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Comment from: Ye Zegnet Kibir [Visitor]
Ye Zegnet Kibir

Well if the USA don’t do it, we Ethiopians will do it eventually Mr. Afeworki. We win everytime. Collaborating with Egypt won’t help you. We destroyed your askari forces when they collaborated with Italy and this generation eritreans won’t be different, once a Banda always a Banda.

Your days are numbered.

12/19/10 @ 22:31
Comment from: yegermal two [Visitor]
yegermal two

I wish they did for the sake of poor Eritreans who are suffering under this mad animal.

12/19/10 @ 23:09
Comment from: [Member]

I am happy to know that this evil man lives in fear.

12/19/10 @ 23:59
Comment from: eritreans [Visitor]

excuse me Mr Isaias is from region tigray “tembian” sub region he is not eritrean Isas aforki abraha is totally tigrian , his grand father mr abraha asked amnesty after murdering a man in a qurell back in early 1900 , the fugitive grand father crossed akeleguzy in eritrea and resided in “teslot” hamasen that is all he is not eritrean ,this man , mr Isaias aforki is a direct hand picked assignment of cIA’s richard coapland 1969 ,so i dont think americans will do that please don’t confuse him with eritreans he is ethiopian

12/19/10 @ 23:59
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

I doubt the 1996 allegation of assasination attempt in by Meles. This is probably another attempt by Shabias to justify their criminality.

Even during the war in ‘98, when Meles had a chance to LEGALLY march down to Asmara and eliminate Afewerki, he did not!

12/20/10 @ 00:43
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

What a joke. Bush the 1st put him up there and Clinton sent his wife to dance in Asmara when Afewerki the Banda and his counter part Zenawi were wrecking havoc on the Ethiopian people. The purpoe was to destroy Ethiopia. The destruction of Ethiopia meant the destruction of the African continent.That treasonous act was made. His life is worthless since then. Both traitors live in fear. That is God’s punishment on behave of the noble People of Ethiopia. They were killed and their beloved country dismembered and acces to their ports are still blocked.I just wonder why these two maggots are still alive. Should they?

12/20/10 @ 01:05
Comment from: Zerayakob Yared [Visitor]
Zerayakob Yared

eritreans [Visitor],

All you say is true. You only fogeted to tell us, that his mother is an eritrean “WORKI MAHTSEN” from YEHA-ADUA for all ‘ERITREANS’ !

There is a new development on these days, people have started outing themselves. Last week it was ASSTA B, this week it is De La Manchu [Visitor] and today you with your half-hearted history of “WEDI WORQI MAHTSEN.”

De La Manchu also forgeted some thing commenting on Mengistu Worku; he didn’t mention that Girmay GURADE (Girmay Tesfamariam) was the Johan Cruyff of Ethiopia.(BE’IRGITT BETEKELAKAY BOTTA) He was the son of his parents, who are from GIZAAT-ADUA, MIDRE-TSION. He played for Hamassien club and for the Ethiopian national team under Yidneqachew and trained the Hammassien club until his last days.

I say GIZAAT-ADUA for there was no AWRAJA AXUM and AWRAJA ADUA at the time the parents of Girmay GURADA moved to ABA’SHAUL during the Italien colonial time in MAIDO MAY. Areas from HAHAYLE until TCHILLA (my VILLAGES) were called “GIZAAT-ADUA, MIDRE-TSION.

12/20/10 @ 03:02
Comment from: To All Eritreans [Visitor]
To All Eritreans

To all Tigrigna speaking Eritreans

You had been treated well the time you were with Ethiopia. Haile Selassie and Mengistu educated you and gave you jobs and business opportunities.You were given equal opportunity and at times you were favored more than the rest of the Ethiopian citizens. But you were not thankful. You did bite the breast that fed you. You fall in love with Isayas and you thought he was your hero that can make you free and prosperous. You thought you can loot the mother land Ethiopia and be rich in Asmara. You thought you were going to cut the throat of Ethiopia by denying her access to the sea.

