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Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

This is a pile of baloney, roomers and innuendoes spread only by the enemies of the new Ethiopia. Your days of looting and trading in the name of our unity are over. You can try to use our natural and personal challenges to reclaim your “glorious past” but never again shall we let a pack of village idiots preside over our future and the future of our children.

10/22/09 @ 01:14
Comment from: ethiopian [Visitor]

Okay Here we go again. The easiest thing to do now is to blame the government(hopefully many will do so). But this is not just failure of the government only. As people we’ve failed. the government is not sent from the heavens they are just part of the society. There is a saying that people get the government they deserve. People are so much dependent on the government hand out that many have lost their inner strength to work hard and provide for their families. even with such a hardship life they keep on breading in alarming numbers. In all of
these the name ‘Ethiopia’ which once was grace for all black people is now a ‘disrgrace’ for all of africa. as people we have lost the respect of the entire world. here is what I think and pray should happen.

1. If the people who are leading the country have any self respect left in their head and admit that their economy policy is not working and that either they should leave the way for the young generation of learders or try a different economic policy approach.

2. Democracy comes with a lot of responsiblity. The government can’t keep baby sitting irresponsible citizens. citizens should take charge of their life and their families. eg. number of children etc.

3. A national conference of leading minds of agricultural experts of the country to study and recommend strategies and also set up some sort of government body whose ONLY job is to make sure that the country is out of this cycle for once and for all.

4. Education - No body will pull us out of this humilation but ourselves through education and hard work. no aid organization no matter how many would get us out of this if not keep us in the cycle(read lords poverty).

5. Politics - petition the ethiopian people to ask the old generation of politicians(older than 50) not to hold any government positions. I believe this generation is lost in hate, corruption,deceit,immorality and greed. This is both from the government and the opposition. Instead invite younger generation of leaders especially those western educated to come in and take over.

5. Food habit……staples like teff should be supplemented with other types of drough resistant crops for the immediate future. the enset for example is one and part of the country that depends on this crop have rarely been heard of waiting government hand outs.

6. Higher Education …….strengthen agricultural studies, water studies, forestery etc and incentivise good students to go to these areas. just look at how many hydrologists and water technology specialists egypt has. thats how a society could survive in this competitive world. after all its survival of the fittesest.

In summary the west is tired of feeding our people. Its high time that we start taking charge of our destiny and future. The people who are leading the country should take a deep look at them selves and ask a simple question. Am I a self respecting citizen? they have been in power for the last two decades. showered with a record number of aid, loan forgivness, new loans etc. so whatever economic policy they are experimenting some one should tell them that they are experimenting on people’s lifes not laboratory rats. Or else as tracy chapman says ‘poor people rise up and demand what is theirs’.

May God bless the helpless people of ethiopia!


10/22/09 @ 01:15
Comment from: zenitho [Visitor]  

This is absolutely horrifying. 25 years and yet the name Ethiopia comes with the word hunger followed by it. People blame the government and they are right, we are among the top aid receivers in the world and still face famine and hunger. All I can say is lord have mercy up on the children of Ethiopia. With the election coming and the food crisis spreading, one can only imagine how bad things could get in the coming year!!

10/22/09 @ 02:25
Comment from: john [Visitor]

I am an English man who visited your country last week. Although the people are wonderful, I saw a lot of fear in there eyes. It feels and looks like they have no hope. What a sad and tragic life!
When I asked what they thought of the Governement, no one was willing to tell me. Which lead me to believe, they are scared of there own government. And now they have nothing to eat. How could anyone be so mad? Sad!

10/22/09 @ 02:36
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

WHAT do we exepect from BEGGER govt. and their Beger org. invading us.

Let get rid of this begger govt. and all begger org. out of ethiopia.

Ethiopia need a RADICAL change.

10/22/09 @ 02:58
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

Here we go again. Begger weyannes are beggin the WORLD for FOOD. This time 2 monthes a head of Chrismas which makes Weyannes the NR: 1 Begger in history of the WORLD.

What a shame where the city of HODDAMS looting everything and at the same time BEGGING the world for food.

10/22/09 @ 03:01
Comment from: Bihon [Visitor]

Wi’Yo Weyo
We are finshed but.this too should pass.
Death to Woyane Tigria.

10/22/09 @ 03:10
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]

Shocked! Do you know there are already 7.5mil people permanently on food aid on top of this? We are talking about 14mil people togeather. Thanks to TPLF we now have a double D growth in the number of people affected bu hunger.

Ethiopia shall be free with our blood!

10/22/09 @ 03:15
Comment from: Lasta [Visitor]

The Right Way wrote,


“Stop your fabrication. Don’t mention Amharas or any other ethnic names here other than the Tigre Warlord savages who are busy in manipulating numbers and arguing that it is 6 not 9 million people who are starving. For them 6 million people starving and dying is not a problem.

This is where you see how this government’s cancerous greed and corruption and absence of morality has metastasized them to the point that they don’t care to let 6 or 9 million people dye of hanger and famine.

And this is not because of the inabilty of the country to produce food but it is because of the government controlling 100% of the land and they are busy selling it to foreigners to farm and export food while our people have no farming and are dying of hunger.

Right now Tigres are holding power since 1991 and they are destroying the country’s image, economy and ability to produce and sustain itself. Corruption is rampant starting from the head, Meles and his bodies and no intention to slow it down.

The game for Amhara, Oromo or any ethnic name-calling has been dead with believing Woyanes to bring democracy, wealth and dignity.

