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Comment from: be with Jesus [Visitor]
be with Jesus

way enjera!!

12/30/09 @ 01:57
Comment from: Hiruy [Visitor]

Yet Woyane tells Ethiopians it is Eritreans who are leaving their country by the thousands. Think about it. Eritrea and Yemen are bordering countries yet it is Ethiopians that are migrating to Yemen by hundreds a day!

How come?

12/30/09 @ 02:11
Comment from: mebratu [Visitor]

Kaltefa Ager!! minew Yemen.

12/30/09 @ 03:54
Comment from: Zenda [Visitor]

This the work of human traffickers.

12/30/09 @ 04:44
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

woyane is cancer of ethiopia.

12/30/09 @ 07:32
Comment from: Dandy [Visitor]

Ethiopia’s population will reach 150 mill. by 2045. One solution for the over population is migrating to the nearby under populated country where there is also some sort of job. Yemen is not a good choice except being a gateway to the Arebia. Further, Yemen has its own big big problem. In Sudan the Ethiopian migrants are called migrant workers. Not mentioning the Western countries, 1000 youngesters including high school leavers from big Ethiopian cities are going to Sudan, Uganda, South Africa, South Sudan, Libanon, Qutar, etc. in search of a better life. Migration has both positive and negative side of it. Some countries have officies in Addis (and in Gondar in case of Israil) to actively tap the human capital (labor) of the country. What do you think about it? Israil took and intigrated about 120,000 Ethiopians. There are about 30,000 imigrant Ethiopian laborers in Beirut only. USA takes officialy about 20,000 Ethiopian directly from Addis every year. The list is longer.

Keep in mind that of the millions of Ethiopians living in the West only few hundreds of them have political reason.

I am entirely against the Yemeni’s decision to return them back. They should leave them alone because in few months those migrants could have migrated further away and left Yemen behind.

12/30/09 @ 08:25
Comment from: Tadele [Visitor]

20 years of empty propaganda, lie & deception. The entire zenawi gov’t officials do’t even have confidence on Ethiopia either,they introduced new education policy for the country, since they don’t believe on the policy itself their kids have to go abroad to attend school, headach is a simple excuse for zenawi & his officials to have a treatment outside of the country,every citizen now come to a conclusion that their children can’t have a quality education to compete with others & they can’t even recover from dihariya in Ethiopia, no food, no job, no rule of law,no freedom. Who gonna have confidence & hope in Ethiopia when the policy makers don’t, goodbye Ethiopia

12/30/09 @ 09:45
Comment from: dan [Visitor]

Why don’t leave out Eritrea out of the topic? The world knows that Ethiopia is the poorest nation on earth. There are so many Ethiopians who are unfortunate and desprate. It doesn’t matter how far Yemen is from Ethiopia.

12/30/09 @ 13:21
Comment from: beri [Visitor]

bad mentality !!!
we are suffering even in Europe
they should stay in their country

12/30/09 @ 14:27
Comment from: MEL [Visitor]

How come? because too many people in Ethiopia almost 80 million and couldn’t find a job so the only choice is to leave.

12/30/09 @ 22:12
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . .this shameless and leba regime has no “political will” to eradicate Poverty in our country. . .and due to poverty, our own people leave our motherland and tried to explore other country. . .

01/01/10 @ 11:40

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