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Comment from: Abe [Visitor]

After Badma war Shabia already have a dead country. Why they need sanction?they need two bomb in the palace.the film end.

12/13/09 @ 21:35
Comment from: Greateful [Visitor]

The horn of Africa the world in that matter would be safe if sombody, somehow from somewhere assesinate that bastard (Banda).

12/13/09 @ 22:00
Comment from: [Member]

It is about time somebody say some thing about this country and its people. How long are we going to turn our back and ignore the sufferings of millions of Eritrean people with the hands of few shabia dogs. It is too much. I call on the UN to mobilize some kind of international united front to get rid of this parasite fassiest regime.

12/13/09 @ 22:30
Comment from: No Name [Visitor]
No Name

Tell me something I don´t know!

12/13/09 @ 22:31
Comment from: ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Stephanie McCrummen from Washington Post Foreign Service or other Washington Foreign Service?

Yes, we would rather have a “Dictator” who advocates fro self Reliance than life time food-aid dependence that compromises political independence.

Yes, we would rather have a “Dictator” that brings all the the people together, Moslems and christians alike, than sponsoring ethnic cleansing.

Yes, we would rather have a “Dictator” courageous leader who stands tall in truth than a Western slave who dismantles a sovereign African state and others across Africa, from African Hall.

Yes, we would rather have the “first and Only one” “Dictator” that develops the best infrastructure within a short perior of time, than depending on Western handout, for “3000″ years, compromising identity.

Yes we would rather have the “first and only” dictator who works on the basic human rights of human being, in one’s own land, food, than a beggar gov’t that bends over to sell its identity, in life time dependency.

Yes, we would rather have “the first and only” “Dictator” that is visionary in preserving national ecology that could come from mining and other marine activities than the one who is Washington subsidized banda who compromises his citizens’ health at KoKa or others.

Yes, we would rather have a “One party system", at least we’re in a solid economy of self reliance, rather than 90 KoleT parties who claim to be “Opposition” stooges when the whole World knows that their victory in 2005 had been trashed by Washington. Of course, Democracy is a homegrown, for the people, by the people, and for the people, not imported. And we’re not in a rush for photo-op poster, a la Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, or Somalia. We have learned in the fifties.

Yes, the UN Corporation, in its desperate attempt and servitude, had tried all it can to facilitate our citizens to migrate thru Banda state of Ethiopia. But, the migration was not due to political reasons but only for economic betterment, just like the other Africans, including the Ethiopians. We wouldn’t be surprised the loser UN, who is watching citizens in Iraq, Gaza, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Afghanistan bombarded illegally in their homeland to come forward to belittle eritrea. We’re not surprised to see the losing agent who was embarassed in its UNMEE rejection to encourage and provide shelter to Eritreans inside Ethiopia. The truth however is NO ERITREAN will sell his identity and country to the UN’s plan to see them stand against our gov’t. These migrants whom the UN Corporation had hoped they will counter our gov’t are helping their families back home and supporting our gov’t for the long hall, to see Eritrea complete its Marshal Plan.

This idiot from Washington might have hoped the Washington Post will damage the reputation and the hard work of our gov’t to guarantee the support of the people. In her dreams!

No matter how much these agents have attempted to discredit our gov’t, no matter how much they tried to label our gov’t as the supporter of Somali’s insurgents, no matter how much they attempt to sanction Eritrea, the truth of the matter is, ERITREA, against all the odds, WILL NEVER KNEEL DOWN!

Stephanie McCrummen should rather go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopian Ogaden, Ethiopian KoKA, Ethiopian Gambella, Ethiopian Oromia, Gaza, and US prisons to report on human rights and environment rather than peaceful Eritrea that no any country has enjoyed in the 21st Century!

Hijiwin alena!
Wetru Awet n’Hafash!

12/13/09 @ 22:39
Comment from: No Name [Visitor]
No Name

Eritrea died already on its conception, and may start another 30 years war, only this time around not for independence from Ethiopia, but for unity with Ethiopia…and guess what thae answer will be NO NO NO!!!

12/13/09 @ 22:55
Comment from: [Member]

Eritreans thank DERG regime.
For the first time many Eritreans are thanking the DERG regime, because after all his policy was not bad. In fact Eritrea lunitica man Issayas Afwork is turn to be worse than MENGISTU for Eritreans. Has Eritreans learn to live in peace and tranquality with their next door firends yet? Time will tell. Only Eritreans can overthrow SHABIA. Now Issays is threatning America with his AK_47, what a jok, just send few AGAZI Ethiopia brave and push his to the sea, force him to Libya or Qatar.
Today saction alone is an effect mechanism in order to listen to the voice of freedom. Most of us don’t appriciate how much freedom we have here in the free World. I do support this preposal for saction in order to contain the fast moving idealogy extremizim in East Africa. After all what does Eritreans have in common with Somalians other than being antagonizing with Ethiopia policy of success.

