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Comment from: digital gebere [Visitor]
digital gebere

The first chapter in radicalizing the Ethiopian muslims has begun. Why is a book by such a violent cleric is being pushed into our culture?

10/28/10 @ 00:02
Comment from: Thee X [Visitor]
Thee X

Big deal . Ena min yetebes

10/28/10 @ 00:05
Comment from: [Member]

Ayatollah “testament"? Doesn’t that contradict Nebiyu Mohamed’s koran? Or simply he wrote about islamic revolution. That by it self should be a blaspheme according to Islam. Revolution and Islam shouldn’t go together.

10/28/10 @ 00:13
Comment from: YNEG [Visitor]

People, don’t rush to comment before reading the book.
Our EOC friends will surely be annoyed with this news. They will certainly talk about Islamic fundamentalism, blah, blah. What they seem to forget is the streets of Addis inundated with a lot of other religious craps.
For the tplf cadres, this is just another way to divert attention from the real issue. Ye’aleqachewus mets’hafis tatimo yishet yele!?

10/28/10 @ 00:27
Comment from: Elyas [Visitor]

One should not take much from this article. It is one thing if the late Iranian leader was talking about politics that had no correlation with Islam bc Islam does not condone any men misintrepeting the message of Islam. The last messanger of Islam is Mohamed(pbuh).

That been said, I totally disagree with the CIA factbook that says Ethiopia is 34% Muslim. Its the biggest lie ever told in the history of mankind. Look, the Oromo’s(im somali and oromo’s are our close relative) are in the majority in Ethiopia. Therefore, if the Oromos are 95% Muslim, and yet they makeup 60% of Ethiopias populationn, then how on earth are Ethiopia’s Muslims 34%? Mathematically its uncomprehendable. The equations dont match….by the way…Follow me as I make my Hajj journey…myhajj.blogspot.com/

10/28/10 @ 00:29
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

expel these Iranian officials - they are nothing but trouble.

10/28/10 @ 00:30
Comment from: Zeryehun [Visitor]

Ayatollah testament is way better than Weyane revolutionary democracy from dedebit.May be ayatollah book help to wake up sleeping Ethiopians who let banda run their country,sale their land sale their kids and women.What we have to scare for ? we’ve lost everything.

10/28/10 @ 00:41
Comment from: Aman [Visitor]

I believe in free writting and speech. but Khomeini is shiatti Muslim what has got to do with Ethiopian Muslims who are followers of Sunni Muslim. I believe it was published to instigate violence among Sunnis in Ethiopia and achieve political agenda because Ayatolla komeni is not a spiritual leader of the whole Muslim in the world he might be in his country he has no moral quality to be celebrated in our country, plus he was a dictator and oppressor in Iran who shed the blood of young Iranians in the war with Iraq and telling them they will go to heaven if they die. why do we Ethiopian always trash our own and respect outsiders I still dont understand it. Derge stood Lenin statue in Addi Ababa rather than our own heros than Please we don’t need to worship people like him, Lenin, Marxus and so on who have caused enough distraction through out their life by enforcing their twisted ideology were foreginers they dont have anything to do with our history, culture, vallue lets respect our own leaders like Tewodros, Yohaness, Menilik, Hailesellasie, Belay Zeleke
revolutionaries like Tilahun, Waleligne, Martha those lions who shed their blood for the cause of our people not Komenie . Instead of writting about him there are many famous Ethiopian Muslim spiritual leaders

10/28/10 @ 01:09
Comment from: truth [Visitor]

Like usual we making a mountain of the molehill. This is just like the Chinese embassy publishing Mao’s red book in Amharic. Nothing more nothing else. besides 80% of the population don’t understand Amharic. there goes your answer.

10/28/10 @ 01:58
Comment from: abyssiniangirl4life [Visitor]

Elyas (never heard of a Somali with that name, but ok)

Where in the name of God did you get those stats??? lala land?

10/28/10 @ 02:07
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

Isn’t Khomeini’s “Testament” one aim to establish an Islamic government, which is completely against Ethiopia’s secular constitution and moreover, a threat to the current and any future secular government??

We have our own moderate Islamic religion. We don’t want the extremists’ versions of Iran and Alshaabab!

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

10/28/10 @ 02:17
Comment from: nigusu [Visitor]

that is not surprise what is the problem to publish Pursian to Amharic?
and the percentage of Ethiopian muslims is not correct it can reach more than mentioned

10/28/10 @ 02:26
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

We do not know the content of this book. Nevertheless, whatever the book may say, the last thing we need in Ethiopia is religious extremism of one sort or other. Period.

If there is any hint of religious, social or political discord, conveyed directly or indirectly through this book, it should be banned right away, without any fuss about it.

There have been centuries of harmony between our two main religions and we are hoping for centuries of peaceful coexistence in the future. Ethiopia is a good example of Christian-Moslem harmony, acknowledged by the whole world, and no Ethiopian, Christian or Moslem, should sacrifice this gift in any way, simply because some mortals try to tell us that they can read the mind of God, and can decide on the type of religion, society and politics human beings should have.

If the book conveys love, harmony and piece, it will be well received by all. Let’s hope that it does exactly this, and nothing else. On the contrary, if it is about world political and religious hagemony, it will be oppossed by all open-minded and peace-loving Ethiopians, Christians and Moslems alike.

10/28/10 @ 02:48
Comment from: Washeraw [Visitor]

I have no problems with that book being published. Maybe, it will help us to understand the Iranians better.

About Oromos being 95% Muslim, and making 60% of the population:

Are you living on the same planet like me?? Check all available information on population figures in Ethiopia (that is except some Wuhabi fantasies) and you will find nothing that confirms your assertion. This is just useless Wahabi talk. Ethiopia will never be ruled by Shari’a.

10/28/10 @ 03:22
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

I personally find it very ridiculous that people r obsessed about criticizing here. What we can see from the above is only the author name and the title of the book. Then, how can we criticize it? Is in it better to at least read it and judge it, or say “I’m not interested” instead of, not knowing anything, but say something really bad.

To Aman,
If I must categorize myself, I’m also a Sunni muslim but I don’t see what ur point is. First, go to secular websites like wikipedia and find out that it is Iraq, but not iran that invaded. Ayatollah and his people defended their country. I find it ironic that u suggest- we respect instead “our leaders” from the kindgdom, who believed and practiced that Amhara’s and Orthodox christeans must be superior to others. I think, we should be fair in how we compare things here.
I agree with you, there is so much bias about numbers in our statistics. But the rough estimate of Oromos is 40% (if you say 60, it would be unrealistic cause how about the rest 80 tribes?). Then, Muslims in Oromos may be majority, but not 95%. I’m just saying, we can make a point without exaggerating. The big point also isn’t the exact numbers, but the fact that people of all religions in the country should get fair treatment. Thank you.

10/28/10 @ 03:23

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