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Comment from: bini [Visitor]

I don’t understand wasn’t he suppose to retire? It looks like he is being demoted.he was better of retiring after being a life long high ranked public figure to an ambassador.he is one of the poeniers of TPLF and deserves a better post or retire gracefully. I am sure they know what they are doing it is another calculated move by EPRD orchestrated by Meles. good luck to u Mr Serum I am sure the ethiopian people will benefit from your vast experience.

11/17/10 @ 00:14
Comment from: kula [Visitor]
1 stars

I hate to see this stupid TPLF bull around European and USA city and he is one of murderer that kill so many innocent and today try to be a good will ambassador in euro or USA that is not going to happen for Girma Biru he will get hard time because we pay tax for USA government and not to kill our nation but to help them when they need it but all this TPLF nonsense and stupid high ranking people they are looking to new era no way no body going to give them attention and we will see what they going to do and put them in to ESL class first before even inter the office they don’t know anything about this world except TPLF doctrines that they spent their life and brain for 19years and GOD going to punishing them or their family one day and Shame for Ethiopia and shame for MELES Zenawi Merderer.

11/17/10 @ 00:39
Comment from: Molla [Visitor]


It looks like you need ESL class too!!!

11/17/10 @ 02:11
Comment from: Next call [Visitor]
Next call

This shows the importance given by the Ethiopian govt to bilateral and multilateral ( Eu and UN) issues which will weigh in while the respective diplomats engage with their counterparts. The appointment of Mr Girma Birru to the post in Washington is extremely important for Washington is not only the capital of the United Sates but also the seat of IMF and World Bank. The three are extremely vital parties to Ethiopia. Mr Birru is highly respected, according to published reports, amongst influential politicians of the US, from Capitol Hill to State Department. He is equally respected for being business-friendly by technocrats at the Financial Institutions. The mild mannered Seyoum Mesfin will be highly regarded in Bejing. I have to applaud the fact that Ethiopian govt sent high level diplomats to where it gets most of its budgetary supplement one way or another. Some might see this as a wholesale demotion, I beg to differ. It is innovative and will bear fruit for the govt in Addis.The Addis govt is showing its seriousness with dealing with the outside World. Such Heavyweights will be given due respect. However, it is my sincere belief more has to be done to streamline the bloated overseas diplomatic infrastructure. we don’t need missions or diplomats in Austria,Cuba, Denmark,Finland, Hungary, Portugal,Sri lanka, Sweden and Zimbabwee ( where Mengee can function as honorary consul pro bono). New embassies and missions have to be opened in Alma Ata,Yerevan, Guanjou,Maccau, Istanbul, Brazillia, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, Madras, St Petersburg, Alexandria, Jakarta, Calcuta, Rio De jenero,Luanda, Mexico City, and considering the generosity of Venezuela, in Caracas.

11/17/10 @ 05:15
Comment from: Kiros Girmay [Visitor]
Kiros Girmay

It would have been great for him to retire gracefully. Ambassador is a demotion to Seyum. However, he used to it to obey what Meles tells him. He has no saying what so ever. He is Meles’s trained puppy.

11/17/10 @ 07:21
Comment from: orzama [Visitor]

Now the senior members of the leadership team are on diplomatic assignment where they would bring substantial experience to attract foreign investment; technology transfer; increased and diversified trade and multiple schemes of cooperation between Ethiopia and respective countries. The governments action should be commended to make such move in face of envisaged Growth and Transformation Plan. This era of the 21st century requires diplomacy and experience of higher standards inorder to set equilibrium between national and international politics. We congratulate and wish Excellencies the new Ambassadors all success in their new mission. You will make a difference in lifting up lives of fellow Ethiopians.
God Bless Ethiopia !

11/17/10 @ 09:23
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

Mr. Kula,
First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your name. I think it suits you well. Second of all, I would like to remind you that anyone who reads your comment will realize that you are the one who needs ESL classes; not Ato Seyoum or Girma Biru. They both have a perfect working proficency of the language. And third, please stop and think of what you write on public forums. What you write might end up embarassing you. Kula doesn’t have a brain; neither do you, it seems.

11/17/10 @ 09:54

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