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Comment from: Aksum [Visitor]

I was very suspicious that the Abune was doing this as a distruction to the current global news that was going around Ethiopia and particularly the PM.

Perhaps, this was afterall another political game by the Abune

06/26/09 @ 16:11
Comment from: Aden1 [Visitor]

Recommend comment on the video after thoroughly viewing all the videos. I believe the videos may not be short of politics as well.

I confess that I skimmed through it as much as I could through all the six in 5 minutes, and it is not fair for those well intentioned narrators and researchers to make a conclusion.

Please take your time to view all the videos and make a balance comment or judgment on the intention of some others.

I hope to return to it long term as time allows.
Now that I am reading the above, I still believe, big time team politics has played out. This news will not end here.

06/26/09 @ 16:14
Comment from: peace [Visitor]

Is Weyane trying to discredit the its government as well as Ethiopians? Or When Abuna went to Italy he had some agenda to accomplish with Weyane and this news was to distract? Who knows how Weyane’s mind work. It is definitely money

06/26/09 @ 16:18
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

I think the Ark of the Covenant is performing its miracle by confusing the languages of the reporters involved in these ecclesiastical affairs. So, Aba Paulos has stopped revealing the Ark of the Covenant to the world.

06/26/09 @ 16:22
Comment from: [Member]

I am sad of this news as i was expecting to hear the final answer to the mystery.

Than for how long is Ethiopia going keep the world wondering about it?

I think Ethiopia alrady bear the burden of proof and have the responsiblity to tell the truth without causing harm both to the Arc and the faith that keept it for such a long time if it is a true story.

06/26/09 @ 16:25
Comment from: axumawi [Visitor]

I am born in axum and I was always dreaming to see the ark and to proof if the ark of covenant is in “muse ze tsilat". For how long should be the belivers accept the mystery eventhough it is possible to show the public so that trust to EOTC will be strong.
I was expecting with ambtition to hear but it is pity not be done.
To Nazret:
But actually, only two person
1. the guy who grow up inside in muse ze tsilat
2. Patriach of Ethiopia
are allowed to enter the church.
So If it exists then we can believe Abune Paulos.
Long live ethiopia!

[Thank you for the clarification, I was under the impression that only the ‘guardian’ priest at the church can see it.]

06/26/09 @ 16:44
Comment from: woyane hunter [Visitor]
woyane  hunter

Ethiopians watch out for this LEBA GUY.:>:crazy:

06/26/09 @ 16:48
Comment from: fugera likom newe [Visitor]
fugera likom newe

You fool peoples there is no ARC its some sort of jok which contineu to decive peoples. if anyone beleive in this myth then be fooled. even there is its just a peace of metal that is all. please Orthodox church and its follower have some mind to think and stop foolishnes. what kind of brain you have that is why we are driven to hunger becaus you guys dont change. chang please there is nothing in Axum.

06/26/09 @ 17:14
Comment from: fugera likom newe [Visitor]
fugera likom newe

All Ethiopian farmers have been fooled for centuries by telling them there is arc of the covenant in fact there is non in axum. The Orthodx Church is fooling the people of this poor country by claiming a lot of cheap propaganda. even there is an arc the coptic church from Egypt might took it while they were leadin g the church for centuries. However for howlong that lies go on? please those in the waste yor brain and your Ass are the same produced dirt. go on smail your cofee wake up. if there were such thing it would have been reviled long ago but there is nothing. anyway this days tabota can be produced in chaina as well as Gondor …so dont worry

06/26/09 @ 17:24
Comment from: sanjaw [Visitor]

I don’t think we have the Ark,becouse during babilonians war totally destroyed with the templ please we should read the holy bible. If we have it,we ( Ethiopian )sholud see it.We are leving in New Testement genaration.This time our Ark & tample is our heart,this days we worship him by sprit. Please, show us ARK.

06/26/09 @ 17:30
Comment from: Nasir Kemal [Visitor]
Nasir Kemal

I am sure those who kept it hidden for centuries had a good reason of their own to keep it as such.

I am sure there is a culture that implies that something kept from the public eyes will be endeared and valuable to those who want to dream about it. There are many things in the world on the ability of the common man that keeps a thing secretive and more important when it is hidden - like love.

