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Ethiopia - Berhanena Selam raises printing price for newspapers and books



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Ethiopia - Berhanena Selam raises printing price for newspapers and books

Ethiopia - Berhanena Selam raises printing price for newspapers and books

Source: Capital

Ethiopia's state owned, Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise (BSPE), the giant printing press in the country, announced that the printing price for newspapers and books has increased as of October 4.

The statement that was released from the enterprise indicated that BSPE has set a new price, due to the increment of paper cost on the international market.
However the statement did not identify by how much it increased its prices. Some publishers said that the price adjustment is about 5%.

Tefera Demisse, finance and administration head of Admas Advertising and publisher of Addis Admas newspaper, a popular Amharic (Ethiopian official language) weekly, said that the current price adjustment has added close to 5% more on their usual printing cost.
He told Capital that the new price increment has an influence on the publishing cost. “On this week’s issue we did not increase the sales price of our newspaper, but in the future we will assess the market situation to increase the selling price,” Tefera said.
Ayalew Asres, general manager of Negadras newspaper, Amharic weekly, said that the new price increment has forced extra expense for publishing. “However the price increment will affect us, still in the current status we do not plan to add to add the cost on our readers,” Ayalew said.

The recent 20% devaluation of the birr against major foreign currencies has forced the increase of imported materials prices in the local markets.
BSPE that was established in 1921 is the major printing enterprise that has a capacity to publish most of the published products in the country. BSPE is a pioneer printing enterprise with the largest service in the printing sector. It is also the first to introduce the latest printing technology in the country.
Most of the country newspapers including the state owned newspapers are published under this enterprise.

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