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Comment from: ben [Visitor]

hahaahaa death to shabiya lossers long live TPLF haha

12/14/09 @ 23:31
Comment from: Tsiyon [Visitor]

Why do the Eritrea fight all those years? To fall under Esayas?

12/14/09 @ 23:34
Comment from: Aman [Visitor]

Wow ! I thought Eritrean atletes are loyal to their people . What about the Ethiopian players ? May gone too .

12/14/09 @ 23:34
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


Do you have your own language, culture, religion, music, dancing, hair style, clothes, farming equipments and everything you use for your daily life????

You are the first African donkey tribe does not know your grand parents and everything is borrowed from other ethnic to live on as a society.

When can you have your own and say we are the tribe of this bloodline and our language and culture is this.

Do you know that the only ethnic Eritrean people could not trace two or three generations and say I am the descendent of this bloodline? In Tigray we say DONKEY is the only one does not know her grand parents, so the looter mafia Askaris bandaland.

What makes you feel you are superior to any Ethiopian????

First of, you are the run away kid from Tigray, nothing else. Issayas your master is a Tigrayan who pee inside your mouth day and night. The Tigrayan Axumite Kingdom all the way to Ras Alula ruled and slaved you. The Italian came and >:XX your ass and made you an Italian donkey pulling Gari in your land and denied you an access from everything in your own home. Even you did not have the right to go to coffee shop and have a cap of coffee your country produced it. Then the British came and >:XX your mouth because they do not want to see your stinky ass for years. Then the Ethiopian came to rescue you and gave you an opportunity to be a man and walk freely and have a coffee anywhere in your land. Ethiopia separated you from the donkeys and liberated you from the shackle of pulling Gari in your own lands. Ethiopia gave you an opportunity to learn and open your eye like a DOG puppy to be real human in this planet. Ethiopia let its economy to go through Massawa in order your people to benefit it and have an income to live. Everything you saw or heard in the 50th and 60th Eritrean standard of living did not come from the barren bandaland; it came from all over of Ethiopia. The wise Amharu shut you off and opened Assab port and your cities Mendefera, Segenety, Asmara and karan instantly became dead like the middle of August maize or corn dies due to luck of rain.

The superior Solomonite Axumite Kingdom Tigrayans ruled not your barren land and all the way to the entire Middle Eastern countries except Iran and were super power trading with China, India, and Iran and never surrendered to anyone in our history.

Your superiority is to submit your ass to the Italian solders who showed you can food and breads and used cloths and shoes to were them and you became their ASKARIS solder and KULI dish washer at night and day time you were confined at home because your masters did not want you to come out and see your ugly faces during day time.

Your Superiority is when your women became the Italian solder >:XX sucker while their faces were covered by towels because they did not want to see your faces.

Your superiority is when your fathers bend necked and gave their asses to their master Italian solders broad day light at every corner they wanted you to bend.

Your superiority is when the Italian and British put heavy IRON on your neck and forced your to pull Gari and lashing you like horses.

Your superiority is when your were carrying jars to fetch water from the rivers until Ras Alula liberated you and declared that carrying jars is for women not a man.

Your superiority is when you were bowed every morning to Ras Alula your ruler for years.

Your superiority is when Issayas a Tigrayan origin confined you in your border and killing and putting you in prison everyday with out any crime.

Your superiority is when you are living in Shimelba Refugee camps in Tigray.

Your superiority is when you became the lunch of sharks in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean to escape from the Tigrayan ruler in Bandaland.

Your superiority is when you became the most hated refugee around the world including Egypt and Libya your original sponsors.

The only reason you are breathing right now in that barren Bandaland is because of Meles traitor rescued you. Otherwise, we corned you and had a chance to finish you once for all but you should say thank you Meles. There will be ample time to get you again; it is a mater of time.

[Halafi, no foul language pls…edited]

12/14/09 @ 23:40
Comment from: EthioMAN [Visitor]

Well Zx??????

12/14/09 @ 23:46
Comment from: EthioMAN [Visitor]

I wish the best of luck to all who get away from both IsayASS and Meles. Both crezed dictators, both out of touch with reality.

May god be with the poor and abused people of East Africa!!!

12/14/09 @ 23:59
Comment from: baryaw [Visitor]

good job fellas! i wouldnt go back to Ertirea either! hard to live off salt. what else do they have!! i didnt know they had a team. so0o0n or later they all will leave that place!! a child can not survive without the mother! imagine choosin Kenya as a safe heaven!! i’ve been there, things must be real nasty at home. wonder why all the Ertreans sippin hienkens at the bars in the US brag about home! try going back fellas and tell us how you like it!!!!

12/15/09 @ 00:00
Comment from: Gigi [Visitor]

I don’t think this is the whole story.
Some of the players may be run failed to return but all of them… come on?

12/15/09 @ 00:03
Comment from: Death to Weyane [Visitor]
Death to Weyane

No one wants to live either in Eritrea or Ethiopia! The two worst countries in the World!

12/15/09 @ 00:08
Comment from: Kestu [Visitor]

It is the frist in History of the world, when African defects in Africa soil.

You Ertrians, you are harvesting what u sow.:)):>

12/15/09 @ 00:20
Comment from: [Member]

Honestly, who want to spend his/her entire life in smelly Artera, a defecating place? Obviously, nobody! Only worms can thrive in the kind of environment that can be found around the red sea today. Ayi independence, ayi freedom, ayi liberation, ayi hade libi hade hizbi…..hehehe. The truth of the matter is, it is easier for a fish to live without a water than for eritrea to exist without the approval and assistance of mighty Ethiopia.

12/15/09 @ 00:28
Comment from: Ambasel [Visitor]

akuna matata

12/15/09 @ 00:54
Comment from: Dereje [Visitor]

It is really sad. Now I feel sorry for Eritreans. They had a horrible thirty years fighting the Ethiopian dictators just to replace it with a worst kind in the form of Issayas. Missing one or two players is normal at least by the Ethiopian standard but the whole team? that is strange. As an Ethiopian, I feel like things have changed to the better. At least most Ethiopian athletes feel like their country provide them something better than say KENYA. Our athletes can go in and out of the country without much hassle. For these people who compare Ethiopia with Eritrea are either too sick or too dumb.

12/15/09 @ 00:58
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

To Halafi Mengedi: what is with all this rambling. Have you done any research about your own people before trashing others….my friendly advise to you. make a short and simple statement. No body has asked you to write an essay here if we can call it that!!

12/15/09 @ 00:58
Comment from: Halafi Mengedi [Visitor]
Halafi Mengedi


You should read what they say to all Ethiopians in their websites by all Askaris (it is shocking to read it). It is my respond to tell them that who really they are and from where they came from even though I do understand your point.

12/15/09 @ 01:31

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