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Ethiopians in Norway give up church refuge



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Ethiopians in Norway give up church refuge

Ethiopians in Norway give up church refuge

The last of nearly 100 Ethiopian refugees who failed to qualify for asylum in Norway gave up their week-long occupation of the Oslo Cathedral (Domkirken) on Monday. Now they’ll await their fate at an asylum center in Oslo’s Torshov district.

The Ethiopians marched to the cathedral last Monday, launched a hunger strike and set up camp inside the chilly cathedral that’s still undergoing renovation. After a few days, some of them gave up their protest action, while others hung on, including some pregnant women.

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Comment from: C'moi senait [Visitor]
C'moi senait

The curse of melese and azeb,

02/15/11 @ 04:02
Comment from: seni [Visitor]

I was wondered to see that these poor people were trying to play the game of Almariam and and other losers. To the amusement of many observers, they were carrying posters that denounce our brilliant leader, Meles Zenawi. The officials of Norway know more about what is happening in Ethiopia than the poor people demonstarting there.

02/15/11 @ 06:41
Comment from: Soney Eriksen [Visitor]
5 stars
Soney Eriksen

If I were Norwegian king I would merrie this Etiopian perginant women (ye techegere erguz yagebal yibal yel…..)

02/15/11 @ 07:37
Comment from: Alexandria [Visitor]

“Soney Eriksen” what an idiot you are? First of all learn how to spell words. second, don’t be so heartless…besides ‘yetechegerew manew?’

02/15/11 @ 10:35
Comment from: legese [Visitor]

Almost all are tigrians but the irony is that they are uncompromising supporters of weyane. For them what weyane does is always and every where in ethiopia right. They are trying harder to creat atleast two countries of their own - ethiopia and abroad. Greed has no boundary until it reaches a no-return (saturation) point where a zero-sum game is in action.

02/15/11 @ 11:41
Comment from: Mitmita guy [Visitor]
Mitmita guy

this is a typical way of getting asylum. i got my citizinship by claiming to be eritrean, my friend claiming to be Oromo and Somali. i brought two of my friends by saying they are my brothers….lol white people are dumb so we abuse them. i talk like this because they can not take my citizenship now. and they told me to join the military in America. are you crazy, ena emenwadedew eska sera eskale new then i find new country to be citizen maybe China in five years, there economy is getting big, but i don’t think they are as stupid as Americans, they don’t allow outsiders. oh well god bless the America for trusting me. now i will say i am jewish to get school aid and pay for my apartment. please if you guys have any idea, or trick please let me know. i am trying to get rich by short cut. i heard if you say your a negro you get 40 yeards and a donkey. how much can you sale a donkey in America? any ways once i improve my english i will become a negro.

02/15/11 @ 11:51
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

seni and Soney Eriksen,

You are both losers. When your fellow Ethiopian are in suffering all you do is make fun of them. Ethiopia don’t need idiots like you. That is a BANDA mentality who demonizes his own people so he/she don’t have to fell guilty for betraying their country. So, you two losers need to learn about your country and culture so you understand the price your ancestors paid for keeping our country free and in one peace. They didn’t look down there own people because they have a temporary power. They respected anyone, poor or rich. People that look down to their own people is a Colonial and BANDA mentality. The Europeans looked down on them and thought them how to be an ass kisser. After the Europeans left then the few BANDAS that was serving their masters try to be the masters and try to look down their own kind. So, you two losers, learn your culture so you can get rid of this BANDA mentality.

02/15/11 @ 13:21
Comment from: gura [Visitor]

We ethiopians, Our fathers, grand fathers…typical Amhara. come on! leave such false propaganda and old proud to your backward neftegnas. Live in a real world and realities. Shame on you when you try to teach us with such empity “alu” in a developed world where everyone is entitled to ask him/herself why we became backward and uncivilized the whole these centuries. With such mentalities we never change our country for better.

02/15/11 @ 15:55
Comment from: errir belu [Visitor]
errir belu

The refugees in Norway they fooled themselves and they tried to fool the Norwegian Gov. They received what they deserved.

Long Live EPRDF Long live Ethiopia

02/15/11 @ 16:26
Comment from: Oberser [Visitor]
5 stars


By the way being civilized is not being high tech or having lots of money. Dont call Ethiopians uncivilized and backword you dumb ass idiot. It is because Ethiopians are Civilized that with all the poverty and luck of food tell be any country in the world that contains 5 millions of people and with all the desperation and poverty Addis Abeba is probably the safest city in the world that is not communist or some religious fundamentalist city. When this BANDA government was in Addis there was no police and no law for several months. Let’s see if any of the US or European cities handle if the people know there is no police or no law being enforced. That is what civilized and courageous people do, act accordingly when faced with adversity. You ignorance is obvious and you need to think a bit deeper before you pass judgments on group of people, because you will expose yourself. Please read about your country so you can get inspired and do even better than your ancestors. I don’t want you to read about it just to boost around about it because that will not make any difference. I want you to read so it can inspire you to be the best and do your best. That is all. READ READ READ about your country, people.

It is a slave or a colonized people mentality that equates Europeans civilized and call himself uncivilized. Only a BANDAS or colonized idiots that are sodomized by their colonizer will think that way.

02/15/11 @ 17:41
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

errir belu,

When this gov gets destroyed by the people, your skinny Tigray ass will be screaming errrrrrrriy, when you are shipped to your cousins in the north.

02/15/11 @ 17:47
Comment from: MITMITA GUY [Visitor]

you are sad! Your end will come soon and it wont be pretty. Being proud of telling a lie is worse thank telling a lie to begin with.


02/15/11 @ 18:59
Comment from: wasachew [Visitor]


02/16/11 @ 00:31
Comment from: Shewa Anbessa [Visitor]
4 stars
Shewa Anbessa

Indeed life in Northern part of Europe(Norway) is even harder,difficalt,stressful with the citizinship let alone without living and working permit…God help those fellow Ethiopians.!

These people have all resin to claim asylum case..our country is returning to hell and people are living in total dictetershiop of Tigrian Ethinic minority..

Life is getting more more fearful and no freedom in Ethiopia today and Ethiopia is no more country of our forfathers we used to know..

Truth will previle
People will win !

02/16/11 @ 06:10
Comment from: abel [Visitor]  
1 stars

it is so disgusting to read these absurd arguments from an animal who considers himself/herself as human being,especially who considers himself/herself dare all u all ass wholes failed to show mercy for our beloved ethiopians.woyanes u better worry about u’r selves,u’r dooms day is toooooooo near.every mother fucker tigre and any woyane sheep will get what they deserve for these all sufferings.endih tenkeraten ankerim i already bought gejera,angetihin new ende yihuannis eyekenetesku yemitililih,tebik eyandandih.even if u don’t qualify to be considered as human beings……….little dick heads.subhumans shut the fuck up keep doing u’r dirty jobs(shekalay hulu-doctor honachihu yemitseru timeslalachihu,7-eleven ena gas stationachihun tebiku.may my god help my beloved ethiopian brothers and sisters in norway,of course he will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/16/11 @ 13:53


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