; LOVE OF NATION!

06/01/09 @ 04:29
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

This interchange will make traffic a lot easier for the wider public.

This is good for all ethiopia people….

06/01/09 @ 04:48
Comment from: hammere [Visitor]

Anchi quchach. It is people like you who have been the impediment of the progress of this country. What we simply need to do to people like you is spray antiseptic chemicals so that Ethiopia will nevr has any vermin.
Got it?

06/01/09 @ 06:01

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