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Ethiopia launches children’s parliament



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Ethiopia launches children’s parliament

Ethiopia launches children’s parliament

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopia on Sunday launched a children’s parliament with the objective of promoting children’s rights.
The launching is part of the world initiative aimed at promoting children’s rights and their role in society.

Accordingly, the Addis Ababa children’s parliament was launched in order to participate in environmental and economic affairs of the country as well as to promote their role in the society.

Atsede Assefa, spokesperson of the Addis Ababa city administration said that the launching of the parliament will contribute to safeguarding of children’s rights and to give ample opportunities for children to have their voices heard in various areas.
She indicated that the administration will support the parliament financially and technically to fulfill their objectives.
The children elected their president and vice president as well as secretary to the parliament.
The children, drawn from various schools and institutes will meet twice a year to discuss issues related to children’s rights and their role in the society.
So far, similar parliaments have been established in nine regional states of Ethiopia as well as in Dire Dawa city administration. Ethiopia is among the few African countries to establish children parliament as part of the global initiative. Around 15 % of Ethiopia’s estimated 77 million people are estimated to be children.

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Comment from: abe [Visitor]

what ? please do not spoil kids mind as you are doing for older ones.what is the advantage of having children parlament ?is it to make sure they are not hungry ,homeless and unhealthy ?good but i dont expect from this child killing and antigeneration ethinc based dictatorial regim.what a dramma they want to play now …?unheard of !

12/28/09 @ 00:27


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