12/13/09 @ 23:31
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Sanction will be the final nail on the coffins of Shabia leader. Maybe this will give a glimmer of hope of freedom for the majority of suffering Eritrean people.

He probably has not realize it yet, but sanction means no remittance money coming from Eritreans abroad in which the tiny country is dependent for more than half of it income. How is he planning to survive without the 2% sin tax imposed on all Eritrean living abroad?

Who is advising this monster?? Chemical Ali the former Iraqi defence minster.

12/13/09 @ 23:56
Comment from: true [Visitor]

I wouldn’t make fun of Eritrea. However, let us admit that Eritrea wants the down fall of Ethiopia. Because of their Amharic language ability and can stage as Tigrayan, they are getting in every institution, in Ethiopia or over seas to over power Ethiopians. For example, they deliberately make offensive comments on Sites such as Nazret to make Ethiopia look bad whether issues on politics, religion or anything. In Ethiopia they are still holding key places in business while Ethiopians are staarving are denied of their own land while Eritreans are living in luxury. Mind you, these people pre Eritrea lived as equals and still health and when Eritrea became independent they are the first ones to reject Ethiopia. Those who remained in Ethiopia, after their appology still collect mass money by working with Weyane. But Ethiopians are denied of their right. Shame. They will do anything for the down fall of Ethiopia in every sector. As I said even on Ethio. websites to make Ethiopia look bad.

12/14/09 @ 00:27
Comment from: david [Visitor]

while ethiopia continues begging for handouts , the lion of nacfa is leading his people on the march that the citadel has undertaken towards a bright future. In only eighteen years of independence Eritrea has acheived tremendous achievements thru the hard work of its youth and the impecable vision of its leaders. eritrea leads the likes of ethiopia, kenya and the rest in life expectancy , low infant mortality rates, has basically eradicated malaria,and very soon despite our dry local will be able to feed its citizens ; just last week eritrea received an award for the high immunization rates of its children. all this facts can be checked out at any of the global organizations like w.h.o . while weyane leaders are plundering the wealth of ethiopia , our leader is selflessly working and living among his people . so no amount of this foolish diatribes will detour the citadel in the march that it has undertaken.

12/14/09 @ 00:28
Comment from: chef-Asmarom [Visitor]

Eritreans do need to be sanctioned by any body else, they are good at sanctioning themselves. what more evidence does one need to see that Eritrea’s war for independence itself was a war to sanction themselves. whither they admit it publicly or not, every eritrean knows that the only time in their history when they were treated like dignified human beings was when they were ethiopians specially in ethiopia. and they know that has gone for good. even if peace returns, their chance of gaining trust and respect from ethiopians has diminished. they might pretend not to care about that, but in this days of global economy,they can’t pretend not to care about certain things. Eritren society is dieing while ethiopian society is flourishing in every aspect such as education and industry. there is nothing ethiopians need from eritrea and eritreans. but there is so much eritreans need from ethiopia including their existence as a nation. which is why they feel so insecure and paranoid that they are not able to function as a normal society. but perhaps the question every eritrean shuold ask is, “for how long":?: for how log can they use ethiopia for their failure to move on. but in case they are hoping for ethiopian to one day disappear, I am afraid it looks like Eritrea might not live long enough to see that day.

perhaps this funny video might give you some idea to some of the things eritreans are missing.


12/14/09 @ 02:05
Comment from: chef-Asmarom [Visitor]

I meant, “eritreans do NOT need to be suctioned by any body else” on my first sentence. my bad..

12/14/09 @ 02:10
Comment from: hagos woldu [Visitor]
hagos woldu

You must be one of the hatela Eritreans.

There is nothing called domestic dictatorship or external dictatorship.

If your father rapes you at home it’s not different from being raped by an outsider.

You bullshit and some scum eritreans seem to be ok with this real bastard. But i bet you, it’s not because you saw something positive on his deeds, rather you are afraid down to the hell like many of your clones.

Good for you!

But one day, not very far from now you all will end up in a post-trauma treament clinic when he turns his face to rape your father by knocking up side down.

12/14/09 @ 02:12
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

ZXAmiche [Visitor]

Wasy for you to say cause you’re probably in the West or at least Addis Ababa. But if you really accept and support that feilthy dictator, why don’t you go to one of those underground container jails for unlimited time and see if you will continue to appriciate the fielthy dictator.

12/14/09 @ 02:18
Comment from: [Member]

So “the blue stoves” are the products for self-reliance by government policy :-)

12/14/09 @ 02:38

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