On the other hand Meles saw your stubborn character as a threat to his rule and fast track your departure and allowed you to continue with your night mare. Meles knew there was no better way of punishing you by your own useless dictator. Had you changed your mind to stay with Ethiopia he would have had a potential rebel fight like Mengistu. But he kicked your ass systematically.

Now you are paying heavily under the iron fist rule of Isayas. Your wicked character is not helping you. Now you are hiding like cockroaches everywhere in Ethiopia and running around the glob like rats.

Isayas is Meles’ agent to get the hell out of you. One day you will hand back the port of Aseb and beg for Ethiopians forgiveness.

Until then Isu keep up your good work of punishing the traitors of Ethiopia until you punish yourself one day.

I feel sorry for those Ethnic groups such as Kunamas Issas, and Afatrs whose will has been hijacked by dictators. These nationalities are innocent and were forcefully included in the territory of Isayas. but they will free themselves and join their family in Ethiopia at one point. Each nationality was supposed to given the right for self determination. Meles knows about that. But by that time mentioning this issue could have made Isayas change his mind and struggle with Meles to rule Ethiopia. so this is the reality.

Eritrea is a fake country and cannot continue in the future.

12/20/10 @ 03:43
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

Meless, isayas, Usa (cia) have had a big secerate in the fight agaisnt Russian puppet Mengistu. Though all the three have different goals, the removal of Mengistu united them whatever the consquences would bring to Ethiopians. After the collaps of Russian impaier and removal of Mengistu, Meless and Isayas choosed different path and USA must choose one. I said must because usa tried every thing the two idiots work hand in hand. Usa even gave the title of the youngest democratic presidants of africa, the two rookies. They even used meless’s chartered plaen to un meeting. USA would do anything so that the Red Sea wont fall in Arab hands and the fight between meless and isayas wont help. Who ever dont work with usa turns its face (ass) to usa. This known by isayas best than meless. Isayas knows exactlly what happens to Mengistu. He saw the powr of usa and cia before he came to power marchning. If this wont make him creazy then what makes him.

12/20/10 @ 04:24
Comment from: unbelievable [Visitor]

Let alone Isayas afewek, almost every Eritrean is as paranoid as he is. the man has hypnotized them with the fear of the world that every Eritrean I meat talks about how the world hates them because they are special people. Some times I can’t help but admire this man for being able to reduce them to such a retarded state of mind and maintain it at the same time…the more he fools them the more they stand by him. Imagine the man as being a sales man, he is certainly the most successful sales man who sold a package of rough rock-full of box to many eritreans who paid precious lives and limbs. never mind the 2% forced tax they are still paying. unbelievable.

12/20/10 @ 05:07
Comment from: M.J Tyson [Visitor]
M.J Tyson

I’m more surprised why he would go to Kenya for a holiday?. As for his fears of the US trying to kill him, I wouldn’t blame him, how many times has the US tried to kill Fidel Castro and failed because he opposed them.

12/20/10 @ 05:49
Comment from: gest [Visitor]

This shows Mr. Afeweki’s mental unstable this man is paranoid before he kill so many people and start another war. That was a right thing to do. But unfortunately no body will take this action but his oppressed people. His own gilt can’t make him sleep at night. next he will say my wife tray to kill me .if he have one. The mentally disturbed Afeweki you need help.

12/20/10 @ 06:03
Comment from: Selam Ena [Visitor]
Selam Ena

Issayas- Is saying as.

A life time shifta and terrorist.

He is really suffering from multiple paranoia.

12/20/10 @ 06:03
Comment from: Suliman [Visitor]

Isayas has the right to his views but I for one think it will not happen . If anything he should fear his generals .

12/20/10 @ 07:08
Comment from: Suliman [Visitor]

I do not believe the US will kill him . Despite his bad deeds , Any attempt to assassinate would make him a hero .
I feel he faces more danger from his generals/compatriots .

12/20/10 @ 07:30

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