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Comment from: ABD [Visitor]

China’s support to either Ethiopia or any other African state is totally based on mutual benefit and with out compromising the interest and sovereignity of these states. This makes China “generous” and “dependable”. This time china is the leading economic ‘region’ in the world that makes her the best country to rely on for trade and economic cooperation. By the way the strong relationship between Chinese Communist Party and EPRDF was there for longer period of time. Officials of the CCP have been attending the previous conferences of EPRDF too. There’s nothing new in this regard. The weired thing now is the P.M of Ethiopia has officially started blaming the ‘neoliberals’ and appreciating China and its communist party leadership. This is really unexpected from an African leader who receives millions of Dollars development aid from the advocators of the so callled Neo-liberalism. Having this situation, can we tell some thing about the prime miister’s confidence and the future of Ethiopia ?

10/22/10 @ 01:29
Comment from: Mo [Visitor]

Can we close this chapter of Birtukan Mideksa? perhaps we should leave this topic to Meles hater Al. when was the last time Al visited Ethiopia ? I am really surprise how much time AL have to write his garbage opinion.

10/22/10 @ 01:53
Comment from: Yekeykonjo [Visitor]

Is this not meles in his typical flip flopping style? The same magazine (the economist ) wrote years back that the tplf dissidents (seye and others) detested the concept of neo liberalism and free market which brought them in to conflict with Meles. We are here condemened to witness meles’s acrobat of flip floping as long as this bullshit called EPRDF is at the center of ethiopian politics.

10/22/10 @ 02:52
Comment from: Freeman [Visitor]

Western media is confused. They do not know what they are talking about. What do you make of an article like this? The economist wrote this not because they care about democracy in Ethiopia, but because they resent China.

10/22/10 @ 03:06
Comment from: c´moi senait [Visitor]
c´moi senait

Just look the bright side of the CHINA. They are building the entire African countries but NOT creating caose like western donners or govt. do. The weste financialy and militarly help to distablize any african country from developing. They give you food and they arm your enemies as the same time but china ,they build and at the same time they take what they paid for without any conflict or cheating.
NOW is time to say to western donners to get real or get out of Africa.

10/22/10 @ 03:25
Comment from: tamrat [Visitor]

People elected Birtukan is forced to read the tigrian government bulshit. But the tigrian government leadrs will read their appology written by themselves soon. A good example the shabis who come as refugees to Ethiopia and the one who bagged to stay in Ethiopia while tplf throw many thousands shabis one by one. If you only see the shabies who live in Ethiopia. Anyways with our peace full struggel we keep our country pride and unite.

10/22/10 @ 04:02
Comment from: [Member]

The Economist is just one of those cheap online megazines. Anybody can write their opinions. The fact that we don’t see a name of a contributer says it all. It could have been submited by one of Ethiopia’s foes, the main suspect, Berhanu nega. What do we expect from Ethiopia’s enemys? Other than negatives on everything. If you read the whole comment, you see someone angry with the release of BM. Someone angry of the day to day developmental progress in Ethiopia. Someone envy of our PM Meles Zenawi. Most of all the writer reference of Ethiopia geting “a free food” from EU, makes the writer immature and only he is out there to discredit everything obout Ethiopia.

10/22/10 @ 05:12
Comment from: Imperial Body Guard [Visitor]
Imperial Body Guard

‘He now faces little opposition either inside or outside the party.’ ???
The neo-colonial regime of EPRDF which uses threats and lures to secure fraudulant votes, has an ever increasing opposition outside the party, namely the vast majority of the Ethiopian people.
“Those personalities who believe in freeing a country by secession are selfish and prey to outsiders. We will not accept their motives.” Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, page 426
Long Live the Constitutional Monarchy!
Long Live the Kebra Negast!
Long Live the Fetha Negast!
Long Live the Charter of the United Nations!
Fire burn down the witchcraft star of secession
Rise with the Lion of Judah!
Long Live Independent Ethiopia!

10/22/10 @ 06:08
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

If the millions of dollars foreign investors are raking in Ethiopia continues to be exported out of the country and there’s no money left to be circulated in the country’s economy, there’s no money at the top that could trickle down to the bottom to create what economists call a “multiplier effect.” And sadly, the millions of dollars exported out of the country is added on to Ethiopia’s GDP to give the illusion of an “economic growth” when the opposite is true, or like the R&B Star Jay Z says, “… what you eat don’t make me sh*t !..” :D

Another sad thing is that there are some Ethiopians who are mislead into seeing the construction of World Bank funded high rise buildings in the capital as a sign of “economic growth", totally oblivious to the repercussions of World Bank’s economic policies that produce new debt for Ethiopians. Nowhere is this more vividly demonstrated than in the Philippines when the World Bank and IMF’s economic policies constructed hundreds of high rise buildings, power plants, sweat shops, etc…. during the 1980’s, and the people of Philippines thought they were seeing “economic growth” and many of them we misled to support the brutal dictatorship of the notorious Ferdinand Marcos.

