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Comment from: Deme [Visitor]

oh, The most thing i like about this smart leader is that..his sppech, i always proud of what he speaks about..
rule forever

12/13/09 @ 22:31
Comment from: Yosi [Visitor]

Yehe When is he accepting his mistakes ? Please donot say anything about Bible, you donot qualify to say anything from the Holy Bible.

12/13/09 @ 22:33
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]

This ugly weyane/Shabia is sounding more like Mengistu by the day. Once you start calling US officials ‘idiots’, then your days are numbered. This Dedebit cadre thinks he is smart because he is surrounded by idiot weyane/shabias who have not graduated even high school

12/13/09 @ 22:50
Comment from: alha [Visitor]

long live MELES. stop ur hate proganda to prepare ethiopia for genociadle strife. The africans should unit against this kind of propogand.

12/13/09 @ 22:58
Comment from: wey tata [Visitor]
wey tata

ohhhh the arrogance. astounding. i seriously cant believe this guy at times. rather than answer the allegations he calls a random person, he apparently doesn’t know, an idiot. man alebeh!

12/13/09 @ 23:17
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Meles is showing his stupidity for his people with ugly words..

12/14/09 @ 00:02
Comment from: EthioMAN [Visitor]

What a ain awta?

Meles is a dictator and as all dictators do, he denies everything.

No one expects this man to admit to what he done. If he does he will be handing over his power and just because he is not as bad as IsayASS or Mugabe, it does not excuse him from eliminating his opposition. Included are the free media, such as the Addis NEGER/many who were shut down along the way and the REPORTER whose leader was beatup, taken to Gondar, threatned and held without charge for days. Its such a freak show over there.

Frankly, he, meles, is one fkd up illusive SOB who deserves to be shot on the spot.

12/14/09 @ 00:11
Comment from: Ermias [Visitor]

What do comminst’s know about the Bibel?.
It shame that A leader of a country
dose not want to be defeted by an opossition and stay out of the game.
I think they do think they are God
gave the country Leaders,what a shame….

12/14/09 @ 01:20
Comment from: AG [Visitor]

Since all or most of African regimes can not survive without the generous handout provided to them by Western countries, it would be stupid for anyone of them to bite the feeding hand.

And certainly Meles can not afford to anger the American authority particularly this time that millions of Ethiopians are in dire need of the life-saving Western grain. For Meles, it is yet again that usual degrading time of holding wide the begging bowl.

Meles must be confused and have mistaken the American diplomats with his shell-shocked Ethiopian people who, without consequence, he humiliates day in day out.
For the sake of the needy Ethiopians he should quickly swallow his pride, as beggars have no pride, and retract his stupid undiplomatic staements or else millions will go hungry and his downfall will come sooner than he thought.

By addressing the American diplomats the way he did, he must be feeling the heat.
He must have uttered such things out of desperation. But then messing with the sole superpower is far from child’s play.

12/14/09 @ 01:34
Comment from: Yirgacheffee [Visitor]

Tola [Visitor],

You’re an Idiot!

Anyways, enjoy your power dreams….

12/14/09 @ 02:40
Comment from: [Member]

Yes Ethio-American relationship is “solid” and as hard as a diamond, it can cut through any traitor diaspora propoganda.

12/14/09 @ 03:06
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared


i would like to remember you that all those YEKIBIR ZEBEGNOCH were not from Oxford, but 90% of them were simply YE’SULILTA AHIYA NEGNI! I am not trying to defend MALELIT/SHABIYA, but you shoudn’t forget Carter was supporting every thing around DEDEBIT, even though he knew about that 6% thing and that all of those SHIRE HAMBASHA BOYS are not also from OXFORD.



12/14/09 @ 03:18
Comment from: De La Manchu [Visitor]
De La Manchu

Ande le-enatu, Tokichaw: say it loud I am Wayane-Ethiopian and I am proud.

