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UN sanctions on Eritrea will help stabilize region - Meles Zenawi



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UN sanctions on Eritrea will help stabilize region - Meles Zenawi

Ethiopia PM confident that UN sanctions on Eritrea will help stabilize region

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
The United Nations sanctions imposed on Eritrea will help to stabilize the Horn of Afria region,particularly in Somalia, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said on Thursday.

The premier, who spoke with local journalists said that the decision shows that the international community admits Eritrea’s aggression to the region.

Ethiopia had long been accusing neighbouring Eritrea of fueling the situation in Somalia.

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea for its interference in Somalia and its aggression on Djibouti.

The sanctions include arms and travel ban as well as freezing aid to Eritrea, which has already dismissed the sanctions.

Prime Minister Meles said in his televised interview that the sanctions will have their own advantage to bring peace and stability in the region.

Ethiopia and Eritrea are still unable to resolve their border dispute despite the UN and international community’s call to solve their dispute.

The two countries enters in to their 10th year border dispute with “no peace and no war” situation.

“The sanction is a first step against Eritrea, which has been destabilizing the region for the past years.This decision is appropriate and I hope that this sanction by the UN Security Council will have its own advantage to minimize Eritrea’s destabilizing role in the region,” said Meles.


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Comment from: Gabi [Visitor]

We will see about it Mr. Meles. We will see if that is ever true.

12/25/09 @ 03:41


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