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Ethiopia - Birtukan Mideksa is Our Person of The Year



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Ethiopia - Birtukan Mideksa is Our Person of The Year

Birtukan Mideksa

Ethiopia - Birtukan Mideksa is's Person of The Year

Ethiopian prisoner of conscience, Birtukan Mideksa, is's Person of The Year for 2009. Two thousand three hundred seventy two readers participated in the poll which was held for 48 hours. Birtukan received 41% of the vote with 984 readers casting their vote for her, nearly twice the number of votes for the second finisher Eleni Gabre-Medhin.

In November 2008 Birtukan Mideksa spoke at a public meeting in Sweden about her pardon and the process that led to her release. When she returned to Ethiopia, authorities asked her to retract her statement, failing which she would be re-arrested. She refused and was re-arrested in December 2008, when the Ministry of Justice revoked her pardon and re-imposed her life sentence.

After Ethiopia's disputed election in 2005, Birtukan was arrested along with other opposition leaders and served more than 18 months before being released.

Birtukan is often referred to as Ethiopia's 'Aung San Suu Kyi' and other supporters call her 'Lady Liberty'. She is the most popular political figure in Ethiopia.

Birtukan was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. Her parents are a member of the Oromo and Amhara major ethnic groups, which comprise more than 70 percent of the population of Ethiopia. Birtukan attended Yekatit 12 secondary school (aka Etege Menen) in Addis and upon graduating from high school she joined Addis Ababa University where she graduated from Law School. She practiced law at the 3rd district of the federal judiciary.


Visit to learn how you can help to free Birtukan Mideksa


Comment from: Ahmed ,Hussein [Visitor]
Ahmed ,Hussein

I would like to nominate Mrs Birtukan Midhakissa as s person of the year. she is very deserving person for what she stood for die for, worthy of suffring.

12/28/09 @ 17:49
Comment from: sttI..............False member of woyane [Visitor]
sttI..............False member of woyane

Birtukan is going to be a female role model of African liberty fighter. She is our Nelson Mandela.She is imprisoned for liberty,equality of the Ethiopian people.
I wish her more more stamina and mental strength. ‘’ Hulum Yalfal.'’
Be strong my beauti;we are in your side mentally.

12/29/09 @ 00:34
Comment from: sttI..............False member of woyane [Visitor]
sttI..............False member of woyane

long live to Birtukan;short live to woyane.

12/29/09 @ 00:37


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