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Comment from: Big Deal [Visitor]
Big Deal

When the oldest highest learning institution is being led by a homosexual faggot things are sure to get ugly.

09/21/09 @ 11:11
Comment from: GooGoo [Visitor]

The main purpose of this new research is for the Homosexual Andreas Eshete to bury his lips deep inside his master’s butt. Here we have the main motive of this so called reform “Research produced in a newly-founded specialised research centres will be used to provide greater information in key areas of interest for the community, including promotion of peace, human rights, federalism and free press”

Nice words but the real purpose is to indenture the educated population to TPLF’s hegemony.

09/21/09 @ 11:50
Comment from: Lula [Visitor]

What the f*** are we talking about ? AAU has gone in a nose dive since the so called Prof.Enderias is appointed there as AAU president.No amount of BPR shit is gonna save it. You dont believe what am saying ? go to AAU web site and you will find out. Shame !

09/21/09 @ 11:51
Comment from: Where is the Lions! [Visitor]
Where is the Lions!

Nice work…keep the ormo students
in preson.
This is the best reforms for the
current elits.

09/21/09 @ 12:09
Comment from: Tekulaw [Visitor]

Nonsense. I read through the article hoping to get a detailed strategy as to how to achieve those goals. These are just ideas thrown without any reasnable way of execution. At some point, the article sates, the AAU adminstrators would like to bring “radical changes"; at another, they want AAU to be “the higher institution of Africa"; somewhere down the road, they would like to “expand research and development".

Theses are all wishful thinkings. Where is the detailed plan as to how you do those “radical changes". These are all nonsense to appeal the west to secure some sort of money and pretend to be committed to the development of education in Ethiopia. The fact of the matter is that educational develoment and enlightening of the mass is the last thing the Ethiopian government would like to see.I thought the whole education reform made in elementary and high school through the past decade were intended to systematically kill logic and critical thinking, and mentally enslave the Ethiopian people. Hope everyone agrees on this last claim of mine.


09/21/09 @ 13:12
Comment from: kibrom [Visitor]

” At the post graduate level, however, the university has a plan to increase student capacity. This will be done partly by reducing two year courses to one year, so freeing up teaching time within the selected departments.” Wow in Ethiopia, it is possible to get your ph.d or masters with in a year, unbelivable. This is a usuall gimmick of weyanne, quantity is beter than quality.

09/21/09 @ 13:20
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . .Reform? or Deform. . .:no::no::no:. . .sorry, im not impressed with this BS!!!!. . .

09/21/09 @ 15:39
Comment from: Kezkazaw Wolafen [Visitor]
Kezkazaw Wolafen

Hey guys, seriously, is Andreas Eshete Homosexual or just blind hatred? Good to know those club-TPLF guys before they spoil our entire society.

09/21/09 @ 22:09
Comment from: belay [Visitor]

Well done Professor Andreas. Many Ethiopian are supporting the reform process.

09/22/09 @ 03:29
Comment from: shekakiwoch [Visitor]

The last resort of idiots and retards like most who commented here is to try to degrade enlightened ones, like the great philosopher Andreas Eshete, dreaming to boost their egos, but all in vain!!! Hang yourselves and do the world a favor, bunch of morons. Long live Andreas Eshete!!!

09/22/09 @ 04:10
Comment from: [Member]

Guys,Iknow most of you who are sending comments live overseas. The arrticle is not about homosexuality or gay parade.We all know how the Ethiopian tertairy education got form bad to worse.The AAu is not an exception. The quality and ist structure has been under great scrutiny in the public, epmloyees and among Ethiopian elites. When somone trys to bring a change..give it a fair go…most of all use a nice language….For the Nazret.com people who put the articles out…isay shame onyou…you should tell this people to cut out their rude uncessary words…where is your belgena sensorship

09/22/09 @ 08:41
Comment from: Big Deal ! [Visitor]
Big Deal !

Yes he is Homo and an effeminate submissive one at that. Can’t you see the way he sucks up to the jungle bandits? Oh God, have mercy on our people. The Neo-Marxist ‘Malelit’ is socially re-engineering our society surely but gradually.

Fight any Western form of life othedr than free speech, democracy. Fight Abortion the destruction of human life so low-life hoes can party and live it out; Homosexuality that gradually tears into every fabric of sexual morality thereby even aggravating the already existing heterosexual AIDS; Drugs that tear families apart. Not all western “ideals” are good for humanity. Pick and choose, use your rational thinking. Stand up to the homosexualizing of society.

09/22/09 @ 10:40
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]  

His sexulaity has nothing to do with his competence. In sweden , we have a minister who is openly gay, and a black minister from west africa who moved to sweden in her twenties. stop hating idiots! The world is not only for you….just because you are a heterosexual.

09/23/09 @ 05:15
Comment from: Big Deal ! [Visitor]
Big Deal !


My “civilized” friend, decrying the effects of homosexuality on our society isn’t “belgena". On the other hand homosexuality itself IS ‘belgena’. It is the epitome of offensive behavior not only to humanity but also to nature, to God ( if you know God) to common sense.

Don’t lecture us on what is belgena or what’s not. Nazret editors know exactly what to do when they censored my comment regardign EID-Mubarak or the so called ‘holy’ month of Ramadan durign which Muslims intensify their violence.

Homosexuality is an affront to the survival of humanity, to say the least. And it shoudl be condemned discouraged and treated through ‘aversion’ therapy or even other drugs. The reason why there is no cure for it is because Western scientists and politicians refuse to treat it as a disease.

09/23/09 @ 11:43
Comment from: ber [Visitor]

what is all tis hate about gay people. stop it already you ignorant and intolerant SOB

09/23/09 @ 14:08

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