When I read about this I thought some one is trying to play business - to commercialize the existance of ‘the Arc ‘ that is allegedly Menelik - Solomons’s son out of wed lock brought to the country with out the knowledge of his father the king and from that time own the priests of the ancient time were standing gurard on it and this was taken over by the latest faith group who inherited three generations of faith - a bit of Judaism, some of the rutuals before Christianity and the one before that.

This makes the Ethiopian Orthodox Church following special. Very different from thei other Orthodox Coptic Christians in Egypt or in Russia, in general East Europe.
I do not know if that is good or bad thing.

I do not thing it is a good thing, though to commercialize a symbol of faith like what has happened with the Christmass holiday . It became more of target of profit making rather than a token of worship.

I say “bravo” to Aba Paulos for not exposing the hidden jewel and stay out of poletics because its no good for “man of God” to mess up in poletics because poletics is the art of manipulation.

Have a good week end all.


06/26/09 @ 17:33
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

What a relief? Probably the ark itself is doing its miracle. The display would have been the biggest mistake woyane has done similar to the loss of Assab. It looked like these guys were undoing Ethiopia altogether. I thought no matter what difference we may have in politics, or material gains, when it comes to our beliefs, respect to our churches, tabots tsilats, history, we should not have one. I still believe that the news was true but probably the decision was reversed by getting some advices from their own christian elders.

It is amazing some were happy to display this treasure very much connected to the history of the nation itself and keep it on garage sale like their mom’s used underwear. Some ignorant suggest this treasure belongs to certain tribe and said they can do whatever they like with it. This Ark and Ethiopia had low and high points in their history. Many have sacrificed themselves to protect it from so many enemies of Ethiopia from Jew, Muslims, Christians, pagans etc.

Ethiopia and the ark with mysterious history have existed until now passing so many up and dawns thanks to our ancestors who believe the ark itself as the guardian for Ethiopia.

I wouldn’t be surprised if few fellow Ethiopians disrespect the history of the nation itself and its values, and believes because even a wheat field has so many weeds I see them as weeds. It is a miracle the weeds are ashamed now and the believers rejoice that the tsilat will remain sacred.

06/26/09 @ 17:54
Comment from: [Member]

Assta B.Gettu(Respectfully)

What a Guy!!!

Just after Woyane took power & Tamerat Layne’s bellicose exhortations of Ethnic divide, Muslims in Harar demanded the Orthodox Church which is 200 yards from the Grand Mosque including the Ras Mekonnen Statue be removed. Less than 24 hours thunder storm came & the Mosque was hit by Lightening lost its Crescent portion of its tops. Controversy melted miracle saved my church where I was baptized. You are right, all these chaos & confusion might be the power of the Ark of the Covenant it self. Who knows? Thanks.

06/26/09 @ 17:54
Comment from: cybercomic [Visitor]

it is really a cap to believe this guy…he hasn’t even have a support from the real orthodox ppl in Ethiopia.
and Google translation is not perfect …i am using it for my everyday life and i have been writing for the google stuff to do something…anyways, for those who belive it was a creepy news .

06/26/09 @ 18:02
Comment from: Abebe Gomoro [Visitor]
Abebe Gomoro

The claim that the Arc of the covenant is present on the Ethiopian soil is merely a fictitious drama that has been orchestrated and carefully designed by the Abyssinian Orthodox church priests and monarchial rulers for the past several centuries so that to attract the world’s spiritual and political attentions toward the empire state.

According to the Abeshas fallacious narrates, the Arc of the covenant was allegedly awarded to “Menelik the first” by King Solomon along with several men and women servants. As to Abeshas, Menelik believed to descend from the queen of Sheba.

Regarding to this fabrication, first of all, there is no any document that proves the queen of Sheba was originated from Ethiopia. According to the Holy Bible, the queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in Jerusalem travelling from “far East”. A country east to Jerusalem could be any one of the present Arab states; most likely the present Yemen. Secondly, King Solomon did live nearly 1000 years before Christ, whereas the greatest Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and all treasures and wealth of the temple were looted during the Prophet Jeremiah, nearly 500 years after the death of King Solomon. In the Bible clearly and unambiguously stated that the treasures including the Arc of the covenant was destroyed and looted by the Babylonian soldiers from the North.

Thus, the claim that the Arc of the covenant is being veiled somewhere in Ethiopia is just a fabricated story that has nothing to do with the original Arc of the covenant.

06/26/09 @ 18:15

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