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Press Statement by the Mutallab Family



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Press Statement by the Mutallab Family

Here is the text of the statement from the family of the Nigerian man accused of trying to bring down a U.S.-bound airliner.

Our family, like the rest of the world, were woken up in the early hours of Saturday, 26th December, 2009 to the news of an attempt to blow up a plane by a young Nigerian man, who was later identified as Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab. Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab is the son of Alhaji (Dr.) Umaru AbdulMutallab, the head of this Family.

Prior to this incident, his father, having become concerned about his disappearance and stoppage of communication while schooling abroad, reported the matter to the Nigerian security agencies about two months ago, and to some foreign security agencies about a month and a half ago, then sought their assistance to find and return him home. We provided them with all the information required of us to enable them do this. We were hopeful that they would find and return him home. It was while we were waiting for the outcome of their investigation that we arose to the shocking news of that day.

The disappearance and cessation of communication which got his mother and father concerned to report to the security agencies are completely out of character and a very recent development, as before then, from very early childhood, Farouk, to the best of parental monitoring, had never shown any attitude, conduct or association that would give concern. As soon as concern arose, very recently, his parents, reported it and sought help.

The family will continue to fully cooperate with local and international security agencies towards the investigation of this matter, while we await results of the full investigation.

We, along with the whole world, are thankful to Al-Mighty God that there were no lives lost in the incident. May God continue to protect us all, amen.

Finally, as the matter is being investigated by the various agencies, and has already been mentioned in a US court, the family requests that the press should regard this as the only statement it will make for now.

Thank you.

The Mutallab Family

Abuja, Nigeria

Source: Wall Street Journal



Comment from: [Member]

This guy shouldn’t have been on that flight.had the authorities did their jobs accordingly. His name was on a terrorist watch list. I still wonder how he managed to get a US visa unditacted. Another disaster is averted. Hope it will be a lesson to the security and law enforcment agencies.

12/28/09 @ 04:18
Comment from: Christian [Visitor]

I feel sorry for the parents. But why are Muslims so cruel to kill innocent people in mid air? What do they gain out of it? I have heard if they kill non Muslims by blowing themselves up they will be rewarded with 70 virgins in heaven, but to kill all those people in the plane for that fairy tale is barbaric. That is why God and Allah are totally different entities. God and Jesus doesn’t allow any killings in their names. While the Koran is a hand book of every idiot terrorist.

12/28/09 @ 04:22
Comment from: Comment [Visitor]

Wish I give you my comment, but I do not want to be MAMILA meaning a fresh orange to give job for another greedy opportunist to penetrate the Task Force as an expert after following this comment.

I knew it, I know it and I will never surrender. Greed is not good over national security.


12/28/09 @ 11:31
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

The second innecedent was a little bit bizzare when the Nigerian fellow stayed in toilet longer than average person use and he was complaing about stomach. Now, we all know the reson why this fellow visit toilet he was taking care of 20 + condomes which contained cocain that he swallowed all the way from Nigera to USA. The federal agent are now screeing him ……hahaha…

12/28/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: tezibt [Visitor]

The third from first comment concerns me. Please dont infect our discussions with your extremist view. Keep them to your self. Also Comment by Christian is too strong and bashing all Muslims. As an Ethiopian orthodox chritian follower I do believe in the fact that it was our own king who saved prophet Mohammed’s family and showed a good gesture to the friendliess of those two religions. We should never allow extremist elements to contaminate that. Mohammed wouldnt have like that and neither our king. Ignorance shouldnt conquer. We just have to be careful to figure extremist elements in either religion and avoid their menace to society. Yes only ignorant people do stick to a devastating confrontations. Becareful people, it is easy to commit suicide. That is a sign of insanity. I know the diaspora has many causes to be mental depressed and resort to all kinds of activities but seek medical help when you sense you are getting a sign of mental depression.

12/28/09 @ 15:05
Comment from: Ephrem [Visitor]

I am glad the guy caought by some one who has responsible for ather people life safty. Now in days terrerist are tried to spread their eviel idea in Africa. We African people must be fight this kind of stupid job. Thank you.

12/28/09 @ 16:00
Comment from: dazed [Visitor]

..and this is a worthy Ethiopian news?

12/28/09 @ 18:20
Comment from: Judge Feradje [Visitor]
Judge Feradje

So, now the Arabs are trying to wash off their skin with black soap?! Never imagined that Africans could be BRAINWASHED so easily!:crazy:

12/28/09 @ 23:02
Comment from: Mengedegnaw [Visitor]

I am with tezebt!

12/29/09 @ 02:00
Comment from: kebede [Visitor]

WHY this article on nazreth? With no refernce to Ethiopia? The answer is simple:
1. most of the comments in this website are posted by sworn haters of ETHIOPIAN MUSLIMS. This website gives them the anonymity and cover to spit their venom. The owners of this site are more likely to make money if they manage to keep high traffic. One of the “best” ways to bring high traffic is to throw a bone for these mad dogs who enjoy biting their fellow country men.
2. The admins of this web site enjoy the whole process (both the contents of the posts and the outcome - i.e. making money and bashing muslims.

12/29/09 @ 02:28
Comment from: "MONKEY-SEE, MONKEY-DID" [Visitor]  

NAZRET.COM, please, do SOMETHING else that could bring ETHIOPIANS together and to grow our community. Don’t be like him… he… did what he SEEN.

Comments made by TEZIBT is good.




12/29/09 @ 08:44
Comment from: y2k [Visitor]


Your comment is very sick & it shows the level of your IQ. Go educate yourself you son of a whore chicken brain fag. you wouldn`t dare say this in the face of a muslim ! Keep hiding behind your screen you son of a pig.

12/29/09 @ 08:45
Comment from: omar [Visitor]

In Kuran (in Inslam) there is a verse that Allah(swt) says” i created all humanbeing from the union of a single male and female and i made you into familiesd,and nations and tribes that you may now each other and non of you is superior than the other'’ and then,Allah says"anybody who kills a single humanbeing ,it’s equal if he killed the whole humanity'’ it means that god has given you a body and soul.this verdict from Allah says nobody can’t commit a suicide,if they commit they go to hell.second,we believe in all Jesus(isa) and mohamed and musa as well the prophets and messengers who come before them,(May Peace and pleasing be upon them all).So,i think this will give you a bit of understanding before you’re drifted away with the people who donot understand he teaching of Islam. If you hear anybody commiting attrocities,terror and suicide it’s against the teaching of Islam.

12/29/09 @ 23:03


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