20 years later and Ferdinand Marcos overthrown, the Philippines spend almost half of its national budget paying just the interest on debt owed to the World Bank, compared with just 3% for health care services for its citizens. As a result of the World Bank and IMF’s economic policies millions of people in the Philippines lost their jobs, and that means millions of children are living in the streets.

Does that sound familiar ?

Half a million homeless children are currently living in the streets of Addis Ababa…. and the lucky ones may get to sleep on sidewalks adjacent to the newly built high rise buildings and dream of better days ahead that will never come, and the unlucky ones … they sleep in sewers.

So much for an “economic growth” bull crap !

10/22/10 @ 06:10
Comment from: Tenagare [Visitor]

“Mr Meles’s ambitious plans to pep up his country of 85m people do not include a stock exchange. Enterprise, skills, and connectivity are years behind neighbouring Kenya. But Mr Meles is shrewd. He hopes Ethiopia’s massive trade deficit will narrow as his country’s new factories export goods under preferential trade terms. Last year exports to China rose by 140%.”

If the Economist is labeling him as “shrewd” for what they have stated, I unfortunately have to disagree with them. I don’t dam care if it is the Chinese or for that matter the Americans or Europeans that want to put their cash available and do business. What have the westerners provided for that country or continent? Considering the time they have been around they just haven’t done any good, they’ve sold us for God’s sake. If he is “shrewd” enough to have the roads and the dams built, LET IT BE!

10/22/10 @ 07:29
Comment from: Be Menged iealefku [Visitor]
Be Menged iealefku

The colour of change always can’t lead to good morning frukost for Woyane gang ,but for the people of Tigria will be the hunger years 2015.China can’t feed to all and the people of Ethiopia will be the frist victim.

10/22/10 @ 08:13
Comment from: Kena K [Visitor]
Kena K

Reading what the once respected newspaper, The Economist, has written about Ethiopia,one notes a a precis of all possible criminal allegations in one go. Please correct me if I am mistaken but I may have not heard or read when Prime Minister Meles is alleged to have said"Ms Mideksa had beggged for a pardon after only a ‘few weeks’ in prison” in a speech he made in New York. The newspaper continues, “"as a final humiliation, the government FORCED(my emphasis) Ms Mideksa as a condition of her release to apologise in writing for “deceiving” the Ethiopian people"". How did the Economist witness when the government forced Birtukan Mideksa to write the letter of apology?? Where is the journalistic ethics and perfection to present to its readers a fair and balanced report??
Leaving that for readers to make their own judgements, I am dumbfounded to read what The Economist writes on the relation between the Republic of China and Ethiopia! Is China not the biggest trade partner with the United States of America?? Why should Ethiopia’s inclination for trade and economic relations with the second biggest economy in the world be questioned? Should it be the business of The Economist to decide what the Ethiopian government should and should not do?? When Egypt’s ailing ruler(82 years old) president who has ruled his country for over 30 years,is receiving annualy the biggest financial support from the US, no eye brows are raised. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia whose human rights record are horrid, is currently signing billions of dollars worth bilateral trade agreement with the US. Where are Human Rights Watch,Amnesty International,The Economist etc etc? Gone are the days of hegemony and patronization as Africa is emancipating herself from years of exploitation and abuse which The Economist should respect and recongnize.

Ethiopia shall prosper!!

10/22/10 @ 08:23
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

The West can take their aid and shove it you all know where.

The West better stop acting like a SCHOOL MASTER as Sarkozy stated it. If the West isnt enjoying the stability the region is enjoying then they can call it quites in Ethiopia…and the Horn of Africa for that matter.
They can take all their NGOs and their goons out of Africa. We Africans can slug it out with poverty on our own.

Stop your barbage…The Chinese atleast dont degrade or strip of African’s dignity.

10/22/10 @ 09:39
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Never in our History we Ethiopians never flinched for western propaganda and pressure.

Ethiopia wont surrender its MEDAIA AND FINANCIAL sectors, …in the name of diluted western democracy and neo-liberalism…no matter the pressure.

While the west keeps barking with its unfounded allegations…
Ethiopian gov’t should work faster towards the intended development goal to get NGOs out of Ethiopia as soon as possible.
It should be a priority of the gov’t to effectively cut their leverage and increase our own over their intrests.

10/22/10 @ 09:59
Comment from: ankober [Visitor]


10/22/10 @ 10:01

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