12/14/09 @ 03:37
Comment from: hailu [Visitor]

the end of ethiopia is war like burundi if you dont stop and ignore timkihit if meles gone that country will be crashed no more ethiopia wait guys

12/14/09 @ 04:33
Comment from: belay-kehule [Visitor]

Let me prove you wrong Mr. Zenawi:

Chief of Staff, General, Samora Yunus, Tigre
Training Department, Lt. General Tadesse Worede, Tigre
Logistics Department, Lt. General Geazi Abera, Tigre
Military Intelligence Department, Brg. General Gebredela, Tigre
Operations Department, Lt. General Gebre Egziabiher, Tigre
Engineering Department, Lt. General Berhane Negash, Tigre
Air force, Brg. General Mola Haile Mariam, Tigre
Heads of the four commands

Central Command, Lt. General AbebawTadesse, Agew
Northern Command, Lt. General Seare Mekonnen, Tigre
South Eastern Command, Maj. General Abraha W. Gabriel, Tigre
Western Command, Brg. General Siyoum Hagos, Tigre
Division Commands

31st Division Commander, Colonel Tsegaye Marx, Tigre
33rd Division Commander, Colonel Kidane, Tigre
35th Division Commander, Colonel Misganaw Alemu, Agew
24th Division Commander, Colonel Work Aieynu, Tigre
22nd Division Commander, Colonel Dikul, Tigre
14th Division Commander, Colonel Woedi Antieru, Tigre
21st Divison Commander, Colonel Gueshi Gebre, Tigre
11th Division Commander, Colonel Workidu, Tigre
25th Division Commander, Colonel Tesfai Sahel, Tigre
20th Division Commander, Colonel, Teklai Klashin, Tigre
8th Mechanized Division, Colonel Jemal Mohamed, Tigre
4th Mechanized Division, Colonel Hintsaw Giorgis, Tigre
19th Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Guae, Tigre
44th Division Commander, Colonel Zewdu Teferra, Agew
13th Division Commander, Colonel Sherifo, Tigre
12th Division Commander, Colonel Mulugeta Abraha, Tigre
32nd Division Commander, Colonel Abraha Teslim, Tigre
6th Mech. Div. Commander , Colonel Gebre Medhin Fekad, Tigre
23rd Division, Commander, Colonel Wold Beilalom, Tigre
43rd Division Commander, Colonel Wodi Abate, Tigre
26th Division Commander, Colonel Mebratu, Tigre
7th Mech. Div. Commander, Colonel Gebre Gebre Mariam, Tigre
Defense Ministry Departments and other specialized Units

Agazi Commando Div., Commander, Brg. General Muhamed Aisha, Tigre
Addis Ababa Security Division, Colonel Zenebe Amare, Tigre
Palace Security Force, Commander, Colonel Geresenay, Tigre
Banks’ Security Force, Commander, Colonel Hawaz Woldu, Tigre
Engineering College, Commander, Colonel Halefom Ejigou, Tigre
Heath Science College, Commander, Colonel Tesfaye Giday, Tigre
Mulugeta Buli Technical College Commander, Colonel Meleya Amare, Tigre
Resource Management College Commander, Colonel Letayi Tigre
Staff & Command College, Commander, Brg General Tesfaye Giday Tigre
Bilate Training Center, Commander, Colonel Salih Berihu, Tigre
Hurso Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negash Hiluf, Tigre
Awash Arba Training Center, Commander, Colonel Muze, Tigre
Bir Shelko Training Center, Commander, Colonel Negasi Shekortet, Tigre
Head of Admin., the Ministry of Defense, Brg.Gen. Mehari Zewde, Tigre
Dejen Defense Aviation, Head, Brg General Kinfe Dagenew, Tigre
Defense Ministry, Head of Research, Brg. Gen. Halfom Chento, Tigre
Defense Ministry, Head of Legal Affairs, Colonel Askale, Tigre
Head of the Office of the Chief of Staff, Colonel Tsehaye Manjus, Tigre
Head of Indoctrinated Centre , Brg. General Akele Asaye, Amhara
Head of Communication, Colonel Sibhat, Tigre
Head of External Affairs, Colonel Hasene, Tigre
Head, Special Forces coordinating Center, Brg. Gen Fiseha Manjus, Tigre
Head of operations Department, Colonel Wodi Tewik, Tigre
Planning and Program Department Head, Colonel Teklai Ashebir, Tigre
Defense Industry Coordinating Head, Colonel Wodi Negash, Tigre
Head of Finance in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Zewdu, Tigre
Head of Purchasing in the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Gidey, Tigre
Head of Budget Department, Ato Brehane Tigre

12/14/09 @ 07:44

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