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Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ethiopia may have many well-trained doctors, nurses, and a lot of medicines, but without effective transportation system, the poor Ethiopian peasants never get the benefits of modern technology and education. The Ethiopian government should prioritize its expenditure. The Amhara region, especially Wollo, has been neglected for a long time by the Emperor, Mengistu, and by Meles Zenawi. When Wollo was hit by that severe famine in the 1970s, no government officials came to its rescue; in fact, the government purposely denied that the famine existed in Wollo. I saw in my own eyes hundreds of people of Wollo, abandoning their villages, and going anywhere without knowing where they were going to. I will never forget those little kids who could not catch up with the old ones as they walk with their bare feet, and when I asked the old ones where they were going to, they did not know their destination. It was sad then, and it is now; may be a little bit better than before.

07/31/09 @ 01:37
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

One of the danger of ethnic politics is that resources will not be shared appropriately, priorities may tilt only to the ruling only, neglect kill people. That was why we reject not to implement ethnic politics in Ethiopia.

I would not agree at this stage to suggest deliberate act however, neglect is as bad as puropsely hurting people.

I thought vaccination was mandatory in Ethiopia. It used to be for every child long before the incidence of the disease. That country has gone backward for many years within this two decades.

07/31/09 @ 01:52
Comment from: brook [Visitor]

r u serious how cute stupid u r meningitis with TPLF!

07/31/09 @ 02:03
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Are these newly confirmed cases and the deaths or are we still talking what has already been reported? If not, what ethnic region did the other 150 affected and 18 deaths came from when the last report was posted?

Amharar Saynt as in Satan,

I don’t thing you have the login sense to understand the topic. Instead of trying to paint it on the government, you should do little more reading. Read the entire article as it states clearly Meningitis was the caused and nothing else about politics. You can try to twist and blame anyone but the meningitis disease does not discriminate as otherwise you suggested. If you know what I mean, if not you should ask your doctor and get little info regarding such disease. What is important is that the healthy ministry (from what we are reading) is trying to control the disease by vaccinating as many people as possible in the area where the outbreak is happening! Yet at the same time let us hope it will be eliminated soon and we don’t have to hear more death of our poor people.

I suspect this is the same topic we have discussed about before here at nazret.com. In fact, it was reported almost identically at first then we heard the UN humanitarian not known what the disease was, and final now, we are back to that same old report.

07/31/09 @ 02:39
Comment from: Merto Lemariam [Visitor]
Merto Lemariam

The reason why the Amhara region has the lowest Number of Ethnic groups (3 Ethnic groups namely Amhara, Agew and Oromo) is that because of its natural/historical territories are taken away by force and became part of other illegally and unlawfully woyane created regions.

Tigry region has 8 Ethnic groups. Namely Tigrian, Amhara, Agew, Oromo, Irob, Afar, Kunama and Tigre. Yet, when they are telling us about this dead region based on their fake/political motivated censor, the Number of the Tigrians are too huge, which is a total lie.

Oromo Region has more than 65 Ethnic groups.
Southern region has more than 54
Gambella has 6
Beshangul has 7 and the rest has similar numbers.

Amhara region?

What is it? It is a woyane/insect dirty job particularly to affect the Amharas that are the centre of the nation (Highlands of Ethiopia).

There is no Amhara region that is created by enemies with less than half of its actual territory.

Where is Humera, Welqit, Tegede, Telmet, Alem Wuha Zuria and many others territories surrounding the Tribalist woyane created so called the Amhara region?

These bastard woyanes have made/making lots of mistakes no one would accept and tolerate. The Amhara region is the number one spot in the hole of Africa/one of the few in the world getting the highest and longest tropical rain falls. 1200 permanent and 2000 seasonal rivers are pouring to the Abay. 43 rivers are poring to the Tana. 90% Tekeze river in Tigry comes from the Amhara region. Many rivers are pouring to Awash. In This region especially in the valleys, you can get fresh water with in a meter digging. During August-November we call it “the valley is crying.” Because the water comes out by itself all over the valleys during this periods.

The amount of the Tana Fresh water is more than the Entire English fresh water wealth. Because of the highland, hills, valleys, marshland and so on, this region is the best place to produce anything including having dams an easy way and producing hydroelectric with in short period and low cost. The yearly temperature is between 18-26 degree. This is the best place to live, work and make the best living.

