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Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

YES,we heard you OXFAM or whatever you are. I have one thing to tell you all begger org. GET out of ETHIOPIA. We do not need your Begger org. We the TRUE ethiopia CAN managed without your Parasite HELP.Thnks to Weyannes that ethiopia is Ivaded with all sort of Begger org. from KUNTA land to north pole, you find these a so called charity/Ngo begging every year in the name of ethiopia child. TIME to STAND UP and SAY ENOUGH. NO more BEGGERISEM. LEARN something from Shabia.in todays weyeenns there is no END for Beggerisem. How proud are you all ethiopians and DO we the TRUE ethiopian NEED these Parasited org. in Ethiopia? Answer me my beloved ETHIOPIA.

12/18/09 @ 03:32
Comment from: displaced [Visitor]

Spare Me Your Fake Warning!
Famine rolls back every year as Zenawi’s stinking economics BULLSHIT continues to decay. We know it already Sir.
If you love warning, warn me when you got a Feast

12/18/09 @ 13:22

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