It is not up to you or me to say Amharas (although there has never been a government held just by ethnically identified and named Amharas) are better in governing than Tigres. It is already a proven fact. We know the difference then than now.

There has never been a never-ending starvation, beggary for food and money under any previous government that ruled Ethiopia until 1991.

Then with Woyane from then on hell broke loose on Ethiopia. “

I found The Right Way answered, balanced, intelligent, comprehensive and far from bitterness.

Nazret, you are doing really a good job by connecting us to the reality of our country. Hunger and Famine are the daily life for 80% of Ethiopians in 21st century when people are preparing to visit the planet Mars.

10/22/09 @ 03:59
Comment from: YD [Visitor]

I feel humiliated and sad for being part of this hell-fire country. It is also irony saying ‘Ethiopia ejochowen wedaseyma tezergalech’ and also saying ‘God less ethiopia’ is also an insult to omnipotent God, God is cursing ethiopia, Ethiopia is hell on earth. As we pray to enter into heaven (after death), we need to do our best to disintegrate this hell-land so that we can live heavenly life on this mother earth. May God help us to abolish ethiopia (the hell-land where people suffer due to vampire habasha regime one after other), amen!

10/22/09 @ 04:19
Comment from: ery bekentu [Visitor]
ery bekentu

double-digit economic growth BE TV becha new:crazy:

mot lezeregnaw TPLF:>

10/22/09 @ 05:46
Comment from: laljoe [Visitor]

and tigray is not food insecure anymore. look the map at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8319166.stm. woyane is truly killing ethiopia. let’s rise up!!

10/22/09 @ 07:25
Comment from: DEJAZMACH! [Visitor]

19 years laboratory on person. I am not any political supporter but i am just looking these TPLF instead of tell people reality always layer about border decision, economic growth, hunger statistics and how many people they killed. Country it is not laboratory try 19 years no result where is Meles him self promised that on 1995 on interview he said that ethiopian will eat per day three times. May be he said about for his family 3 times per day. It is very shame we TPLF leaders and supporters. Meles can talk but can not work, this a result of weak management. Z - MIKE said that Meles was doing rebuild ethiopia because of Derg and Issayas. Is it ethiopia made this problem with eritrea. TPLF agree and give eritrea for Issayas after that start war. It is very shame.

10/22/09 @ 07:55
Comment from: amy [Visitor]

i wounder why tigray is doing fine perhaps may be every aid goes to them.

10/22/09 @ 08:11
Comment from: OK! [Visitor]

Good NEWS for the fast & furios beast!

Crisis, crisis, endless crisis……No matter our station in life, we feel helpless against the onslaught of such events. We seemingly stand alone against the momentum of colorless modern history. Our very existence is now predicated upon the need for God’s protection against unseen, and evolving evil forces.

They want us to kill each other, they want us to continue fighting against each other, starve ourselves both physically and spiritually, at home and abroad, online and offline – until we are forced to surrender and assimilate as virtual slaves into the political, ideological and economic axis they want to deploy around the world.

The dark forces encourage pseudo-ethnic and religious upheavals among minorities creating a “global-zone of percolating violence,” leading to the break-up of our Homeland, into a mosaic of competing factions, and weakening the authority of the divine Ethiopian identity.

They persuade popular news medias, blogs etc. to wage a systematic war against everything what Ethiopia stands for. Due to the mischief of satanic trash, “Ethiopians” are even angering fellow Ethiopians by making provocative, blasphemes and irresponsible remarks on their national and Christian holidays. Instead, they act like the self-righteous left in grey, which lives in a simple black-and-white universe and thinks that it’s cool to give equal opportunity even to those who are ready to annihilate it at an appropriate time and opportunity. As long as Christians could be effectively bashed, these modern-day liberals are there to show their willingness to smile coquettishly to the devil they don’t know. The Devil no longer makes any secret of its purposes, it is now boldly rising up against God Himself.”

At this period, the partisans of evil seems to be combining together, and to be struggling with united vehemence, led on or assisted by that strongly organized and widespread association called “Name it”. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

I reckon, the so-called “Halloween” pagan festival is around the corner. Then, it shouldn’t surprise us that the “Beast” comes out roaring to instruct its disciples to carry the unsuspecting victims away into the wilderness in the upfollowing festive season. Do you think it’s by coincidence that, now, of all time, shortly before Christmas, “Hungry-Ethiopia” is again in the attention of World media, while half of the world’s populations, including their beloved Afghans and Pakistanis are struck by a much worse humanitarian catastrophe than Ethiopia?

What will be surprising to many people is that the next devastation from alternating drought, fires, storms, floods and earthquakes, plus raging disease epidemics, will not occur primarily in India and Ethiopia, rather, these coming catastrophes will be striking the Anglo-American nations far more than ever before in history. Recent droughts and fires in Australia, California and other “rich” places are confirming this.

Well, I am positive that we in Ethiopia will prevail soon – we will become stronger than those same-old mockers ever understand. The world is changing, but they still are unable to change.

Some of you might get angry with this, but it’s a fact that for most rich Westerners it’s actually a comfort to know that someone, somewhere, is having a more miserable time than they are. Even when they give to charity, it’s only because it allows them to feel superior about where they live in the West. It’s a shame that even some ex-Ethiopians do show the same “I am better” sentiment. Well, the moment we learn to recognize these evil parasites who are dancing on our ignorance and fears, they will wish they haven’t tried to dehumanize us this way.

10/22/09 @ 08:31

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