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Comment from: AMORAW [Visitor]

It is a great way to promoting boxing sport in the country,besides its great purpose of fund raising for the AIDS victims in Ethiopia.
Sammy good job ,I know you’ve worked hard to get here.it is not easy to bring a great fight like this to Ethiopia,especialy with such fighter the great Evander holyfield,
SAMMY you know what to do in the ring ,now you need more foot works,for that foot work you have to do more endurance training,running on high altitude like at ENTOTO & SULULTA.

09/15/09 @ 21:36
Comment from: THE TRUTH [Visitor]

Mr Moderator so you don’t like my comment about incompetent organisers etc it sounds like you are censoring not moderating resonable and factual comments and instead allowing dumb and stupid comments like AMORAW’s

[The issue is you are using multiple nick names]

09/16/09 @ 04:18
Comment from: [Member]

It’s an exibition fight right? so,its not like people are going to see someone getting knocked out? Holifild is heavy weight,and sammy is not. well anywayz, im sure people in Addis will have fun with it whenever it takes place

09/16/09 @ 05:57
Comment from: lema [Visitor]

he scared of Samson, old holy he’s ass will be kiked real good in Addis and he knows it. kkkkkkkkkkk

09/16/09 @ 14:08
Comment from: Bruke [Visitor]

wish him a good sparing

09/16/09 @ 14:45
Comment from: samu [Visitor]

I know that sami grows eating shiro it is hard for him to box.

09/16/09 @ 16:31
Comment from: shegaw [Visitor]

the problem is no one seems to come up with the money he is supposed to get paid !unless perhaps,rich weyanes and alamudin cough it up

09/16/09 @ 20:21
Comment from: henok [Visitor]

It looks like holyfield is waiting sami reta to be a heavy weight boxer after that they gone fight that is the only reason for the postpone.

09/17/09 @ 00:03
Comment from: THE TRUTH [Visitor]

It is unfortunate that in 2009 Nazret.com does not know that when on a college wifi people may use the same ISP so that logic that everybody in the same isp is the same person is very flawed, however you seem willing to turn a blind eye to racist abuse, threatening comments, hate speech, death threats or wishes etc all of which regularly appear on this site, and tend to pick sides on what comments you want to see here ie you prefer anti Govt comments, but abhor any comment that is anti Alamoudi’s strangle hold on our economy and does not worship or praise him etc how come you missed or did not report Beyonces canceled new year concert in Ethiopia? But Angelina Jollies trip to Ethiopia for 2 days is news? you also don’t like anybody questioning the regular fake news you cut and past from Capital newspaper which time and time has been proven to give fake news, billions of $$$$ in investments etc by the usual unknown people etc, but it is ok as you wish. Dumb uneducated comments seem to be what you prefer here, not hard hitting factual comments or questions and that is our problem we like to decive each other and boast endlessly to make us fell good . PEACE

09/19/09 @ 19:37
Comment from: [Member]

This boxing event has been canceled and rescheduled multiple times. How do you cancel an event two days after it was supposed to take place? It was announced that it would take place in Sept 11th to coincide with the Ethiopian New Year…nothing is said and done when the day came…

There is no official promotion of the event, a ticket purchase outlet…speaking of selling tickets there is no way this event can take place with money generated from tickets sales…unless that rich billionaire guy is involved or the government since they have been mentioned to have an interest in the event taking place…

Now they say OCT 30th but there no further information available. They claim it is gonna be rumble in the jungle all over again? please…Here is a promoter no one has heard of, a half assed website made by 8th grader…I guess wayane is waiting for more money from the world bank to finance this phony event… Wusha Wayanes!

There is no way money will be raised for AIDS charity by putting this even together…Just divert the money the wayane or that Saudi Billionaire ( not he’s not Ethiopian Billionaire) want waste paying a washed out 46 year boxer who is broke and desperate for money. They don’t care about the Ethiopian suffering with AIDS, it’s just a ploy.

09/21/09 @ 16:39

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