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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi confers with Thabo Mbeki



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Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi confers with Thabo Mbeki

Ethiopia - Meles commends AUPD for relentless efforts toward resolving existing Darfur crisis

Source: ENA

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi commends the African Union’s High-level Panel on Darfur (AUPD) for its relentless efforts toward bringing about a lasting solution for the existing crisis in Darfur, the Sudan.

Meles also reaffirmed Ethiopia’s firm stand in supporting efforts geared toward ensuring a lasting peace and stability in the Darfur region.

The premier made the remark here on Thursday after AUPD leaders, the Former South African President, :roll: and the Ex-President of Burundi, Pierre Buyoya, gave briefings to Meles on the prevailing situations in Darfur.

Meles said Ethiopia and other neighboring countries of the Sudan remain desirous to support on-going efforts in providing a lasting solution to the crisis in the Darfur region.

The premier also expressed his belief that the relentless efforts of the AUPD will bring about the desired objective in the near future, according to the senior government official who attended the briefing.

AUPD leaders told Meles that encouraging results have been witnessed in resolving the crisis in Darfur, especially in respecting the human rights of the people living in the region.

AUPD leaders also reiterated to Meles that the Panel has held series of discussions with internal and external forces with a view to resolving the crisis in Darfur in a sustainable manner.

For instance, they said, AUPD has so far held discussions with the neighboring countries of the Sudan, Sudanese Government, armed forces, political parties, and Arab tribes in the Sudan as well as with the UN/AU Hybrid Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur and the international community.

AUPD will be presenting a comprehensive report to the AU Peace and Security Council on the on-going peace and reconciliation process in Darfur, the Sudan within a month.

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