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Comment from: Tizibt [Visitor]

Ha,Ha,Ha! What a joke another World Bank ruse to help out its client, Meles Zenawi. So the World Bank wants to give money to Meles with a new pretext! As long as the money keeps coming in, they don’t run out of excuses to give Meles more! I hope the Ethiopian people are keeping a tab on what the World Bank is doing to them!

05/03/10 @ 10:44
Comment from: P, O [Visitor]
P, O

The Country is in real path towards Democracy and fast development and it is our National duty to contribute in the field of our expertise . God bless Ethiopa

05/03/10 @ 12:07
Comment from: Sage [Visitor]

Toe the party line, and you are a free man.
State a view that is in any way opposes the TPLF plan for Ethiopia, end up in jail.

Happy World Press Freedom Day!

05/03/10 @ 14:42

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