Yet, these bastard woyanes are complicating the situation to stop any progress there. This region is contributing up to 95% Nile water in Egypt. Yet, they are working with Egypt secretly and openly for their advantage to stay in power on one side by cooperation with Egypt/Arabs to prolong the Nile basin agreement for the Egypt interest. On the other hand they are telling the Egyptians if you are not helping us as you did in the past, the Amharas and others will take power and they will use the water for the Ethiopian benefit at your cost.

We know these bastard woyanes satanic tactic. They would do anything against the rest of Ethiopia in order they could stay on power. If not, the Nile basin agreement that Ethiopia has at leas 85% mandate, would be agreed long a go for her benefit.

07/31/09 @ 03:03
Comment from: Ayeresu [Visitor]

The Amhara population is diminishing indeed, despite the thousands and thousands of Amhara immigration from the now called Oromia region, and other regions thanks to TPLF (and its former collaborator OLF who was later was decimated by TPLF). Specially that evil man called Tamirat Layne.

There are countless abuses of the Amhara – though for some it are the Amhara themselves to blame. For instance, participating in that evil TPLF-EPLF war for that worthless piece of land its name I don’t remember.

07/31/09 @ 03:57
Comment from: doggy [Visitor]

what census is needed to to prove that , i see that you are non sense to give this comment , silly!!!

07/31/09 @ 05:15
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

Amhara Saynt,

Who’s killing your people ? I want to say you are either an Eritrean, a Somali or you can even be one of those loud mouth diaspora, but Ethiopians are united in diversity morethan ever. Your purported shear fantasy is a mere intution of you sychological state that clearly shows how desperately you need a Psychiatrist consult.

07/31/09 @ 05:23
Comment from: Analyzer [Visitor]

Nazret, How come you allow post like Amhara Saynt, yet you delete post that consist of reason and logic? Is this going to be deleted also?

Dont thoose that complain in the opposition have a resposibility to act like intelligent and logic persons. This mud throwing at every news and twisting to fit toward an argument against the administration is more like a american republican party strategy. Seriously if how they act now, imagine when they are in power. Ask yourself who will you place your vote on? The steady development we are having or this crazy ass debaters who even cannot debate without resorting to lies and distortion. Ask yourself?

07/31/09 @ 05:33
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

amhara saint,

don’t you think this is a conspiracy theory?

regarding the decreasing number of some Ethiopian population - if true that is a concern to all of us - the cause for the dwindling of the statistics must be seen some where else.

The committee chairwoman who led this Yehizib Kotera - new Eth. population figure - although struggling but answered to the parliamentarians as to why the Population of some ethnic groups has not grown - including the Addis inhabitants…

07/31/09 @ 06:36
Comment from: berero [Visitor]

Amhara Saynt,

What kind of Statistics is that? 4 million Amharas died. Weregna !!! By z way, they might changed there ethnicity to Weyane? You know may be? Check that out !!! You seem very good in sampling or Mathematics.

07/31/09 @ 08:07
Comment from: ab [Visitor]

the government must step up to tackle this kind of issues,thats why we all british people give aid to ethiopia.i will expect this matter will be dealt asap. brian(from England)

07/31/09 @ 09:27
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

I think the government has to work hard to control this disease before started killing so many people. I rememebered in years a go how many people were died including my own brother by this very dangerous disease.I hope the effective Amhara region will be out of this mass soon and people stay healthy as well.

Amhara Saynt:
what are you talking about? what has to do TPLF with this stupid disease like you. You peope always if you see disease in Ethiopia connected with TPLF. If you see bank robbery in Ethiopia connected with TPLF. If you see terrorist attack in Ethiopia connected with TPLF. If you see good things done by the government in Ethiopia TPLF doesn’t do a thing but it creates it own etc.

What a loser people. Stop aligned everything with TPLF. Remember, TPLF is your master and you are under TPLF rule believe or not.If you don’t agree with me then there is nothing I can tell you but you will see the reality on the ground.You don’t have no choice but live under your master rule.

We will rule and rulling forever. Tegbaben alekaye? hope so.


07/31/09 @ 10:20
Comment from: MONGOBIYA [Visitor]

Dear nazret.com,
Its very funny why always out break of epidemic kills 18 patients in different regions?maybe duplication of the same news?
I wait to hear from you

07/31/09 @ 10:21
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Selam brother Z-Mike,
kemi haderka? I like your comment as always. Stay cool bro and continue your fairness comments about our country. More power to the people who deserve it at the most.

Thank you bro and have a nice day.Becareful from the heat wave of the day, wherever you are. Yeha

07/31/09 @ 10:26

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