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Ethiopia - Designer Amsale Aberra



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Ethiopia - Designer Amsale Aberra

Ethiopia - Designer Amsale Aberra

The following is a machine translation of an article originally published in Chinese

Was born in Ethiopia, Amsale (correctly pronounced Ahm-sah'-leh) at first just want to come to the United States to study commercial art courses for some time, but left her hometown of political turmoil had to remain in the United States to continue their studies. In order to work-study program, Amsale started trying to design their own clothes, and all kinds of different kind of African style clothing for her customers greatly welcomed.

· Amsale at the University of Massachusetts political science degree after leaving Boston, and by Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology) to study fashion design after graduation, Amsale smoothly as Harve Benard designers.

* In 1985, Amsale found in organizing the wedding to find an elegantly simple wedding turned out to be so difficult, so she decided it-yourself design aesthetic dream wedding, this same time she also found that waits to be the wedding design industry Perhaps it would become a turning point in her career, so she chose to rent a loft in her new career began.

* Experienced 20 years of ups and downs, Amsale wedding today has grown to include series, gown series, and custom evening wear fashion brand in New York.

In autumn and winter 2010 autumn and winter conference in New York, whether it is Kenneth Pool's gorgeous dream, or Christos Bridal elegant atmosphere, or Amsale simple, attention to detail style characteristics, are beginning to pay attention so that everyone behind the scenes of the soul of those dazzling wedding master of Amsale Aberra .

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