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Comment from: chala [Visitor]

why does it matter who hands out the food so long as the food is being distributed…beside shouldn’t the ruling party should be the one to make all this decision which in this case is EPRDF

12/21/09 @ 18:09
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

Mr. Prime minister Meles,
I am sure you very well know how narrow minded a local chief from any group can be. His universe revolves around the 150 families under his ‘kingdom’. It must be expected that he can go as low as holding families, who are not saying ‘God bless you’ (yimarih) as many times as he sneezes, hostages and decide on their lives.

I hope you and your administration are aware of this and work to help the poor get their dinners once in a while at least without fear of the local dogs barking at them and sending them away.

12/21/09 @ 18:23
Comment from: sosi [Visitor]

Why don’t Zenawi use his $1.2 billion to buy supportes than taking food out of the poor mouth :crazy:

12/21/09 @ 18:55
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

When This dictator in the jungle he used the aid to fatten his owen personal account and manipulated his own race by selling the aid food for personal profit. Now he is using the aid food again to buy votes to stay in power to leach the Country. It is very ugly and dirty work.

12/21/09 @ 20:00
Comment from: Black boy [Visitor]
Black boy

If you can’t force them to vote for you by the barrel of the ruling party’s AK 47’s
Starve them into voting for you is the way these thugs opperate.

No doubt Government Minders will be hot on the investigators heels watching their every move then kick them out before they can give their report for being “spies”

Why do the Donors hand the food aid over directly to the government to distribute is what I wanna know :?:

12/21/09 @ 21:12
Comment from: Some one [Visitor]
Some one

There is a book called “Strike Of The beggers"…Please read it.

It is about Africa during Colonization Time. The same thing happen to an African country while cheifs went to war instead of accepting their freedom and stayed colonized for 20 more years.

what a shame

12/22/09 @ 00:09
Comment from: Aman [Visitor]

Ahuns yeminaworaw atan .
All the world have their own way of politics . Our politics is so Ugly ! We accuse each other of Food ! Come-on people aren’t we know better . God I am so glad that I am not Ethiopian politician !

12/22/09 @ 00:24
Comment from: Aman [Visitor]

Ahuns yeminaworaw atan .
All the world have their own way of politics . Our politics is so Ugly ! We accuse each other of Food ! Come-on people aren’t we know better . God I am so glad that I am not Ethiopian politician !

12/22/09 @ 01:20
Comment from: Walta [Visitor]

chala from Mekele,
Your heard the saying “Le Jib Sega tebeq"?
The foods are not coming from Mekele. Therefore, those governments who provide assistance have the rights know where it goes and if it is really used for its intended purpose. This is not gold at the National treasury where you guys have the absolute power to do whatever you like to.
Where there is smoke there is is fire. Apparently everyone is suspecting that you are using food for vote rather than food for work.

12/22/09 @ 02:04
Comment from: De La Manchu [Visitor]
De La Manchu

Medrek does not its leader,late alone its supporters. I don’t know any one who registered as a member of Medrek unless their followers have changed to Unicorns in a twinkling of an eye. The fact is even it is difficult for the British Prime Minister or any western leader to know who is going to vote for him or against him just by looking at once face. You don’t think this would happen? Do you? This is not their first time to play games like the foolish shepherd. We see them going over the rail repeatedly with immunity. Every law book in the world teaches that character assassination, defamation of the good name of a person or a product will be found liable.

MEDREK: Thou they are not brainy, do you think that they believe this themselves? What ever their problem is NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAW.
Aid Agencies are made up of failed people in the Western System but who some how managed to erect a profitable enterprise at the expense of the dieing Masses of Ethiopia from their video collections of 20 years ago.
Medrek is breaking every law of a civilized society where defaming the good name of a person or product is liable for the malice that it is.

12/22/09 @ 03:04
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

I the TRUE ethiopia have somthing to say to all Charitya and NGO. GET out of ethioipia. When we take over then you are all history. We do not need Begger org. We will eras ethiopia name from Begger list.

12/22/09 @ 03:28
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

The regime of secession claims to own all rural land holdings which provide the sustenance for Ethiopia’s survival, I and I just burn down the barbaric ways of secession,"Every structure must be built on a solid foundation, for those constructed otherwise would soon collapse. The proclamation by which We made land grants to the entire Ethiopian people is the foundation of this scheme. Recipients of land grants as well as those who had previously owned their own holdings do not by the mere owning of such land satisfy the requirements. They must make proper use of the land not only for their own benefit but as well to that of the people–We shall not permit any land to be fallow.” Negus Haile Selassie, Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!, Long Live the Kebra Negast!, Fire burn down the withcraft star of secession, Rise with the Lion of Judah!, Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

12/22/09 @ 04:35
Comment from: [Member]

Aman [Visitor]
“Ahuns yeminaworaw atan.”

This is the kind of information what the common customer of this website wants to hear, a seletive anti Ethiopoian government propoganda to feed the hate mongering diaspora world.

The question is what can they do with this rubbish propoganda? Nothing.

12/22/09 @ 05:10
Comment from: cat [Visitor]

shme shme shme.

12/22/09 @ 05:32
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

chala :
Did you get the concern?
The people are not getting it becuase thery are not EPDRF party supporters!
You have hard time of reading and understanding is that why you decide EPDRF is the best just for building show?

12/22/09 @ 07:02

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