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Former Miss Ethiopia Sehin Belew shares how to look fabulous for less - Video



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Former Miss Ethiopia Sehin Belew shares how to look fabulous for less - Video

Former Miss Ethiopia Sehin Belew shares how to look fabulous for less

A former Ethiopian beauty queen and model shares her secret on how to shop for designer clothes at 90% off and look fabulous for less.

Former Miss Ethiopia Sehin Belew says women do not have to be rich to be fashionable

By Jackson Mvunganyi

Take care of yourself…and then accept yourself. That's the message of Sehin Belew, a former Miss Ethiopia who has been living in the United States for the past couple of decades. She works as an image consultant, giving advice on beauty, health and fashion. Her new book, Fabulous for Less, is about her philosophy on fashion and health.

Sehin encourages women to make the most of what they have. "Health is very important," she says adding, "People should be mindful of their bodies and take time to exercise." She warns that beauty does not mean that you are thin but rather that you "have the right attitude." She also says people should be "savvy" in the way they care for their skin.

Sehin warns that people should be careful of appearance because "sometimes we are judged by the way we look." She says one's appearance could have an impact on one's professional life. But she adds that good fashion sense doesn't always mean having to pay a lot for clothing.

She encourages people to look at the ingredients in the "lotions and powders you use on your body…." "Find out ," she says, "what products contain toxic ingredients and how to replace them with pure, natural ones."

Sehin is also a former professional model and humanitarian who spent years raising awareness about hunger in Ethiopia. She continues to speak about such issues as poverty and women's rights in Africa. She now lives in northern California, where her business is based


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