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Comment from: lulataw [Visitor]

It would be nice if this new ocean created between Eritrea and Ethiopia.Ethiopia forever gets peace from these Eritrean blood suckers.

11/04/09 @ 00:06
Comment from: Mesfin [Visitor]

That means we are going to have ports once again !

11/04/09 @ 01:04
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

when is this going to happen? a million years from now cause i wouldn’t belive it and wouldn’t care. but if it is in near future, it would be cool.

11/04/09 @ 01:32
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Wow that is another way to get access to the sea.But when that would actually happening here? needs lots of research.May be the dead head diaspora can tell us how otherwise.Yeha

11/04/09 @ 01:33
Comment from: Abirerm [Visitor]

Good news for Ethiopians, Bad news for sheabia bondoch.
Sure it will happen Isaysses will hung up them selves.

11/04/09 @ 02:10
Comment from: Chala from Addis [Visitor]
Chala from Addis

ye ethiopia amlak, as they say, this land called ethiopia is indeed a land of miracle, . how is it out of two world warsin human history the second one happed to come in a very crucial time to save ethiopia Italians and thieir Eritrean Askaris who conspired to landlock ethiopia and now God seems to find it’s own way to unlock this landof miracle. Ethiopia is indeed a land of miracle. I feel sorry for the bastards from Mereb Melash.

11/04/09 @ 02:48
Comment from: chembalala [Visitor]

lamm alegn be semay …wetetuanem allay!

11/04/09 @ 03:05
Comment from: Melese Zenawi [Visitor]
Melese Zenawi

Don’t be rush if it happens pretty soon my mother country eritrea will have her third port. a gift from a darling son

11/04/09 @ 03:10
Comment from: Kagnew [Visitor]

Ethiopia is not land locked! It is rather Meles-locked country.

11/04/09 @ 03:40
Comment from: chunaaa [Visitor]

Ahahahaaaaaaaa,we’re gonna get the port which meles forbids us!!!!!!!

11/04/09 @ 04:12
Comment from: kebe [Visitor]

I see all the comments are nasty. why yuu comment on sth u do not have idea. Please go to school. That is the nly thing ethiopia needs! learn and think logically!

11/04/09 @ 04:34
Comment from: [Member]

God is planning to relocate the bastard state of arabism and conlonialism WHICH IS WELCOME.

11/04/09 @ 05:29
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

Not exactly sure what “rift activity” and “shifting of plates” mean but “Meret Menqetket” means the righteous becoming subjects to the wicked (YeBelayu YeBetach, Yetachu Yebelay), and “Rehab Yihonal” - Ewnetenga Sew (Tsadkanotch)Yetefubet Zemen. Dramatic science (Manes) aside, are we being shown a sign?

Becoming Human Part 1

NOVA First Steps: Six million years ago, what set our ancestors on the path from ape to human? Aired November 3, 2009 on PBS. http://xrl.us/bf2p6w

Part 1, “First Steps,” examines the factors that caused us to split from the other great apes. The program explores the fossil of “Selam,” also known as “Lucy’s Child.” Paleoanthropologist Zeray Alemseged spent five years carefully excavating the sandstone-embedded fossil. NOVA’s cameras are there to capture the unveiling of the face, spine, and shoulder blades of this 3.3 million-year-old fossil child. And NOVA takes viewers “inside the skull” to show how our ancestors’ brains had begun to change from those of the apes. The other programs in the “Becoming Human” series are Part 2: “Birth of Humanity,” which profiles the earliest species of humans, and Part 3: “Last Human Standing,” which examines why, of various human species that once shared the planet, only our kind remains.


11/04/09 @ 05:46
Comment from: Beriso [Visitor]

the thing I hate about Ethiopia is just being a land locked, and also as you have said it even apart away from Eritrea is also a good idea, because as it is nightmare to me tHat when we are going to have a port and a seashore, it also is a nightmare tO ME to wait the time that we are going to live with out the influence of this rubbish, the smallest,the tiny, cockroach people of Eritrea, but when it is going to happen! when and when, let me backed my bag just to recreation and swim in the newly Ethiopian sea, just let us call it ETHIO SEA

11/04/09 @ 06:21
Comment from: shabia eritrea [Visitor]
shabia eritrea

this is rest for ur dreams so your death rate will decrease
u dont need to come to eritrea u will have ur own port and we dont need to kill u no no more unless u dream again for having the smallest and neat eritrea with asssab.ur blood will be reservedand our bullets will be thrown to ur new ocean and port.a good dream congratulations for the dreamers.

11/04/09 @ 06:58

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