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Comment from: Deme [Visitor]

They should apply for asylum in Kenya or go to Addis with Ethiopian soccer players.

12/09/09 @ 00:16
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Well this will be a perfect opportunity to start another round of pissing match between two group of idiots who have no clue about sport. For the rest of us it’s just another news.

12/09/09 @ 00:29
Comment from: [Member]

Zuri sana ya simba Tanzania.

12/09/09 @ 00:31
Comment from: Thomas H [Visitor]
Thomas H

Hi All,
Was it soccer game or basket ball?Based on the result it looks that it was basket ball,but I will really appreciate if any one can clarify it to me.

12/09/09 @ 00:35
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

For the Eritrean “Sawa Tigers” it was a huge achievement to advance to the second stage of this tournament. Great job Red Sea Boys! the whole Africa is behind you:))
It was a great achievment for the Ethiopians team as well to trash Djibouty in the 1st round. (DJibouty is ranked 181st on world soccer and Ethiopia beat the hell out of this dead horse)Wow!!!!:oops:

12/09/09 @ 02:37
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

This is sabotage. I will look the matter thoroughlly. But untill then i know for sure that all the three referees are from Ethiopia. Eritreans who helped Ethiopia in winning many cups including world cup can not be defeated by Tanzania. Period. Eritreans are born footballers male or females. Many eritreans now leave their country to help many other countries to be good at football. They travel to Sudan, yemen, malta (next world cup is for malta), even to ethiopia though they are told to leave even deported. Their love for football is so enormous that they prefer sacrifice themeslves than to see other country paly bad football.
Many wonder why eritreans didnt win any cup upto now. But the answer is ver easy only for intelecutall people. But many eritreans think it is not fair to win world cup where hundred and millions of world people couldnt play good football.

12/09/09 @ 02:53
Comment from: [Member]

Wetta wettanna ende shenbeko,…
The story of eri,goes no where.

12/09/09 @ 05:13
Comment from: Henok [Visitor]

Sawa Kids,
The tyrant in Asmara will wait for you at little and old Asmara Airport and kill you on the spot. I mean it. So you are welcome to join your brothers and sister in Shimelba. You will make a pecial fare for you.

12/09/09 @ 05:25
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

eritrea at least got into the the best 8.
what about ethiopia? they were already in addis drinking TELA at the time eritrea was playing the 1/4 final.

12/09/09 @ 06:20
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Aye Nazreth,Eritrea won to Somlia and Ruwanda but when Eritrea lose with Tanzania….wooooo.not mix sport and poltik dedeboch.Ethiopia are loser always but Eri boys are the winner.
When will be match Eritrea and Tigria Dingia rasoch

12/09/09 @ 06:32
Comment from: Brilliant [Visitor]

Not basket ball, but hand ball:lalala:

12/09/09 @ 07:15
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

we still love the RED SEA BOYS

12/09/09 @ 07:31
Comment from: moko [Visitor]

haaaaaaa silly eritra

12/09/09 @ 08:25
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]

“Comment from: Thomas H [Visitor]
Hi All,
Was it soccer game or basket ball?Based on the result it looks that it was basket ball,but I will really appreciate if any one can clarify it to me.”

Well Thomas, if someone has to explain to you the difference between a soccer game score and a basketball score, then I am surprised you even have the mental capacity to breath on your own and stay alive You there isn’t someone next you telling you when to inhale and exhale?.

There has never been a basketball score of 4-0 in professional or even collegiate level basketball. Ever!!!! That would be the equivalent of each team scoring one basket or one team scoring two baskets.

Yes Eritrea lost to a better team in soccer. So what! Tanzania played better and deserved the win. Move on and stop trying to make everything about you hate of Eritrea.

Yes Ethiopia lost to a better Kenyan team that deserved the win. That’s no big deal either, move on. Not everything is about Eritrea vs. Ethiopia. Not everything is about politics, who said what, who did what, etc.

“Comment from: Deme [Visitor]
They should apply for asylum in Kenya or go to Addis with Ethiopian soccer players.”

Or they can join the hundreds of Ethiopians that are getting arrested trying to sneak illegally into Yemen, or join other Eritrean and Ethiopian that are getting abused and shot trying to enter Egypt or Israel. Life is hard in both of our countries, open your eyes.

visitor [Visitor],

You nailed it perfectly.

12/09/09 @ 09:28
Comment from: Derese [Visitor]

The two idiot teams of the tournament (Ethiopia/Eritra) should be banned from football for life.

12/09/09 @ 10:08

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